Acne diet: What do I eat to get carbs, while sticking diet?

So im hearing that to stick to a diet that helps reduce acne, I should stay away from wheat pasta products, white rice, stuff like that. I am also a very athletic person who needs SOME carbs to help gain my energy back for my workout sessions.

Where am I gonna get some carbs if I cant eat the stuff above while keeping a low glycemic diet?

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6 thoughts on “Acne diet: What do I eat to get carbs, while sticking diet?

  1. eat fruit. fruit is ultimate energy. I can go a whole day now with 10x more energy that I ever used to have having only a glass of orange juice and a bowl of grapes.

  2. north,
    Some people don’t have any problems with corn, rice and oat products because the carbs are constituted differentily from those of wheat. It is something you will have to try for yourself to see if these grains don’t give you any problems.

    I even went as far as to buy corn, rice and oat flour that I use for cooking chores like flouring chicken that I fry in olive oil. The chicken I use is hormone free! This combination works really well for me.

    Here is a site that will explain how great olive oil is and why it is so great to use for frying, baking and on salads:

    Good Luck,

  3. As Solomio said, having no reaction to corn, rice and oats is quite common. It’s wheat that messes things up. Make sure it is brown rice and old-fashioned oatmeal for brekkie, not the instant kind.

    Rye works for me, no probs with that. Millet and quinoa are two other grains with no gluten. Complex carbs like sweet potato or yams, regular potato, squash and pumpkin are all good. I know you can get wheat-free pasta and ALLsorts of alternatives from a health shop. Supermarkets are now getting in on the act too. There’s lots of variety out there if you’re willing to look.

  4. eat allot of raw foods, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegs, that helps,
    ritzvin is that you in the pic?, if so, you are very pretty,

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