Insulin levels and help me on the diet front!

O.k.From what i can gather,if our insulin levels get too high or too low this affects our hormones???
So,is it best to say have a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon in between meals so that insulin levels are constant?Like say have a piece or fruit or a handful of seeds/nuts?In order to keep out hormones from going all over the place and so causing acne???

Also;can you guys just help me on this?I’m stressing out over everything i eat and really trying to stick with it for the majority of the time but to be honest,i’ve been doing it for ages but not really strictly.I don’t know if food does break me out and if it does,i don’t know what does!
If i knew for sure that a strict diet would clear my acne,i would stick to it completely,but while i don’t know i find it quite hard.
Then i get depressed and all i feel like doing is eating something i shouldn’t!
I’m on accutane so as long as i mostly stick with dairy,wheat and sugar free for most of the time(other than my Sod It Saturdays!),should i not worry too much about the diet.
I suppose if i really concentrated on the diet and then around the time my skin cleared up,i wouldn’t know if it was that or the accutane working.
If i was doing diet as a treatment i would stick to it completely but while i’m giving accutane a go should i just concentrate on that?

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15 thoughts on “Insulin levels and help me on the diet front!

  1. i dont know much about insulin im afraid Kelly,

    but this is my opinion about diets no medical fact so dont trust me too much lol,

    the problem with diets is that everyones metabolism is very different something that may help you for your skin might not really benefit someone else, i must say with diets its a bit of trail and error.

    the best way to decide whether foods are bad or good is to do say a weeks plan that has to be fairly strict but try to be realistic with yourself if you like a chocolate a day then have it okay dont work yourself up to much its more stressful.

    with this weeks plan of food you should have a menu of you know your fairly good foods, i mean you can ask us all here what we think benefits our skin then try and add these things to your diet, prehaps try and keep your menu similar for the week having a similar breakfast, say an apple each day similar lunch and so on prehaps a bit boring but its so that you can judge whether that is helping you.

    keep and eye on what ya having write it down so you can instantly see where you might be going wrong say you have a bit of a break out one day you might be able to relate it to a meal.

    by the end of the week if you see improvements you should have an idea of what works best for you then you should have a acne diet that works for you.

    so yeah to summarise this is what i think Kelly, get some nice ideas of things that are healthy that you want to eat for a week from all of us im sure we will all help ya out :tu so when you have that little plan try and stick to it but dont worry if you dont Kelly a key word that you aroused STRESS of which you should try to avoid, try to be postive and stay calm if you slip off its not the end of the world, prehaps if you do have something naughty then try and compensate with something good okay

    hope this helps Kelly take care

  2. yep! I agree with most of that AGOD said…..

    I’ll tell u this Kelly, when I started my diet, I was just trying to eat healthy in anyways possible…but it was impossible for me to know which caused breakouts, just like how u’r feeling now… and even if I THOUGHT I was eating healthy, I was only 80% clear..until I tried fasting and cut out ALL the bad stuff for 2 weeks…but even then I cheated on my 2nd week (I guess I got impatient)….and that reallyyy helped.

    BuT! you’re on accutane, so I’ld say that its STILL a good idea you stick to a strict diet…simply because over time, your body will thankyou for doing it a favor of such sort, and your acne WILL respond to it positively. I just started taking B5, yet I’m still continuing my diet, why? because the body absorbs the B5 better that way, I dunno if that’ll be the case with accutane though…

    just a small advice for your acne in the future if you continue to have it after accutane, Try Fasting! every other day eating only fruits and veggies..and once a week, try drinking ONLY lemon water…u’ll see a remarkable difference. But only if your acne comes back after accutane. Thats all, btw, how long has it been since u got on accutane?? hasnt it been more then 6 weeks? and u’r still getting breakouts??

  3. Kelly – do some searches for SweetJades posts – she did a biggie on Insulin levels. – Maybe on absoluteacne board, and healthboards too.

  4. hiya gerald,
    I started modifying my diet around August. I had a persistent, cystic acne (btw, acne runs in my mother’s side of the family PRETTY BAD! so I know its “stamped in” my gene 😡 ). But with a modified diet, I only got 80% clear and kept getting these little bumps that I didn’t before. Then about 3 weeks ago, I put myself on fasting…the book I follow is in fact, quite a few of us here in this forum follow it. Its only $40 and is worth reading, the good part is, its not a Huge, Hard-to-swallow kinda reading.

    Basically, every other day, I do “food fasts” where I eat ONLY fruits and veggies (it can be 1-2 days in a row too, but not more then 2 days) along with a weak lemon water (something like 1/2 teaspoon of lemon squeezed into a glass of water). And ONCE a week, I do “total fast” where I ONLY drink this lemon water drink (eating nothing else that day). its better if you space these “fasting days” out, like alternative days: eating normal one day and fasting the next. Now, the important part is, during your normal days, you dont want to just eat anything and everything because that kinda ruins the purpose of going thru a detox or rather “cleansing”. The whole purpose of this diet is to DE-MUCUS your system and eating healthy, giving your digestive system A BREAK so that it uses that time to breakdown the toxins in your body that has been building up for years. So during your normal days, you want to eat REALLY healthy, with a lot of greens and veggies. There are A LOT of info. in that book, if you’re considering a diet, try that book….it’ll help u no doubt! Also, I follow food combining quite religiously, which helped me A LOT along with fasting. I also follow Glycemic index since both my parents have a history of Diabetes, So I follow a lot of things, and it was hard in the beginning but now its NOTHING 🙂 I”m used to it and still have a huge variety of food selection. DO a search on Food combining and Glycemic index of foods, you’ll learn a lot. Begin by following them, it may even be that cutting some things out of ur current diet will help u and u may not even have to fast. It all depends…. btw, I just began taking B5, along with my diet…just so I can cheat and get away with it sometimes..hehe!

  5. hi Mickey,

    errr veggies must be MSG free, all natural cooked?

    Yeah i have een doing this fasting thingie but like wat u said i eat everything and anything when i break the fast…but i did not because i knew this is another way to clear my skin but the cafe is not arms reach…:) But i got clear that way, occassional breakout if have sex …gosh…i believe it’s related to sth here..can anybody second and oback up this information?

  6. If you look for hypoglycemic/diabetic diets (online, also some very good books on it), you’ll get a good list of foods that do and don’t wreak havoc with insulin levels.

  7. I have to say,i’m still confused :roll Sorry :puppydogeyes
    I mean while i’m on accutane shouldn’t i just concentrate on that?Otherwise i wouldn’t know what was working would i?Accutane is fat absorpant so i don’t think doing the diets we do would make it work better.

    Don’t get be wrong,while i’m on accutane my diet is good for the majority but i do have the one day a week where i eat the foods i shouldn’t do for the acne diets.If i was concentrating on diet to work for my skin,and diet only,i would eat within the confines of the diet all of the time so that i could give it it’s best chance.

    I’ll tell you what i eat typically and if you guys can tell me if you think this is all i need to be doing on accutane or not,that would be great;

    Breakfast-i have oats with soya milk and dried figs.

    Lunch-i either have vegetable and wheat-free pasta soup
    (carrots,parsnip,swede,cabbage,leeks,garlic,salt,pepper,oregano,parsley,thyme and tamari sauce if i can find it)
    Or i have a tuna(in springwater)salad(lettuce,cucumber,sweetcorn),with extra-virgin olive oil and tamari sauce again if i can find it.
    I was using balsamic vinegar but it has E numbers in it and i thought they may be bad 😕

    salmon,brown rice,carrot and brocolli

    salmon stir-fry with brown rice(leek,carrot,cabbage,brocolli,garlic and the same herbs as the soup)

    lentil casserole with baked potato

    same stir-fry as above but with tuna and quinoa instead of brown rice.

    same stir-fry as above but with quorn pieces and wheat-free pasta.

    Then i have pears and maybe prune juice.I’m also going to buy some pumpkin seeds.
    I only drink water.

    Then i eat what i like on Saturdays which includes wheat,dairy,sugar and the like,which i wouldn’t do if like i said,diet was my only treatment.

    So what do you think?Is this enough while on accutane?While i eat the bad stuff on Saturdays i know it’s not perfect but it’s just in case diet does effect me really.If accutane didn’t work,i’d do it properly and find out,although i do hope it won’t have to come to that :roll

  8. hey Kelly,
    honestly it sounds good, considering that you’r ON accutane ALONG with this diet…..I mean, I wasn’t on ANY diet when I took accutane, and yet it worked after having some breakouts for the first 6 weeks…. I just dont get something, r u still having breakouts?? hasn’t it been more then 6 weeks??

    but its a good thing u’re doing…so keep it up, and I think having that saturday with all that is fine…just ‘coz u’r on Accutane 🙂

  9. The thing is Kelly, your problem right now is confusion. You currently want to benefit from accutane AND a good diet, but how would you know which one is benefitting you at any one time? A healthy diet is going to benefit you no doubt, whether you’re on accutane or not but then how would know if the accutane is working? You see what I’m saying? 😐 Focus on one thing at a time.

  10. Yeah,i’ll stick to what i’m already doing while on accutane so i can see how the accutane goes.Thanks 🙂
    Mickey;i’ve been on the accutane for 9 weeks now and i’m still breaking out 🙁 I’m so upset,i just don’t know what to do 🙁
    Did accutane clear your skin but then the acne came back?Then has the diet completely cleared your skin?

  11. Hey Kelly Kel :wink!
    accutane started clearing me up after having a horrible 6 weeks of breakouts. I stayed clear for about 4-5 months and it started coming back again…I did the diet, but NO it didn’t clear me up all the way 🙁 no wonder I also get sooo depressed with my acne, ‘coz sometimes it seems as if nothing will clear me up EVER! it seems like the end of the world…(sigh!) then again, with diet…you can always eat better then what you’re eating, even while following an acne diet…I just think that if you want to eat a certain way for acne (and not just healthy because there are a lot more restrictions in acne diets then eating just healthy), its hard to just say “oh ya I’m completely following the acne diet and its helping me” not to mention, half the times its soooooo hard to know whats causing u to still breakout 🙁 also, I have acne in my gene…BIG TIME!! plus, taking antibiotics and accutane in the past did some harm on my liver…so considering all that, I think my body and face reacted pretty well to this diet…even better, when I began fasting about 3 weeks ago, my face improved A LOT! but I still wasn’t 100% clear…so now I’m fasting AND taking B5 (its been a week for this B5) and I’m desperately waiting for it to clear me up…just like how u’r waiting for the accutane to work for ya. I got my sister’s wedding in a month or so, and I NEED to get clear by then otherwise I’ll be sooooo depressed!!! I’m gonna die, haha!! but lets keep our fingers crossed girl! hopefully it’ll hit us soon 😕 good luck and I also pray u get thru this….’coz DAMN do I know how this feels!

  12. Mickey,

    Are you still on Acne-Free diet? What kind of diet is it?

    hey! yep I am….this book introduced the whole world of diet/fasting/food combo/glycemic index to me in relation to acne. I still recommend it to people, and the read long or annoying either. But fasting is the crucial part here…and eating healthy. Now that I’m taking B5, I still do my FOOD FAST: eating fruits and veggies ONLY for a day or two. I’m skeptical in doing a TOTAL FAST with B5: drinking ONLY lemon water for a day. So, if all else fails, just know that u can always turn to this and this will give u a pretty damn good result 🙂 u just have to stick to it for a while…because like the book says…it took years for us to come to this point with our acne, and it wont vanish in just a few days. Natural things take time to work (which makes sense, I hope). Do buy this book if you’re considering a diet change or at least understanding the whole relation.

    Aight ppl, I’m outie for now 🙂

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