Hot,cold or lukewarm water

I think we’ve probably gone over this before but i just want to get it straight 🙂
When you wash,what is your routine water wise?
I first wash my face in lukewarm water.Then rinse in lukewarm water.Then i kind of stroke my face with the water to get rid of all of the dry,flaky skin and it makes a squeaky clean sound.Then i rinse again with lukewarm water and then rinse with cold water to finish off.What do you think about this?

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6 thoughts on “Hot,cold or lukewarm water

  1. My skin seems to prefer hot water. Not burning hot, a nice kind of hot.

    Ages ago it used to like cooler water. I dunno what changed.


  2. I think you should do what feels right for your skin. Do what feels comfortable. I personally find it gets a bit tight if I use cold water. Using warm water softens it up and makes it feel easier to clean, so it feels.

  3. For me, it’s warm water to open the pores. Then warm to rinse. Apply apple cider vinegar to wet face with cotton pad. Let dry. Now, I usually use a toner afterwards because I don’t think the vinegar tightens the pores. Currently, I’ve run out of my costly toner and making do with cold water, which I feel is doing a good job, so I would soak a cotton pad in cold water and wipe over the face and let dry. I think doing this also helps to wipe away the dead skin that the vinegar would soften and loosen up. I don’t use a towel/flannel at any time. Too irritating for my skin and acne.

  4. For me its luke warm water then rinse in cold water. Luke warm to kinda open the pores and the cold to invigorate then close the pores….Its about what works for you and what your skin can tolerate.


  5. lukewarm for me as well. I rinse with lukewarm water first then apply the cleanser and then with a damp cotton pad I take the cleanser off wiping over face until all is gone. And thats about. Funny but if I dotn wipe with the damped cotton pad I can get zits! Im not sure why that happens but its the only way to go for me. Perhaps its my face cannt stand cleanser residue or is it that without wiping the face with the cotton pad, dirt still remain on the pores. Not sure..

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