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Started my first attempt at B5 last August (over a year ago) at 10 grams per day. I did this for 3 months then tapered off to 3-5 grams per day. Continued on that treatment until about July this year, so almost a full year. Results were okay, not great. No side effects, other than I got tired somtimes.


I have started on 10 grams B5 per day since mid-October (about 6 weeks).


AcneMiracle B5 powder, mixed with a little water and OJ, 3-4 times per day.

Other Notes:

Last year and into this year, I changed my diet to reduce wheat, dairy, hydrogenated oils and simple carbs. I also did supplements like B-Complex, Vit-C, Milk Thistle, EFA, Multi-Vitamin and MSM.


* For the past 6 weeks I have NOT been taking ANY supplements.
* I am not as religious about my diet (eat some wheat and dairy).
* My cleansing regimen is very, very simple. The only cleanser I predominantly use is the Carley’s bar soap, once a day … water any time else. About once a week I use a glycolic acid wash, at night.
* For topicals I use 2.5% BP in the morning and at night. During the day I may put on the B5 topical I get with the AcneMiracle powder.


My new regimen has been working really good. I dont know what to attribute it to, but I eliminated as many “treatments” as I could … to find out if B5 could do the job on its own. So far it has been working. I had a bad breakout prior to starting six weeks ago and now my skin has been 90% clear.


The diet changes worked well but only got me to 50% clarity. So I had to find a new route to better results. I needed to test whether the B5 was doing anything. I thought for sure that once I started to eat some wheat and dairy, regularly, that I would suffer from that. But not so. I still watch my diet but not as strict during the last 6 weeks.

I cannot draw valid conclusions *yet* (too soon) but it seems the new regimen works for me.

Perhaps the 10 grams B5 I was taking last year had a minimal effect because I had just quit minocycline treatment, which I was on for about 18 months prior. Maybe my system was not ready to handle the B5. (??) Don’t rightly know, but either way it didnt work as well as it is now.


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7 thoughts on “B5 treatment

  1. Maybe i should stop being so strict on the diet and just see if accutane can get me clear skin on it’s own 😕 Even though i keep telling myself to do this i still get stressed with what to eat!

  2. Russell!
    thats great to hear its workin for ya, its working for me too…but I’m still into my diet, but i can cut some slacks here and there…I guess once you know what certain things do to your body, its hard to ignore it…but hopefully the B5 will clear me 100% that diet couldn’t… I know my GI tract is messed up, so we’ll see. But am happy for ya 🙂 keep us updated if u come across any changes in ur diet that has an impact on ur skin…thnx!

    I’ve been eating pretty bad ‘coz my sister’s fiance is over and all my relatives and our family are having feasts left and right…so its been hard! but from monday again, I’m gonna do my Food Fasts! hehe….

  3. Russy this is very interseting to hear. I have my fingers crossed for you. It looks like a good regimen to me so I will look forward to hear you update in this one 😀

  4. Russell!
    I guess once you know what certain things do to your body, its hard to ignore it…

    oops! I meant, once you know what certain things do to your body, you WANT to ignore it….’coz its like “damn! I know i’m eating bad!” lol

  5. Update:

    Two weeks since I last posted. Same regimen. Things are still good. No significant problems. I got a couple small pimples on my chin last week but overall my skin is looking good. Now just trying to heal those blasted red marks…got a couple of those too but they are fading. Yeehee! Can it be true?? Can I really get the Christmas gift I desire??

    Russell 🙂

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