Hello all.
First time to this forum, but glad to have found it.
My history is that Ive suffered different variations of acne since 13 (now 25)
Finally had success with roaccutane last year.
Upon moving to london I embarked on a very stressful time of my life, my diet turned bad and smoked a lot of ciggies. Unfortunately this reflared up my acne.
I am back to bumpy skin, more rough little bumps (which seem to have gotten very itchy over the last week) and the occasional zit.

I just dont know what to do any more. This just makes me more stressed out which probably makes it worse, and also causes me to eat more sugar.

Just frustrated and had to let that out, I know youve probably all been there before.

Going to the doctor, who will hopefully give me some antibiotics and maybe mild anti depressant to help me get over this.

Also have started taking perfectil vitamin pills and will try and stop the sugar intake.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hugs to all.

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8 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. I know exactly what you mean.You try not to be stressed and to eat well but then you have the breakouts and that stresses you out which probably makes it worse.Your stressed so the last thing you feel like eating is fruit and vegetables and the like;you want chocolate(in copious amounts!!! :wink ).
    I’m really stressed out at the moment because i’m having an awful breakout and my birthday and Christmas are coming up which i’m not looking forward to because of my skin,and i’m feeling depressed :roll
    I’m going to try deep breathing because sometimes i feel so stressed out i can tell that i’m only breathing very shallow breaths.
    I do believe that stress makes you break out more so we do need to relax.I want to be able to change my attitude towards my skin and to be able to laugh and have fun even with spots as well as without.But it’s hard to do it when the acne makes you so depressed.
    Anyway,just thought i’d let you know i understand 🙂

  2. hey W 🙂 welcome and come back!!!! people are really nice in here and helpful….plus who cares if we all have already seen it heard it before…..the point is to let it all out…..and knowing your not alone is a really great feeling…..i hope you come back and post and share more:) i like kellys idea of breathing(meditation)…..i do it twice a day….mornings when i wake up and before i go to bed…..

    find a comfy place and sit….
    close your eyes
    deep inhale/fill lungs and belly with air
    exhale and count out loud or in your head(counting out loud is easier i think)..”one,one,one,one…” untill the air is completely gone(force every bit out)
    repeat and start counting to two, three etc….

    the point is not to think about anything other than breathing…’s a lot harder than it seems…….a lot of “stresses” will pop into your head…..for example…”i need to check my mail”, “what should i make for dinner”, i need to buy a new toothbrush”, “was i rude to that person?” etc……

    if you start thinking about somthing start over again….i was “stuck” on one for about a month:)

    no goals…just start off once a week and build up and do it when you have time…..i swear it makes a HUGE difference……

    kelly is right….most of us breath really shallow breaths….which causes our heart rates to go up……and makes stress worse/less oxygen in our body etc…..

    sorry about the novel…….;)

  3. Hello Kelly how are u doin? We havent talked much lately… glad to see ur post around. How are u doin with uur accutane?

    Yeah, base is right, I came here a couple of weeks ago and so much things i learnt than 4 years of suffering pimples…. People here are very nice….they get back to your problems all the time without fail….I get my Qs answered most of the time and get extra info that i never thought off. Most are economical

    Kelly, i never got back to anymore, that page lost its touch. Nobody’s posting anything and i am glad to be here. 🙂 total peace.

    My face is getting better too since i learnt what is going on inside my body
    When u do, u will love urself more…But i dare say i do hate myself sometimes.mainly because pimples stop me from doing everything…but to think back, do they? we stop ourselves from doing it by giving excuses that pimple stop us from doing it… Well not in Asian coutries…. i dont know about in the west…i mean ppl look at u like one kind, nah never happened unless it is a VERY bad case…but, how do we know it’s bad case? we’re just paranoid sometimes i guess…

    God bless to everyone…
    Irish Cooking

  4. Hi Gerald 🙂
    I’m not doing to good actually.I’ve been breaking out in bigger spots than i usually get.I’m hoping it’ll subside soon :pray
    I don’t go to the voyforums anymore either.I’m glad i directed you here because you do get the help and support you need 🙂

  5. Hi W,

    Posts above have been giving you de-stresser tips. Now, it’s time for a diet tip! You said your diet turned bad…. if you do a search on diet on this forum, there’s valuable info to gain from. When you put unhealthy food in your body, it no doubt has an effect. It’s different for everybody and for us folks, it lets us know through our skin. Reducing foods that cause inflammation will reduce acne. I’ll give you excellent links to look at –>

    Eliminate wheat, dairy, sugar and saturated fats. For eg, if you eat wheat with healthy food and cut out the rest for one week, you’ll be able to tell if it causes problems or not. Then do the same with dairy, sugar and anything else you suspect might be bad for you. Secret tip: drink weak lemonwater!

  6. Hi everyone 🙂

    Here is a very interesting link re stress reduction:

    The guy behind it has basically looked at the science of relaxation and the effect is has on the body.

    Id be very interested in hearing from anybody who thinks that they do actually elict the ‘relaxation response’ (read the site and youll know what i mean by this phrase). Ive tried the relaxation exercises, but i find it very difficult to switch my brain off.


  7. You don’t want to get on antibiotics! That will kill the
    healthy probiotics that you need. I went on a program
    that really helped me clear up, if your interested let me know.
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