DXN ganoderma?

My friend who is very very careful in taking medicine or supplement recently broke out a new taht she finally dared enough to take this mushroom pills because she seees result BEFORE HER EYES.

I called her recently and she says her skin is kinda flaky because it’s no longer oily because of the DXn thingie. Her friend introduced this to everyone in my friend’s class when he took this to get ri of his acne.. but i think i read somewhere here before that this DXN doesnt work.. but i couldnt find which post was it….

Anybdy ever tried it? I trust my friend coz she has monthly flare ups too but it was better since she went on accutane coulpe of years back…
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2 thoughts on “DXN ganoderma?

  1. I just did a web search on this – seems like it’s a good detoxer – maybe that would help with acne.

  2. Well i read that other than detoxifing, the body, it also affects and helps with the insulin level which is why my friend, Kath sees a few friend of hers got their gastric under control, including hers too, in 1 week time. Other than that, it functions to beautif the skin…

    I took this mushroom, Rei Shi, the same famil group too when i was grade 4 or 5 sth like that and my mum says i got my asthma under control….but tradiitional meds cured me of asthma and not rei shi. APlus this DXN brand is actually popular in my hometown even my mum knows it. But i reently discovered it through Kath.

    Btw i wanna thank Sweet jade for her post on accutane and insulin level coz i understand mysel more than simply popping pills hoping to see result… When i see what Ganoderma does, i kinda see it would help me…Plus, these are proven mushrooms to treat the health…not some unfounded unaproved meds.

    Please someone who knows or experience this before step forward pls.,.. hehe thanks


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