OMG!!!! My daily dose of caffeine might be the culpret!!!!!!

Say it aint so!!!!!!!!! Tell me even lie to me even!!! Just tell me my coffee isnt the reason why my skin is so damn dry with these little bumps!!!! Say it aint so please!!!!!!

I was sick week after last with a sinus infection and the flu. So coffee wasnt even on the back burner of my thoughts breathing threw my nose was! So i inhaled vits and took this lemon, honey, hot pepper, and tea drink at least 5 times a day. I did this for about four days. On the days i had the strength to walk i would find myself in front of the mirror in that light we all hate but my skin looked pretty good. I didnt get it! No dryness!!!!!!! No peelin!!!!!!!!!! No irritation around my nose, cheeks, and forehead! No loose skin i would have to get off with a mask! Just a nice layer of skin that looked like i didnt have a problem at all! Am i missing something folks? Could it be nyquil jet lag!!!!!!! HAHAHAH i dont know may be the extra lemon and vits intake?

What do you all think? Because now that im better and back to my old routine my face is back to square one! I dont know what it was that helped my skin! But, even if i have to give up my cup of Joe so be it to get my face back to norm!


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24 thoughts on “OMG!!!! My daily dose of caffeine might be the culpret!!!!!!

  1. Coffee breaks me out HORRIBLY! 😮 :shock 😡

    It does two things that contribute to acne:

    1. It raises insulin levels, leading to blood sugar fluctuations, which leads to breakouts
    2. It is very, very, hard for the liver to process and breakdow. Anytime the liver is overburdened, we break out.

    I only drink half decaf/half regular about once a month or once every 6 weeks. I have replaced my morning cup with Earl Grey or Oolong tea. They don’t break me out at all…..

    Lemon water is very cleansing….you were actually doing something very good for your skin by drinking the lemon water!

  2. Awwww, Denise you mean i should give it up? OMG, i havent been without coffee for long periods of time since i was like 12 hahahaha. I dont know if i can do this Denise. I thought coffee was suppose to be good for you in a sense. It always cleans me out! hahahahah Like clock work i know if i have a cup o’ joe i know i have to hit the john after hahahaha.

    What does Lemon water do for the system and my skin Denise?

    And thanks!

  3. Caffine doesn’t do my skin any good either.

    Be prepared for the withdrawl Popcorn. :mrgreen :mrgreen :mrgreen

  4. when i used to live in America I done as the Romans did and had a cup of coffee most mornings, usually Dunkin Donuts. I was having skin problems then also and went to a derm in Chicago. I was understandably nervous but was concerned that coffee was making me break out and wanted to ask the derm (a very attractive lady derm). So i asked “Could coffee cause an erection?” of course I meant to say “Could coffee cause a reaction?” :oops We both laughed, I mean what else could you do.

    Anyway Popcorn the derm said that coffee could very well aggrivate my skin condition, and I havent drank coffee since.

  5. I do drink around 1-2 cups of coffee a day – it does increase cortisol/ne?? levels (stress hormones) but if you also drink plenty of water and green tea, you should be able to wipe of the effects. I refuse to give things up competely.

  6. Sorry to disagree here, Maya. In some people, coffee can really break them out. I happen to be one of those people. No matter how many things I take or do to counteract the coffee, it doesn’t work. It might work for some people, but not for me at all! I will take fish oil, digestive enzymes, quercetin, drink green tea, etc…..and it does no good. I personally just had to give it up totally. It really does break me out bigtime.

  7. WOW Denise, that’s a bummer. I guess I know coffee is generally not healthy.. but b4 I had acne from the age of 30.. I must’ve drunk 5-6 cups a day for over 10 years without even having a breakout.

    Just goes to show how individual our systems are.

    OK – you got that lucky thick skin that can take all those effective topicals – me, I get to drink coffee!!

  8. Hey everyone :wave I originally posted the quote below on Aug 11.

    Today I still linger in the doorway of various coffee shops just inhaling in that WOUNDERFUL aroma of fresh brewed coffee!!!

    When I pass anyone who is still addicted to smoking I get a ‘wif’ of that ‘secondhand smoke.’ This does make me miss smoking even though it has been several years since I quit cigarettes.

    Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I ever did in my life!
    The second hardest thing I quit is drinking real coffee!

    Now no coffee, no smoking, and my skin is mostly clear!

    I do think that there is a lot more to this though because I do drink a lot of water with lemon and I take a lot of supplements and exercise. I have also found a lot of different drinks that I like and substitute for those missed cups of coffee.

    I have Green tea at least once a day, and I like a cranberry drink that I make with unfiltered ‘real’ cranberry juice that is as bitter as Hades! I fill a glass 3/4 full with filtered water and add a percentage to the glass that equals 1/4 of the liquid as bitter cranberry, and then I sweeten this with some ‘Stevia’ that I purchased over the web from Canada. The cranberry juice I use is one that is not sweetened at all. NO corn syrup, no apple juice just plain unfiltered cranberry juice that is as I said already quite bitter. The Stevia I use for a sweetener is an herb that has no calories, and this particular one tastes o.k.

    I noticed that TJ’s also has an unsweetened ‘blueberry’ juice. I am planning on getting a bottle to give this one a try. At least I know if it needs to be sweetened I can still avoid sugar and use the Stevia instead.

    I still enjoy a diet coke in the morning as my substitute for coffee because there is a small amount of caffeine in a diet coke but there is not as much caffeine as there is in a cup of coffee. I don’t get ‘hyped’ anymore.

    Here’s my thoughts I posted on Aug. 11:

    Yes, I cut down on coffee because I was ‘running’ on ‘high’ all of the time. Back when I originally cut back on my coffee intake I had not read all the ‘stuff’ about excess Cortisol being related to caffeine. I knew very little about Cortisol back then and I certainly did not know that Cortisol was related to the heavy oil on my skin and the breakouts I was experiencing. Actually all I knew then was that excess Cortisol was probably going to give me a heart attack one day because too much of it in the system is related to this sort of problem. I was so addicted to coffee that I used to drink it all through the day. I would even drink that ‘yuk’ stuff in a coffee machine if I could not get the ‘good stuff.’ I was a coffee addict plus I loved to have a smoke with that cup of coffee. Bad combination!

    After I cut back on coffee my skin did improve. The main thing I can say for sure is that facial oil eased up on me. For several years I continued drinking just a couple of cups a day and this amount seemed to be ok. Then I gave both coffee and cigarettes up, cold turkey.

    Now I drink a cup once in a while like when I need to stay awake.

    Caffeine really affects me now that I don’t get much of it in my diet. Even the caffeine in diet coke can be enough to make me feel ‘nervous’ if I drink more than 2 cans in a day.

  9. Yeah, Im thinking maybe its the coffee too, DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! One of the pleasures i get and i have to break out from it!!!!!!!!! Could anyone suggest something i could take to slowly wein me off coffee so i wont suffer that dreaded withdrawl? Because if i go even two days without it i get this massive headache that wont go away until i have a cup sometimes i can eat some chocolate and that will help but not for long. HELP!!!!!!! I really dont want to give it up i wish there was a way i could have my cake and coffee too! hahahahaha

    Thanks guys!

  10. This is extremely interesting and I think you guys might be interested in a test I did.

    I’ve been on a pretty strict diet for almost 3 months, eating bad stuff only a few times. Well yesterday I was feeling pretty good and went and grabed a coke, loaded with the caffeine.

    This morning, I’ve got at least 4 new zits, and some little bumps. This is the absolute worst breakout I’ve had in 3 months.

    Also note that my situation was pretty controlled. I have been doing the same things for months and I’ve been testing a new food or too per week. This was by far my worst reaction.

    The other thing it could be is sugar, but for me I’ve ruled that out. I’ve been having the sugary lemonade like once a week to test my reaction to sugar, and as far as I can tell I’ve been fine with the sugar. But once I got the caffeine, BAM! Might be something to avoid for sure. Plus caffeine isn’t good for health in general…

  11. 😀 Hi justaguy,
    Doesn’t regular Coke have corn syrup in it?

    Corn syrup breaks a lot of people out too so maybe you should do a test and drink a Diet Coke, which has a little caffeine in it but NO corn syrup then you can be sure it is the caffeine that is causing your problem.

  12. 😀 Hi Popcorn,
    How about a cup of REAL coffee first thing in the morning and for the rest of the day drink some decaf?

    This way your bod could get used to less caffeine over several months. Maybe this would be enough to get rid of the zits? Never know until you give it a try!

    I did cut down slowly before I gave it up completely; actually I did something like this with the cigarettes too. Otherwise I would never have been able to completely quit! Back when I was heavily addicted to coffee I was the same as you are…I would get a terrible headache that would last until I got that first cup of hot, perfectly brewed, wonderful coffee. :yup

    Good luck!

  13. I’ve been trying to wean myself off of the pot of coffee I drink every morning, and this weekend I quit the rest of it cold turkey. While I am now homicidal with a headache that feels like someone is stabbing me in the brain with an icepick–I do have fewer zits. But good lord I want a giant cup of coffee so badly I would almost prefer zits. Almost.

  14. I just love the taste of a coffee mid morning and mid afternoon – 2 cups a day doesn’t break me out at all, but I may try and give it up for a few months since I’m going to quite smoking soon.

    Solomio – what was your quit smoking method?

  15. I don’t know what Solomio’s method was, but I quit using the nicotine patch. It’s hard as hell to quit, but it is well worth it one thousand times over. Good luck with it.

    Two cups doesn’t break you out? I think it does me. It is too soon to tell though.

  16. O.K. smoking.

    Well, I quit more than once and starting up again…

    When I started smoking again it was always when excessive stress got to me, and this was my way of relieving stress. Most of the time I would quit for a week or so. I don’t think that I really wanted to quit though because I did start up again each time.

    Besides I really enjoyed smoking…it is addictive because it makes a person ‘feel good’, and I am like everyone else who gets hooked on tobacco. All of us who get addicted have those ‘receptors’ in our brains that welcome this addiction. I read one time that tobacco receptors in a person’s brain come about if the person is exposed to smoke when they are a toddler or even more likely if one or both of a child’s parents are addicted to tobacco. Both of my parents smoked and both of my brothers smoked.
    That made for a very smoky house for a little child to live in.

    So because of my experience I figured that THE one way FOR ME to finally beat this addiction was to cut down on nicotine and tar over time, and one way to do this was to smoke a brand that had low nicotine and low tar. I think the brand I switched to was ‘Merit?’

    This is what I did for over a year; I smoked this low nicotine, low tar cigarette instead of the regular brand I liked.

    Finally, one day I just stopped smoking!

    I had or might still have a pack of the low nicotine, low tar cigarettes in the glove compartment of my car?

    It is funny but all through the years that I was addicted to cigarettes I always had packs of cigarettes stowed away in different places in the house…just in case! Just in case maybe that something would happen like maybe I would not feel well, run out of cigarettes, and I needed to have those cigarettes stowed away…just in case.

    Well, cold turkey is what I finally did, again, and I stuck with it this time. That was way back in late ’95 or early ’96. I guess it was 2 or 3 years that the craving for a cigarette nearly drove me nuts. But I had that pack in my car and knowing this helped me in some strange way because I knew I could go back to smoking again … if I really wanted to.

    But I wanted to not smoke any more, very, very much!
    God bless you if you want to go the smokeless route ‘cause it is not easy.

  17. Hey gems,

    I tried yesterday to go a WHOLEDAY without any caffiene and that meant chocolate too! I thought i try that before all the goodies tonight=lol But, I couldnt do it! My headache i started to get scared me so i rushed to the coffee machine like a fiended slave! What can i say im whipped like a mocha latte hahahahaha I think i will take the suggestion of a REAL cup of Joe in the am and maybe a decaf in the pm even though i only take one or two cups of real coffee anyway ill try that for a spell. But to my devoted coffee fans i just want to tell you that this experiment doesnt make me a whiss hahahahahah or any less an addict! I will always be 100% addicted!!!!!! hahahaha But for my skins sake i think i must try something!

    My cheeks are red with these little bitty red white and on my nose and forehead. Its a pain in the ass or in my case the cheeks! HAHAHA

  18. WOW SOLOMIO that is hella cool girl and to all of you that stopped smoking or coffee what to go!!!!!!!!! That takes some real WILL power to do!! 😀 😮

  19. Chocolate has very little caffeine, it’s not like drinking coffee.
    I would NEVER give up chocolate.
    NEVER! :mrgreen

  20. Yes, Solomio…that is awesome that you explain your story that way. It really helps put it into perspective and makes it much more real. That is what people who want to quit somethign need…a reality check! And someone they can relate too. Thanks!

    Popcorn, you’ll do alright with your coffee reduction. It will take some time so dont fret. Just cut yourself some slack. Stress is worse than the coffee. Anyways, I went coffee free for awhile, like 2 or 3 months during the summer. Now back again to having several cups a day, cuz I am taking my B5 again and it just makes me so friggin tired. I may switch to green tea but I am never sure if the brand I get is really any good or not. Some folks say the wrong brand (or type) is no good. So I just stick to coffee cuz most everyone agrees it is no good … lol! So at least I know Im drinkin something no good … (sigh)

    ok … have a nice weekend, girls


  21. Solomio – Thanks so much for sharing your story – you really are one cool cookie! 😀

    And like you… I will NEVER give up chocolate, although I try to have the darker chocolate nowadays.

  22. I love DARK CHOCOLATE! I really never liked the other expect maybe a reese cup every now and then! hhahaha and some M&M’s hahahaha

  23. Hey all,
    I got the following article in my mail box from WebMD and thought I would share it with my coffee loving cyber friends.

    Here it is:
    Specialty Coffee’s Caffeine Jolt Varies

    Starbuck’s Coffee Packs Twice as Much Caffeine as Dunkin Donuts’

    By Jennifer Warner
    WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Michael Smith, MD
    on Thursday, October 23, 2003

    Oct. 23, 2003 — The cup of Starbuck’s coffee you drink on your way to work today may have twice as much caffeine as the one you bought yesterday.

    A new study shows the caffeine content of specialty coffee beverages varies widely from day to day as well as from coffee shop to coffee shop.

    Researchers found a medium (16 ounce) cup of the house blend at Starbucks packs an average of 259 milligrams of caffeine compared with only 143 milligrams in the same-sized cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts.

    But the same cup of coffee from a coffee chain such as Starbucks may also have widely varying amounts of caffeine from day to day. Researchers found that the caffeine content of a medium cup Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee purchased from the same shop had caffeine levels ranging from 259 milligrams to 564 milligrams.

    “I don’t think people really know that there is a wide range in (coffee’s) caffeine content,” says researcher Bruce Goldberger, PhD, associate professor at the University of Florida College of Medicine, in a news release. “Our experience with specialty coffee is that it is not consistent.”

    Coffee Drinkers Face Caffeine Chaos

    Researchers say that previous research has shown that the traditional five-ounce cup of coffee has about 85 milligrams of caffeine, and American adults consumed an average of about 200 milligrams of caffeine per day in 1978, with about 75% of that caffeine coming from coffee.

    But this study, published in the October issue of the Journal of Analytical Toxicology, shows that larger coffee cups coupled with widely varying caffeine contents in popular coffees may be increasing American’s caffeine consumption.

    In the study, researchers evaluated the caffeine content of 20 caffeinated and seven decaffeinated specialty coffee and espresso samples from coffee shops in Maryland as well as six samples of Starbucks Breakfast Blend purchased during six consecutive days at a Gainesville, Fla., Starbucks coffee shop.

    They found caffeine levels varied from 58 to 259 milligrams per serving. A single shot of Starbucks espresso had the lowest caffeine content at 58 milligrams, and a medium cup of the coffee chain’s regular brew had the highest with 259 milligrams.

    Even decaf coffee beverages weren’t entirely caffeine-free, but none of the samples contained more than 18 milligrams of caffeine per 16-ounce serving.

    Java’s Caffeine Jolt Varies Naturally

    In a written statement provided by Starbucks, spokeswoman Lara Wyss stated that there are many variables that contribute to caffeine content from cup to cup, such as the type of bean, roasting and brewing methods, and grind.

    Researchers say that means coffee drinkers might have to live with uncertainty when it comes to how much caffeine their getting in their daily joe.

    Caffeine is the world’s most widely consumed drug and enhances performance by increasing alertness and speeding reaction time, but it can also speed up the heart rate and increase blood pressure and anxiety.

    SOURCES: McCusker, R. Journal of Analytical Toxicology, October 2003; vol 27: pp 520-522. News release, University of Florida.

    © 2003 WebMD Inc. All rights reserved.

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