Cell Salts

Hello Everyone…I want to a homeopath doctor who knew about acne. He said I should go to the health food store and purchase a cell salt called Calc Sul 6x. He said I should take 3 once or twice a day for 5 weeks and there is some improvement (but he said dont expect it to go away because its teenage acne). Anyone tried this? It may work. I am usually skeptical of homeopathic medicines because from my experience they dont especially work, but he said it works with his patients. Tell me your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Cell Salts

  1. Never heard of it. Don’t get your hopes up too high. I’ve tried a few different homeopathic things and they never worked for me.

    Its worth a try though – definitely let us know how it goes. If you use it just make sure you use it the full amount like he says for 5 weeks and then make an honest analysis of it.

  2. Ok…I’ll keep you guys posted. I hope this works, and maybe even it will! Like I said, homeopathic medicine doesn’t always work, but I’ll try it.

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