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I’ve been reading around these forums and other websites and a lot of people mention diet as the main cause of acne (after hormones in the teens of course).
Now, a lot of people say bread and things with wheat in are bad for their skin.
Has anyone tried eating wheat free products? Somebody I know has an allergic reaction to anything with wheat in (can’t remember the name of the illness) but there are loads of products out there without wheat in them (gluton free). They are a little more expensive than the normal products but it could be worth a try?
Also, drinking cider instead of beer might also work for anyone who likes to drink alcohol.
Just a thought….

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  1. Hello! 😀

    Many people have gone the gluten-free diet. There are some wheat products you can buy that are gluten free, in which the gluten (a protein) has been removed. Yet it is safest to purchase products that do not contain any wheat, rye or barley. Oats also contain gluten but most studies indicate that oats are generally NOT problematic for those who wish to reduce or eliminate gluten form their diet.

    Grains that have been deemd as acceptable replacements include rice, corn, maize, amaranth and buckwheat. Also oats, since they do not seem to cause troubles for most people.

    The condition of gluten intolerance is termed Celiac Sprue, or more commonly referred to as Celiac Disease.

    It is estimated that about 1/3 of the population is gluten-intolerant to some degree. There are some people who cannot tolerate any gluten whatsoever. These people must adhere to a very strict diet, as gluten can be found in many prepared and processed foods, in addition to the obvious foods such as breads, pastries, crackers and the like.

    Most of us who are acne-prone find that a reduction in gluten helps control acne. It seems that if we can significantly reduce gluten (or even eliminate completely), our skin will respond favorably. So try to limit the amount of wheat and wheat by-products you eat. (By-products can be disguised by terms like “modified food starch”).

    Be sure to read the labels of the food you buy.

    Many alocholic beverages are made from distilled grains. Yet the distillation process generally “wipes out” the gluten. Even so, try to avoid whiskey, bourbon, gin and rye. Limit the amount of beer/ale you may drink. Even rice beers (Budweiser). Cider should be okay, as well as rums, tequila and potato-based vodka. Also any alochol made from grapes, like wine.

    RK :mrgreen

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