Digest enzymes worth it?

I have the cleanest diet you can imagine, no dairy, oils, wheat/rye/barley, simple carbs, most complex carbs, candy, junk food… and i can honestly say i never cheat (yes its extremely hard) Would it even be worth buying digestive enzymes? Would they allow me to eat some of this other stuff?

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5 thoughts on “Digest enzymes worth it?

  1. got a question for ya before answering, how is your diet helping you? I mean, did it clear you up a lot? if it did, maybe you should test if you can now tolerate certain foods, because your system is clearer then b4. Now secondly, I think its always wise to have digestive enzymes handy….I dunno your situation. But for me, I was on anti’s and accutane, so I KNOW for sure that my liver and digestion process was hurt….so I take these enzymes everytime I eat a not-so-good food combination. For example, if I were to eat rice and meat, I’ld definitely take these. Now I’m not sure if it has helped me as I’m still in the process of clearing my system out….but for people like Maya and I think it was Denise, take these everytime they have stuff like wheat bread or not-so-good food. or during the holidays. Right now I’m cleansing my system out and will be doing so for the next 2 weeks…after that, as I start to introduce some foods back to my menu, I’ll probably take these enzymes and see if they help….I already have Parazymes from Renew Life (RK recommended them to me 🙂 )

  2. Im also very interested in this. I have a very healthy diet also but it hasnt cleared my skin THAT much. I was wondering about enzymes and whether it would help me.

    The idea is to help flush out the bad stuff and take in the good stuff more effectively right? What is a good enzyme? What are they made of. Something I havent really looked into at all.

  3. Martin,
    yeah! thats why I’m doing a liver cleansing first by doing fastings. Because I thought, whats the point of just eating healthy when your body didn’t go thru an initial, liver cleansing?? so I think its better to start your body with a clear system and then eat healthy, along with enzymes (if you want)….

    so here’s a site that discusses digestive enzymes:

    Here’s the ingredients list for the one I take: Parazyme from Renew Life. Note, it has both digestive enzymes and Probiotic blend to help you have the “good bacteria” in your system…..yogurt is another way to get these “good bacterias” in you….

    u can also do a search on “digestive enzymes” on yahoo, and it will give you a whole bunch of sites that talks about them and the typical list of these, as far as which breaks down which kind of food chains….

  4. Yea I would say diet has helped (but then again you can never be 100% sure) Im just thinking if I already have a diet free of all the bad foods… what exactly are the enzymes going to be doing? There’s nothing there for them to help digest. Now if taking the enzymes allows me to eat a wider variety of foods thats a whole different story. Thanks for posting those sites, i’ll check em out.

  5. I believe in the power of enzymes in raw food. I don’t believe it’s worth it if you eat alot of raw foods.

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