My own low dose Accutane treatment.

I have had a full Course before but my acne came back.

I have now started taking Accutane again.

This is my own project. Don’t ask me where I get the Accutane from.

I’ve read all the science about Accutane and the studies about ultra low dose.

I’m gonna take 10mg / day for about 45 days.

Then 10 mg every other day for about 1-2 months.

Then 10 mg 2 times a week for about 2 months.

Then finally 10 mg a week for continues use. Maybe lower if it works.

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49 thoughts on “My own low dose Accutane treatment.

  1. good luck with it man
    i was thinkin of doing the same but im gonna give b5 a try and have a few laser treatments done to get rid of redness before i do it, since u cant have lasers done whilst on tane.. thats if the b5 dnt work

    i was thinkin of takin 20mg a day for 2 months
    then 20 every other day for 3 weeks
    then 20mg twice a week

    good luck, keep us updated,
    when r u starting?

  2. Hello Gustav

    I have had a full course already. The Acne came back and now im starting to do another course. What type of acne do u have? My acne since accutane is moderate but cytic on my body.Do u think that it might work wiht a ultra low dose.

    Ive been told that i have to take 80mg per day. i think this is too much. Because im on the NHS im under pressure to do what the derm tells me or i may be kicked off, however i may consider the ultra low dose, with my own supplies, risking me being kicked off the NHS if its worth it.

  3. I started 20 days ago.

    hows is it going then?

    Bull.. if ur considering low dose, just go to the nhs and agree with everything ur doc is telling u to do.. get ur supply of accutane and start ur own low dose

    then when going bak to ur doc 4 a checkup etc.. just tell him that ur still takin the 80mg a day

  4. I’m pretty sure my acne will come back if I just do an ordinary dose. I would never take a high dose cure again. It’s to dangerous.

    It’s going fine. My oil has gone down and the acne is on its way to hell…

  5. I wrote wrong.

    I’m pretty sure my acne will come back if I just do an ordinary cure.

    I need an extra ultra low supply with accutane to maintain acne free.

  6. Reza

    I was thinking of doing that. The thing is wouldnt the derm no if i wasnt on 80mg to say 20mg a day??

    Gustav What type of acne do u have?

    Thanks guys

  7. I have low to moderate amount of acne. My biggets problem is comedones. Whiteheads and blacksheads. Its terrible. And that is a form of acne. Not any cysts.

  8. Reza

    If your sure he woulnt know thats great, but can i ask how you know?? Cos if i cant get my next supply i will have whole 6 months worth for a low dose if i dont get caught!!


    NHS is the british National Health Service. Its a free service so things are tight and and if u get caugh messing about i could taken off the list. Whiteheads and blackheads – i wouldnt say that is terrible, terrble is haveing Cysts the sizes of golf balls growing out of your face is terrible!!

    Thanks guys

  9. think bout it
    how could he possibaly find out
    start on the low dose accutane.. once ur on the tane, u can go to him n say ye im takin 80mg a day.. etc etc, hell do the blood work and send u off with ur next months supply, which should last u about a year on the ultra low dose system

    theres no way he could really tell if ur takin the tane or not is there?? i mean even if he dose a blood check, the accutane will b in ur system right?

    go for it.. thats what im gonna do if b5 dont work for me

  10. Bull //

    Maybe you don’t think Whiteheads and blackheads are terrible but I think so and that is what’s important for me. Don’t you think.

  11. Reza

    i think im gonna do that. What i might do is take the full dose sat 3 days before my apoitnment, so my face can get red and dry, leave off for a bit and then carry on with low dose acne. Definelty give the B5 a go i tryed it worked at first but then its effetiveness wore off. its worth a shot.


    Acne is terrible in all forms for the individual.

  12. yo man hows it going
    yo i had a couple quick questions

    do u think it would b safe to do any hair removal treatments like WAXING while on the ultra low dose?

    and hows ur acne now?

  13. yo man

    It is actually goind better than the first time even though I only take 10 mg/ day. It’s beacause I also take zinc know. Also vitamin c and B5. And selenium with vitamin E.

    do u think it would b safe to do any hair removal treatments like WAXING while on the ultra low dose?

    Yes, I think so. Use moisture after.

    and hows ur acne now?

    You know, whiteheads coming out and my skin normal dry. No active acne.

    It is going as I planned.

  14. Hi!


    It’s going fine but I will have to change my initial plan.
    (“”I’m gonna take 10mg / day for about 45 days. “”) Make that 65 days.

    I have no active acne. Just trying to press out my comedones without getting scars. Alot of Zinc.

  15. great news man, keep it up and good luck
    how much zinc u taking a day?

    im very interested in ur progress, as im sure so are alot of others, so keep us updated

  16. Around 30 mg zinc / day.

    Sure, I will follow up this.

    I can say that know after 40 days with 10 mg / day the hyperkeranization has stopped and it is just old comedones in my skin.

    I think that I need another month to totaly get everything out. As I said I have no active acne. I do press them out myself, I know people say you shouldn’t do that beacuse you scar more easilly. With my first course I didn’t know about zinc so I think I got alot of very small scar. But I think it’s mostly the result of my having large pores.

  17. hey man.. long time
    hows the skin?

    couple of question…
    what side effects have u been experiencing
    and how much improvement u seen?

  18. Mi skin is just fine. Still on 10 mg / day. The sideeffects are not nearly as bad as when I took 60 mg/day on my first course.

    2 months on 10mg / day.

    Zinc and vitamin C.

    Acne free! 😀

  19. Hey guys,

    I was just wondering why do you have to hide the fact that you’re taking a lower dose of accutane…it cant hurt you. My dermatologist initially wanted to put me on 60mg a day and I told him that it would exceed my weight recommendation soo we went down to a 40 mg a day. I thought that taking 1.5mg/kg/day was a bit high and he agreed to lower my dosage. Wouldnt getting a higher prescription dosage cost more money and thus be a waste. If a doctor gives you 20 or 40 mg tabs you cant really split them into a 10 or anything unless of course you get 10mg caps. I was just wondering why you guys have to keep your own dosage a secret from your doctor. Lower dosage cant hurt it can only lessen the effect of the drug so why would the doctor not let you try it

  20. because accutane at such low dosage isnt known to doctors..
    there hasnt been that much research done and the doctors are not licensed to give patients such low doses
    therefore they cant

  21. Accutane isnt supposed to be given to patients who do not have severe cystic acne but doctors still do that. It is not against the law to give low doses of Accutane. The doctor can use his or her best judgment to decide what treatment to give to patients. There are no FDA regulations that regulates the usage of Accutane. Correct me if im wrong

  22. matrix in america there is plenty of fda regulations for the usage of the drug. In america the doctors must be approved to prescribe the drug (they have to take special training) and no pharmacy will fill an accutane prescription without having a yellow sticker on it. The blood testing, pregancy testing are all fda regulations. What doctors do is write in your medical records a diagnosis of cystic acne (even if you dont have cystic acne) to be able to prescribe the drug to you.

    The derm that gave me accutane is very money oriented so she used to do that a lot. If I were back in PR I would call the medical association and report her cause I believe what she does is illegal. She prescribed accutane to a friend from my company that had not one single zit just to “close the pores”. And in her prescriptions she jammed cystic acne without having one zit!! 😮 You know its amazing to me how some doctors take the risk for the sake of money. 😡

  23. I was wondering have you ever had any bad breakouts during your course of the low dosage of accutane? cuz i did 1 cycle of accutane already and my acne is coming back and i plan to do the same as you.

  24. Mari… I realize that there are doctors who may try to scam patients and not follow FDA regulations. The one thing that I dont get is how would the doctor be making any more money if he/she prescribes Accutane. Its not like the pharmacutical companies share the profits with the Dermatologist. I would understand that perhaps it costs money for the doctor visits but a dermatologist can easily prescribe other medications and still get the same money for appointments. With me, Accutane was really my last resort…I was already on the strongest acne medication on the market besides Accutane, of course. True, I didnt have severe acne at that point, but the antibiotics were losing effect on my body and the medications only cleared up acne on my face. Even though I had mild-moderate acne, my doctor felt this was the best treatment for me. He explained all of my options and told me that Accutane was not necessery but recommended and that I could have still continued my treatment with the antibiotics. Based on my knowledge there are no specific guidelines set by the FDA as to which patients can and cant be prescribed Accutane…so its all based on the doctors judgement. The FDA does recommend that Accuane should be prescribed only to patients with the most severe acne and for whom no other medications worked. I agree that this should be a last resort but this medication should not be recommended only for patients with severe acne. Sometimes patients with mild or moderate acne have a harder time dealing with ance then those patients with severe acne… so the benefits would outwieght the risks (at least for some). The dosing with Accutane is also based on the doctors judgement. If he/she feels like prescribing 10mg, then that is perfectly acceptable and no laws are being broken. So I see no need for hiding your low dose treatment from the dermatologist unless you have a stubborn doctor who wants to get his way at which point I would find a new dermatologist. My doctor wanted to put me on 60mg which was too high for me based on the weight chart and I told him that I would like 40mg for now to make sure I dont develop side effects…and he agreed without hesitation. I dunno perhaps I have a good dermatologist. As far as the yellow sticker goes…its only used as a precaution to make sure the female is not pregnant and to make sure that only the patient for whom the medication is prescribed gets it because of the one week expiration.

  25. Ive read that low dose acne can have more sevre internal side effects. I forget where, it was on the web somewheres. Where a bunch of Docters and dermatologists post.

  26. I didn’t have any problems with red face with the high dose so I’m not the right person to ask. Sorry. 🙂

  27. Lets face it Gustav there are no studies on the use of low-dose accutane so its unchartered territory……possibly ?

  28. Hey Gusta, Ill look to see if I can find the page again. Im at work so cant at the moment, just dont want u to think im ignoring your msg. Take care.

  29. Ok.

    Now I have been on my low dose 10 mg for 5 months.

    I’m clear from acne but I still have problems with clogged pores(nose). It is not much but it seems like it wont go away like it did when I was on 60mg a day.

    I’m happy and no problems to talk about.

    I will stay on 10 mg day for some more months then I will go down to 5.

  30. I just wanted to say that I’m down to 20 mg a week of accutane and I have started using Differin once a week.

  31. i did a full course of accutane several years ago, and started doing 20mg a day now, without doctor’s approval for the past 2 months. My skin has improved a lot, i used to get minor rashes on my face, particularly after shaving, and those rashes would sometimes form into zits. but i no longer have that problem. unfortunately, i just ran out of the drug, and went to a couple dermatologists who would not prescribe it to me. im not happy about that at all, since it has been great for my skin. i think a low dose is the way to go for minor acne, and to clear things up a second time.

  32. As far as I understand it, in order to be perscribed accutane you must be “qualified”, and therefore have severe enough acne to take it. Accutane is like a “when everything else fails” type of thing. Accutane is not a day-to-day treatment. What it does is essentially “shrink” or “dry up” your oil glands, and you need a “proper dose” to obtain that factor. For some, a low dose is enough, but it’s for your derm to really decide, after all, they are qualified. Plus, there are so many “potential” side effects that it is NOT a good idea to self medicate yourself with a drug so powerful (which you even have to sign waivers for)…just something to think about…

  33. Hi there everyone!
    I’m new and yeah. My acne is between mild and moderate, although its just that, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t horrible to deal with. I have tried literally almost everything you can think of. I’m still experimenting with homeopathy sort of stuff. I really want to go on accutane but nobody wants to prescribe it to me, I’m well aware of all of the risks involved etc. but I am just fed up with this, I’m 18 and I’m an aspiring actress, this is really screwing me up. I’ve also spent over $6000 dollars on different laser procedures! Guess what, they didn’t work. Nope not at all, I still have the same scarring and the same amount of acne, it’s a complete nightmare, sooo I want to try out accutane, but I can’t get a hold of it and I’m debating on driving down to mexico and picking some up, and prescribing myself some accutane in low doses like gustav did! Please if anyone has any useful info about low dosages of accutane and can tell me where to get it safely then I’d appeciate it. I know that it’s also sold on the internet, but is it legit? PLease reply asap people!

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