Chest and Blackheads

Hey thought id post this while i remember cos i keep thinking of things that im gonna post and always forget them!

Ok…You probably all know that i’ve been having problems with my back and chest lately, (cos i’ve publicised it, 😀 ) and that this is a new thing cos my skin on my back and chest used to be PERFECT (up until about 2 months ago). Anyway, i just realised that theyre not actually SPOTS on my chest; theyre blackheads. Which i squeeze and mess with and then they turn into nasty red lumpy things that end up looking like spots. If i didnt mess with them then i know it would look ten thousand times better, so i’ll try. However, i just wondered what exactly can be causing blackheads all of a sudden on my chest? They literally appeared over night, or a least a couple of nights and its really bugging me now. I’ve always used neutrogena clear pore body wash with a back scrub thing. How do i get rid of them?!! Why are they here?!

lilnat :angel

PS – Tried the olive oil thing on them and i cant be sure but i actually think it made them worse 😕

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2 thoughts on “Chest and Blackheads

  1. I had this same eproblem when I was younger, but I grew out of it and all of my body acne was gone around age 22 or so; however, when I did have the problem, I kept it under control with retin-a. It is a little too strong for my face, but for the body, where the skin is thicker, I would just apply a thick layer to all the trouble spots and wait for it to dry before going to bed. I always felt that if I had a layer of product on then I wouldn’t mess with the blackheads or pimples as much. Continue this process for about three days or so- then the retin-a will dry out the skin and cause it to flake off like a sunburn- gross, but the good thing is that a lot of the dirt and gunk will flake off too and leave you with clearer skin. Just try not to mess with it in the peeling stage because the new skin under the flakes will be tender. Also, if you’re a girl, try to see if the blackheads always occur where your bra straps or cups are. If this is the case, wear a clean bra everyday and don’t sleep in one or wear one after you workout. Try to go braless whenever possible if you’re just lying around the house.

    If this doesn’t work, you will probably need to talk to your derm and find something stronger or get an oral medication.

    Also, try taking a long bath in epsom salts twice a week- the salinity of the water will help to kill any bacteria that might infect the blackheads.

    Good luck and try not to mess with them!


  2. Hey thanks for replying clare!

    I just couldnt understand why it was blackheads all of a sudden rather than spots!
    I can say though that practically the only place they dont occur is were my bra is! My bra washing technique must be good! hehe :lol

    lilnat :angel

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