I just wanted to see whether i’m a complete freak or if anyone else feels this way.I worry about so many little things affecting my acne that sometimes i wonder whether i may have obsessive compulsive disorder,or something!!!Here’s a list 🙂 ;
water(if i’m getting enough or not.I worry if i don’t have 8 glasses a day),
washing my face(i worry whether the water should be hot,cold or lukewarm),
moisturising(i worry if i do it will cause more acne,and if i don’t my skin will be too dry and so will overcompensate with oil,and therefore more spots!),
sweating(i worry will block pores),
food(obviously whether it will aggravate my acne or not),
kissing(even if my gran just gives me a kiss on my cheek goodbye,i worry she’s put bacteria on my cheek that could cause spots),
steam(in the shower i have to either have the door or window open for the steam to escape,so that it doesn’t cause more spots),
air conditioning(dries out skin so worry same thing as if i don’t moisturise!),
central heating(now does this make acne worse?Does anyone know because i’ve had many arguments with my mum about this.I think it may and so i don’t want it on and she does because it’s freezing.I know;but i’d rather freeze to death than have acne!),
anything on my face(if food or drink spill onto my face i worry that it’s blocked pores,even though i wipe it straight off!)
I think i’ll leave it at this for the moment because you’re probably already thinking there is something very wrong with me,obsessing about all these things! :lol
But have i any grounds to be worried about any of these things affecting the acne or not?If i don’t then i can stop worrying and if i do then i can do something about it.

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27 thoughts on “Obsessive

  1. Just a couple things to calm your mind –

    Sweating dosn’t block pores, oil does, sweat just helps thin the oil out and gets it OUT of the pores!

    Same thing with central heating.. there is no reason it would make the skin worse…

    Finnaly, salavia acttualy HELPS spots (anti-bacterial properites in salavia), the acne bacteria is already on your face, and there’s less in the mouth than on the face, so getting kissed wont make it worse! :wink

  2. Thanks Nomad 🙂 I didn’t know that about the saliva.I never let my dog lick my face though :wink
    The thing i thought about the central heating was in magazines i’ve read it dries the skin out so people with dry skin will get even drier skin,and they’re advised to pile on the moisturiser in winter.So;i thought if it dries my skin out,my skin will overcompensate with it’s natural oils and so i’ll get more spots.It’s that whole thing again really.Am i being silly?!Because,do you know,i always have the central heating turned off in my bedroom because of this fear and it is literally below zero overnight here this week.But i put up with the cold regardles.As they say,”Beauty is pain”. :lol

  3. Kelly, no offense, but you do sound a bit obsessive.

    I’m a bit obsessive about checking the mirror several times a day, but those things you listed aren’t things that even cross my mind! :crazyeyes

    Hey, you asked….I’m just being honest. :oops

    Ditto to what Dr. Nomad said about bacteria.

    Not sure what to tell you except to calm down already. You’ll drive yourself nuts! :shock 😮 :crazyeyes

  4. Dont worry Kelly I don`t think ur obsessed, I just think u neeed to get ur nmind off ur problems and enjoy urself !, obsessing about problems is a one way street , the more u htink about them the worse they get.
    Think about the immortal Bob Marley, `Don`t worry bout a ting` he knows more than anyone.

  5. Hey kel 😀

    Im a bit like that as well, maybe your a bit worse than me though, hehe.
    You’ve got me thinking about things though! Like the central heating and the moisturiser! I have to use moisturiser though cos my skin gets soooooo dry, god knows what it’ll be like on accutane!
    I hate it when stuff gets on my face too! Like if i spill food on it! And i would NEVER let my face get sweaty! (steam and sweat does actually seem to break me out, sports and steam baths etc are a no no!)

    What i hate is when people come really close to your skin, or touch it, i have like a reaction to pull away 😕

    lilnat :angel

  6. Well I guess we all have some sort of obssesion eh. To me it hits me with the food. That is what I wonder most, if it will break me out or not..

  7. kelly, i am exactly the same!!! i thought i was the only one. i dont let anyone even touch my face cos i worry it will cause me to breakout. its sort of difficult having a boyfriend because if they want to kiss me and i have lipgloss on, i worry that it will smear onto my face and block the pores and cause breakouts, etc etc etc. it makes relationships very difficult when you are so stressed about everything 🙁 but i definately know where you’re coming from! when i go to have a massage, i almost pass out when they do a facial massage because i freak out about the oil being on my face, then i will go home and wash it off right away before i do anything else because it worries me so much. it i get food on my face, i will freak and stress for the rest of the day about getting broken out. i am on accutane right now, and when i see the skin flaking off, i panic because i worry the dead skin will clog my pores even furthur and make things worse than ever. forget about the fact that almost everyone else has cleared on accutane, if only for a short while. i assume i will be the 1st person in history to have her acne made worse by accutane.
    i dont have much to offer in the way of help, just to let you know there are other people who feel like you do 🙂 hang in there~~~

  8. Thanks for replying everyone 🙂 Denise;don’t worry,no offence taken 🙂 I know i’m very obsessive.It’s not just my skin,i get obsessed with my weight too and loads of things.I need to chill out,i suppose.Iluvhouse has got it right with the more you worry,the worse it is.More worry,more stress,more acne;more acne,more stress etc,etc,etc…It’s a vicious circle. :evil
    I hope i haven’t put those things on the list into other people’s minds to worry about.Like Lilnat;don’t you start worrying about the central heating and moisturiser aswell,especially if they don’t make acne worse! 🙂
    What am i like?!?! :lol But i’m glad i’m not the only one Kristervera.That’s another thing for me too-i worry that the dry skin flaking from accutane may block my pores and cause more spots!

  9. Sweetheart your not alone!

    I Popcorn of sound mind and zitty body do here by decree that i am a total fanatic about my skin…..

  10. Thanks 🙂 I might not worry as much about some things now.
    Popcorn;we must all be so much of fanatics of skin that we’d pass any exams on it :lol I bet alot of us would make good dermatologists!Although i don’t think i’d like it too much because it’d just remind me of having acne and being miserable.It would be helping others but i would probably go craaaazy :crazyeyes What am i saying;i already am crazy with all these obsessions!!! :lol

  11. Takes a :crazyeyes to know one-lol

    Ice cream wishes and popcorn dreams….

    Mari, I have been meaning to tell you how great you skin looks girl!


  12. Oh thanks Pop! Skin good standing so far (crossing fingers)

    Mari 😀

    Looking forward you appear in AIM one day! :wink

  13. hi Kelly

    i know exactly wht u mean! Ur just like me, i worry about people touching my skin too. I even worry about when i touch citrus fruits or chilies and i just have to go and wash my hands incase i touch my face and it causes a spot or something!

    Hey, i heard that bout central heating drying up ur skin too! And evryone knows u have to use more mositurizer in winter! i do! its cos its colder and ur skin drys up. (im in London!!)

    But what someone said about “worrying too much” is true! If u worry urself over everything it might make ur acne worse! Just relax and go out with ur friends or family, this will make u forget about ur acne for a while and u’ll even feel “normal” for a while! It used to help me alot and it gets u some confidence back too, which goes when u have acne, as most of u guys know!


  15. That’s another thing;when my mum looks at me im like”What are you staring at?!You think i look awful don’t you?!”,and i always turn away so nobody can see my face.I t’s normally my mum who gets the brunt of it because with everyone else i don’t even mention my skin because it makes me feel so bad.
    PRTS;welcome to the obsession club! :lol I know i should just go out and try to forget about it all but i just can’t.I feel like everyone is staring at my skin and that i don’t fit in because i don’t look good enough.I can’t relax being exposed like that so i’d rather just hide my face away when it’s really bad :cry I’m more likely to worry if i’m out.

  16. Kelly, im exactly the same with my family! I always ask them if their staring at my disgusting skin too! They think im crazy, cos they’ll actually just be watching tv or something! lol, paranoid!

    I get really snappy at my family because of it too, like, sometimes ill have just washed my face, and it’ll be all red and gross and i’ll be walking back to my bedroom or something and someone in my family will walk towards me or say something to me and i’ll just go off on one at them (hiding my face in the process!), they’re starting to think im psycho now…lol.

    lilnat :angel

  17. You don’t have too much to be worried about, your family will just think it is “that time of the month”. haha That is, unless you act like that all the time…

    Ryan 😕

  18. Hey Kelly an Lilnat im the same too!! i hate it whn my family star at me more when ive just washed me face!! an it looks reder!!

    And i hate it when they keep sayin “u sd eat less choclate” even when i havent eaten any! and when they say “u sd eat more fruit”, and im like “wht for????????” and i do eat it sometimes, but who likes the taste of fruit, init!!!!!!!!!!!

    And that makes me a bit obbsesive, cos i start thinkn, yeah.. the’re right i sd eat more fruit and i end up on like a detox diet for a week!!! and i still get a zit the nest week! never win !

  19. Hey kamal, yeah, my dad is a bit like that, he’ll say stuff like “get some fresh air, go for a walk, itll do wonders for your skin!”….yeah, like he knows, hes never had a proper spot in his life! Makes me so mad!

    lilnat :angel

  20. Hey Mari– no whats B5 therapy? im kinda usin Clearsil at the moment and it is workin sort of. Im here in England and so dont know if i’ll get some of the stuff u suggest here.

    Hey lilnat…… :wink

    a walk??????? how the hells that gonna stop u getin spots? unless u stop off at the chemist and get somethin to throw on it! honestly!

    an Dont u just hate it when people who have nevr had a spot in their life, treat u asif its really easy to get rid of acne?? and as if ur a freak cos u cant get rid of it? they think ur not tryin hard enough or something!! wish they knew how many times a day we think bout it, worryin!

  21. :lol God,yeah;my grandad always used to say the same to me,Lilnat.”Get out for some fresh air and have a walk!Why do you think postmen always have rosy cheeks?Because they are always out in the fresh air!”Bless my grandad,but i don’t think he’s an acne expert,although i do suppose fresh air is good for you.Maybe i should become Postman Pat if it’ll clear my skin up!!! :lol

  22. The best thing you can do when people are giving you their “2cents” and you’re just sooooooooo tired of hearing them, is to take deep breaths and count to ten. Sometimes you want to yell at them to shut up already but it’s best to cool yourself down than to blow up.

    Not that i follow my own advice all the time. :wink

  23. Hehe mimi, have to say, i try to count to ten too but it doesnt always work…particularly when my dad is talking about the fresh air thing! I mostly end up shouting “ARE YOU A DERM?!!!!! ARE YOU!!!!! NO!!!” worst thing is, he aggrevates it more by calmly saying “i bet the derm would agree with me”. 😡 So annoying! Clear skinned people know nothing about skin i tell you!

    lilnat :angel

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