B5 users…

How long was it before you started to notice any real difference?

I started on the 1st December. So far I have started to get that lovely glow it gives you, which is nice, but other than that no real change to the acne. Of course I understand I have to give it time, but I just would like a rought estimate as to how much time.


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  1. it literally took me 3-4 days for it to work the first time. no kidding! but second time, it took me about a month and half, and it began to work only ‘coz I put myself on a modified diet. Thirs time (now) its working (began after a week I think) and I think its working now because I was on a Very strict diet. Now that I’m taking it, I haven’t been that strict (I’ld say actually, I’ve been quite bad with food…bad bad!) cutting a lot of slacks…but I’m starting to eat healthy again…I’m still trying to do my Food Fasts where I try to eat fruits and veggies for about a day (or somtimes 2/3 of a day). I Just got 2 new pimpes today but I have a feeling its ‘coz I was extremely stressed from finals and I stayed up last night 🙁

    so, it shouldn’t take that long, especially if u’r taking it for the first time. By the way, I’m taking AcneMiracle, its pretty good….may wanna try that 🙂

  2. they say u should give it 4 – 6 weeks
    what brand of b5 u using bro?

    Welll Reza (and others) … as with any treatment it depends on the individual; how you respond to the treatment, your overall health, how bad your condition is to start with etc…
    I have been very happy with B5; it definitely makes a difference. I’m using Solgar’s 550mg tablets.. (1-3g per day) So Im not using what some consider the full dosis (10g), but Im also applying BP and this combination has cleared me 99.9%.

  3. I am using the AcneMiracle B5. I thought it would be the best one because its a powder and not tablets so I thought it would be easier to take.

    Did anyone get an initial breakout from taking B5???

  4. I dont get it, I started B5 exactly two weeks ago and over the last few days I have had one of my worst break outs in ages.

    I guess this stuff isnt working for me. Im gonna start searching again…


  5. no martin! keep at the b5, quit after 3-4 months. to see full results you have to stick with it. NOTHING will work if you only try it for 2-3 weeks. especially internally. even accutane takes a few months

  6. I saw results within days. Everyone’s different though, so stick with it for more time. I would also suggest you adjust your diet along with the b5. And no, I didn’t get an initial breakout.

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