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On the home page of this site, there is a link to www.acne-advice.com . I did a search and a couple of people on the board here purchased the book Ultimate Clear Skin Plan. Can you give me a general idea of what the recommended diet is and whether it continued to work for you? I haven’t been following any particular diet recently, except trying to avoid wheat (except for sprouted wheat), dairy and sugar, and eating more fresh fruits and veggies. I started eating poultry again, though, about 6 months ago, after not eating any poultry for a few years. I haven’t eaten red meat for like 25 years, I think. I’d like to be a vegetarian, but I’ve never felt very good on a vegetarian diet. It’s been a lot harder for me to stay on any particular diet since I’ve been with my boyfriend, because I’m eating away from home a lot more. Generally, we eat pretty healthfully at his house (grilled fish, salad, veggies, brown rice, e.g.), but he also keeps a lot of sweets and snacks at his house, and I have a hard time resisting them when they’re right there, and I’m hungry. He’s a sugarholic himself.

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  1. I haven’t been to the site for a while, but doesn’t she give you a basic outline of what her diet is about? Essentially it is a raw-food based diet. Not totally, but mostly. She gives you the basics of a juice fast too. There are some pretty good recipes in the booklet too (spring rolls mmm). The closer that I stick to a diet like the one she describes, the better I feel. I feel a lot lighter and cleaner. And I’m less spotty. With finals coming up I’ve been really lax about my diet and now it is showing up on my face.

    It is really hard giving up meat, dairy, etc. at first but to me it has been well worth it. It gets a bit tricky trying to keep your diet well-balanced when you are a vegetarian (especially if you eat out a lot). Tofu becomes your best friend. When I eat out, I usually try to hit the Japanese, Indian, and Thai restaurants so I don’t worry too much about finding something decent to eat. When I went vegan I was forced to learn to cook for myself a lot more. There are some great cookbooks out there to try–I like the Vegan Gourmet and the Macrobiotic Cookbook (Aveline Kushi). Also, check the web, there is a lot of support out there if you decide to go veggie. If I can ever help, just PM me. Sorry to proselytize, but I truly do believe in the benefits of vegetarianism–personal, social, and otherwise.

    As for the sugar, anytime I get on a sugar kick, like I am now with Peter Pan peanut butter, when I quit I try to remember that the urge for sugar goes away after a week, so it isn’t anything as terrible as trying to quit smoking.

  2. That is a very interesting point that the urge for sugar goes away after a week.
    Cos sometimes thats what makes me fold is cos I cant think about living the rest of my life with the cravings. So just have some..
    but if it only lasts a week, there is hope.

  3. Sugar is by far one of the easier addictions I have had to kick. Of course, I say that after I spent last week eating way too much peanut butter and pumpkin pie. The pie was vegan, but still had a ton of maple syrup in it, so very sugary. While I might be a hypocrite right now, I do know that leaving off the sugar isn’t that bad. You can do it, I promise, just hold out for a bit longer.

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