Dry, dead skin, help!!!!

Hi, I have this weird dead skin, when I wash my face, you can see it, when I take a shower and my face gets wet you can see the dead skin turn white, how can I get rid of this, its giving me a headache, its all over my checks, nose, and chin, now I don’t only have to worry bout my acne, but now this, help!! please!!

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  1. is your skin sensitive? if not you could try a scrub, BE VERY GENTLE! The goal here is longterm removal of skin. Don’t scrub your skin in efforts to remove all the dead skin, just slowly and gently slough it off. if you remove too much your just gonna damage your skin and cause inflammation. you could also try a clay mask, this is a very gentle form of exfoliation. perhaps once every other day. look for a bentonite or kaolin clay mask, queen helene’s mint julept mask is a good one! and cheap too!

  2. Sea salt works great for me. You can dilute in a glass and then wash your face with it (strength is up 2 you, depending on the sensetivity). Or you can take the salt and massage it into wet face.

  3. Just exfoliate with a gentle scrub once a week, get one which is accustomed for sensitive skin, like edenfield suggested. If you exfolioate atleast once a week, it really does help, your skin feels so beautiful and smooth after you do. hehe, it’s nice.

  4. my face is very sensitive, and if i put something like a clay mask on it makes it worse, what kind of gentle scrub do you suggest i buy? once again my skin is very very sensitive,

  5. Hello Jose,

    Have the same problem you do. I wash my face then not even two minutes later my forehead, cheeks, and nose are dry to the eyes. Now after i wash my face i put a thin layer of vaseline around my nose, cheeks, and forehead and it seems to do the trick. Clay masks always my the dryness worse to me but it works for others. Scrubs are way harsh for my skin and turn it red. I have found alittle confort in these Olay facials or the Clean and Clear facials seem to help too.


  6. What skin care products are you using now Jose? Are you using any topical meds, that contain peeling agents like salicylic acid, Retin A (Retinoic Acid) or Benzoyl Peroxide? I’m wondering if you could be allergic to something you’re cleansing your skin with. I get itchy and dry if I use bar soap at all. For showering, I use Aubrey’s Herbal Liquid Body Soap which is gentle and not at all drying (I haven’t tried using it on my face, though). I’m also allergic to sodium lauryl sulfate and other similar sulfates in liquid cleansers and shampoos. Internally, flax seeds help dry flaky skin a lot. I bought myself a little grinder at Target (it was like $11) and used it to grind up flax seeds and then throw them in smoothies, on cereal, etc. I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing that for a while now, but flax seeds are really good for moisturizing the skin from inside. Alternatively, you could take flax seed oil. Also, is the air in your house really dry? Do you get static electric shocks a lot (which happens when the air is dry)? If so, you can get a humidifier for your house. Get yourself a barometer and keep the humidity around 50-60%. Drink lots of water.

  7. no im not putting nothing on my face, you know when you go out and you get a tan, the next couple of days you start to peel, thats how my skin is, put its just there it doesn’t really peel off, every time i wet my face you can see it, because it turns white, i think this is clogging my Poor’s and making my acne worse, i don’t know what to do,

  8. Yes. I know this may sound weird. I’m not sure if someone already said this but: Scotch Tape works really well for dead skin you would like to get off without scrubbing and irritating your face. I got this info from ezboard: absolute acne (another board you should check out): http://pub106.ezboard.com/babsoluteacneinfo . You put on scotch tape and then peel it off. No need to keep it on. You’ll see dead skin cells come off. Very cool. I was skeptical at first, but its good if you wanna get dead skin off. Make sure after you do this to wash your face w/ water or soap. Hope this helps.

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