Mari, that Aromaleigh make-up looks like da bomb, bay-bay!

Hey, Mari, thanks again for pointing out Aromaleigh. I’m so glad because I had never heard of it!

I want to try a ton of stuff on their site, and look forward to getting my stuff in the mail :angel

I love the fact that her stuff is SO MUCH CHEAPER than the other mineral make-ups. I mean….I like Jane Iredale but for goodness sakes….you’d have to rob a bank just to keep purchasing the stuff! :roll :shock

So for all of you mineral makeup fans out there, you oughta check out for some good mineral makeup. I love the fact that she offers SAMPLES!!! 😀

She even custom blends for you!!! :mrgreen

Just wanted to put the word out there.

Oh yeah, another thing I like is that she has cream blush/lip tints without all that stuff that will break you out. For me, I like the look of cream blush the most because I do think it’s the most natural looking, but the prettiest ones out there that make you look glowy always broke me out. So I’m looking forward to receiving that, and I want to try her glimmer sticks too.

O.K….back to the aromaleigh website now….. :girl :wave

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One thought on “Mari, that Aromaleigh make-up looks like da bomb, bay-bay!

  1. Oh yeah the samples are definetly worth a try, if you see those samples are generous amounts. And with the extra powder jar to mix them. Service is great too and she is very nice. Keep me updated if you try the cream blush. I will certainly look into that!

    Mari 😀

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