Chemical Peels at home, safe, affordable and EFFECTIVE!!!!

Another member requested that I post here to get this info out to everyone! Please give it a try, or at least do the research yourself if you don’t believe me! I suffered through 20 years of terrible acne with scarring, and the Jessners peel kit I did at home has given me a new face!!! I just know it can help you the same way!

I have read a few threads here that have talked about various chemical peels. I really have to share my own experience with you and hope you can benefit from this information too! I have incredibly oily skin, acne and pores the size of dinner plates. I have tried almost every treatment known to mankind to clear up my skin, but to no avail. I was on EBay one day and ran across an auction for Glycolic Acid, 50% for skin peels. I was surprised and ran a search for acid peels. Do you know that you can get Glycolic acid, Jessner’s peel solution and TCA (trichloroacetic acid) all for in home use?! These are professional grade, professional strength acid kits. I did a lot of research and decided to order a Jessner’s kit (I got mine from azgecko2000 on Ebay and highly recommend her products) for $29.99. I picked Jessner’s because based on my research, it had the best results to risk ratio. I compared the contents of the kit with what I knew dermatoligists used in their office. It was the same formula (for those of you who don’t know, Jessner’s is 14% Salicylic acid, 14% Lactic Acid, 14% resourcinol in an alcohol base) so I decided to try it. I will admit I was terrified, but I am a molecular biologist and know a fair amount about chemicals and decided that I can do this if an esthestian at a spa can. So I did it, and guess what? My skin has never looked better! Acne? Gone! Oily skin? vanished! Fine lines? Gone! It was flippin amazing!!!!!!! I did look like lizard woman for about a week, but there was no down time, I could wear makeup right after and the results were wonderful! Another member described her Jessner’s peel, and this one was nothing like that. It only took about 20 minutes from start to finish, though you are instructed not to put more than 2 layers on your skin at any one time at home. The instructions were clear, it came with cleanser, moisturizer, pre-peel solution and enough acid for about 4 peels, for $30.00! I hope that someone who reads this takes the time to go online to see what is available. I have 2 friends who have also used this peel and all are thrilled with the results and safety of this kit. It is not necessary to spend a fortune at a dermatoligist’s or spa to get the EXACT same results. Look it up for yourself!

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