i have TONS of blackheads anywayz my mom had this AVALON VITAMIN C facial cleanser..and i just put some on my face it smells like an orange.,,big time,,but its like liquid,,maybe this will help with cleansing the pores?
wil this help?

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24 thoughts on “BLACKHEADS

  1. what cleansors have you tried before euphorio?

    I would suggest you to try msm gel for that. MSM is amazing at cleaning pores. You put the msm gel or cream overnite and it helps. I always have heard good about Jarrow MSM gels.

    I would suggest and this my personal opinion one good facial in a spa salon where they take off all the crap off your face and start using exfoliators and gels like msm ones. I found an excellent scrub that of Naturally Clear.

    hope this helps,

    Mari 😀

  2. I use MSM gel – it is good for gentle exfoliation, but I don’t think it would be that effective with blackheads.

    One of the best solutions for blackheads is to use pure. cold pressed olive oil – rub it onto your nose (If that’s where the blackheads are) and leave for a minute or two, that helps to break down the blackheads, then wash off with a mild soap/cleanser.

  3. I don’t get many but when I have in the past I just squeezed out the junk??? would this be an option? Amelia

  4. I think it is better to use the Olive oil to ‘melt’ the blackheads. Squeezing them may cause infection and larger pores.

  5. wow I didnt knew olive oil could help with that, thanks maya.

    Maya but how about jojoba oil? Is olive oil the only one effective for blackheads?

  6. Euphorio – you can get it anywhere – it’s the same stuff that’s used for cooking! But make sure it’s the best quality – look out for Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Olive oil.

    Mari – Olive oil is better for blackheads than Jojoba oil

  7. Hey

    Theres been talk about olive oil over on the absolute acne board. Conflicting advice though! Heard that it gets rid of blackheads, but then heard that it doesnt work for blackheads, but works for pimples!
    So basically, you can use olive oil (cold pressed/extra virgin) from the supermarket? And you just rub it into problem areas and wash it off? Wouldnt it break you out at all?! Hmm.

  8. Yup.. Rub it in, drink it, anything but let it go bad by cooking it or letting it out in the light =) :angel

  9. Hey!

    Ok, i just got some extra virgin pressed olive oil (from the supermarket…lol), My dad looked a bit puzzled when i told him what i was gonna use it for! Gotta admit, i am a bit worried about puttin it on my face, cos, its oil! lol. Sure it doesnt break you out?! And i can use it on back and chest too? (well if i can reach those areas lol)


  10. i also got some extra virgin olive oil from the sais its cold pressed..
    so how much do i rub in and where?
    cause i have blackheads should i do it all over my face?

    for how long
    and can i wash it off with soap and then put the cream that i always put on my face?

    has anyone tried this one from the supermarket?

  11. Euphorio and Lilnat.

    You can use it on any part of your body. Just a small amount will do. Rub it into your skin for 1 to 2 minutes and then wash off with your normal cleanser and creams. You won’t break out with good Olive oil. 😀

  12. i just used olive oil now..all over my face..i rubed it for like 2 min total..
    and then went under a shower…
    il update results tomorow

  13. i didnt notice a big change in the morning..or a change at all…but im stil going to keep using it..i did it in the morning…well right now its like 1..
    but i left it on my face for like 10 min now il wash it with soap and thats it…
    i didnt really break out but i got like 3 new pimpples which i dont think are from oil

  14. ok i hope so,,cause my face was starting to clear up..blackheads are the same and i got some new zits ..sigh..
    but we’l see

  15. Hey

    Ive been using it since Thursday, ive just been puttin it on my face, but, how much are you actually supposed to put on? I think i might be putting too much on! And how much time are you supposed to be leaving it on? For like ten mins? Ive been leaving it on for about 2 mins?


  16. lilnat
    just dab some onto coton wool and wipe your face with it, rub it in a little and then wash off after a couple of minutes. 😀

  17. Wow!
    Olive oil,
    I’ve heard of alot of things for black heads but olive oil…? I’ll try anything once. I’ll check in about a week from now and give you all an update. Hmmmm……are you sure…..Olive oil? :roll

  18. dont just swipe with a cotton ball! 😕

    when you use the olive oil massage it in with your finger tips, so it can get in the pores, i have blackheads on my nose, so i should rub it into my nose, for 1-2 monutes, just leaving the oil to sit wont do anything

    im going to try it tonight

  19. i was using wool..and after about 5 days now i think that it is improving my skin somehow..i put olive oil on cotton thing..rub it on for about a minute..leave it for about 2-3 min then wash off with face feels really good after it..
    i didnt break out either AAT ALL!
    except today because yesterday i extracted so many blackheads..and same today…but im not gona touch my face any more..

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