Difference between these two?

What the difference between Retin A and Retin A micro?


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3 thoughts on “Difference between these two?

  1. This is from retinamicro.com :

    While both RETIN-A and RETIN- A MICRO contain the same active ingredient, only RETIN-A MICRO offers the benefits of tretinoin with the patented microsphere delivery system to provide low levels of irritation. RETIN-A MICRO is a water-based gel that can be applied immediately after you wash your face, unlike RETIN-A, which requires a 20 to 30 minute waiting period. RETIN-A MICRO also reduces the appearance of facial shine.

  2. I used differin which helped my skin but i ended up going red…esp after sun exposure..so i stopped. I think retin A and renova( is it retin A micro?) does the same thing? how come some ppl in thisboard says it deals with redness and shine?

  3. I don’t agree with that quote regarding Retin-A micro being non-irritating. I used Isotrexin Gel, which is Retin-A Micro, and it stripped my skin and made it red raw and peeling.
    Retin-A, (the cream), on the other hand works fine on my skin. Unfortunately you can’t tell which will be best for you until you try it.

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