Much difference between the two?

Ok I have been taking the B5 powder form that I bought if you click Product Ratings at the top and was getting good results after a week, I guess.But now I ran out of it and I just bought the B5 pills and am planning on taking 2 a day and I bought them because they were cheap.

So is there much difference between the powder form and the pills?

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4 thoughts on “Much difference between the two?

  1. 2 a day will do nothing 4 u

    and if u been takin the acnemiracle powder then its recommended u carry on with the same brand and not switch over

  2. There is not a definitive answer.

    People swear by different brands of B5. Some claim the AcneMiracle product (powder) is superior to other products. Some claim the Solgar brand of pills to be superior. I have used Now Foods brand (pills), along with AcneMiracle powder.

    Is there really any difference?? Not when you realize that most capsule forms of B5 are just powder in a gelatin shell. So most pharmacists and physicians will tell you there is no difference. You are ingesting a synthetic form of B5, made in a laboratory. Yet, are some lab practices better than others? I would suspect that those people who work in a chemical lab will tell you yes, there is. So you will find a difference of opinion on the subject of brands, which in essence answers your question of powder vs. pills.

    Another point about B5 that you dont mention is that some brands are time-released. This method will not work in powder form.

    My personal opinion is there is very little difference in method of delivery. The idea is to get a sufficient enough quantity in your bloodstream at various intervals. Then let it do its work.

    It probably just boils down to how you prefer to ingest the B5.


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