accutane and blackheads

For those of you who are or have been on accutane, how did this affect your blackheads??
I mostly only have blackheads and those yucky small “holes” on and around my nose and so far accutane has not really changed them at all. I really hope that I’ll get rid of them!!!

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2 thoughts on “accutane and blackheads

  1. Hi eve
    I have only been on accutane 4 weeks and the blackheads on my nose have all gone

    i noticed they just came up to the surfaces and i could just scrape them off with my hand

    anyway now my nose is super clean no blackheads
    im on 30mg a day btw

  2. Hey Eve! I have always had a REALLY bad time with blackheads. I can extract them at night and the next night they will be there. My nose is covered with blackheads, making it really oily. 🙁 Accutane was the only thing that ever completely cleared my blackheads. They were gone for about a month or so and then they slowly came back, but Accutane got rid of them for a little bit!

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