Candida??? Feeling Better

Hey all I Ithink I have Candida as you all may know. Anyway I really dont think my skin looks better but from eating a strict diet past 3 days and nothing candida-enducing (except coffee) I feel like less lethargic and depressed… does this make any sense to anyone? Lemme know, thanks!

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  1. Franky, you’re not gonna notice anything after 3 days. Plus, if you’re releasing toxins, sometimes your skin will actually get worse for a few days.

    Give it some time. Two weeks should tell you.

  2. :cry It was in early ’96 that I saw an allergist who diagnosed me to have Intestinal Candidasis.

    He wrote me a prescription for Paddock Nystatin, which is Nystatin in a powder form. I had to mix the Nystatin with water and drink it. He gave me a strict diet to follow. He gave me the name of a book: The Yeast Syndrome by John Parks Trowbridge, M.D. and Morton Walker, D.P.M., and told me to obtain a copy, and read so I could really understand what was happening to me.

    When I first saw the doctor I had severe allergy, depression, exhaustion, acne, problems with foods like potatoes, bread etc… because these foods gave me terrible gas, and I had a white coat on my tongue all the time, which is the form of Candida called Thrush. I had gone to this doctor because I had also recently developed severe Asthma. The Thrush was one of the main causes of the Asthma attacks. This doctor told me that I had all the classic symptoms of Intestinal Candidasis.

    It is hard to test for this condition because we all have Candida within our bodies the problems start when the Candida grows out of control at the wrong time in our lives. The doctor explained that when we get very old, and are ready to die Candida is supposed to start to grow and take over our bodies. It is a part of the decomposing of our bodies when we die!

    I did not get well in 2 weeks. It took months for me to get well. Six months after doing everything he told me to do, plus I also took Caprylic Acid and Pau d Arco, which I learned about from reading the book he told me to read, I finally got control of the Asthma, and my skin improved quite a bit. I felt more like myself again.

    The doctor told me that the years of antibiotics I had been taking plus my exposure to dark room chemicals at my workplace were contributing to my problem. I also had horrible stress from my job, and from family problems. The stage was set for Candida to take over my body.

    Up to this point in my life when I got the Asthma my vitamin/herb supplementation was on the straight and narrow path meaning that I only took the vitamins that everyone seemed to be taking and I took them in small doses except for vitamin C, which I was taking 1 to 3 grams every day. I am thankful that I was taking that much vitamin C because it probably saved me from being much sicker. I also occasionally took a large dose of vitamin A because a health professional had advised me to do this because of the stress. I was taking low doses of multiple B vitamins, a gram of calcium daily plus some magnesium, and a low dose of zinc, 15mg daily. I believe that I did not take enough vitamins at this time of my life to counteract all the stresses I was going through. I have always been on the thin side, and do not eat a lot so I do not load up on nutrients in this way either. I did not know about probiotics or digestive enzymes at this time, and their importance in keeping healthy. I just plain did not know about many of the supplements that I take today!

    The book, The Yeast Syndrome, has pages of doctor’s names who know about this syndrome. I don’t think it is common knowledge in the medical community that candida can and does go crazy in the intestinal tract and will cause acne among many other diseases. My acne did settle down a lot from doing the treatment. I have had the candida flare up on me at various times since then due to stress, and have had to get a prescription for Nystatin again, and also then I take Pau d Arco and Caprylic Acid plus probiotic etc…

    I am going to include a web site that I found this morning that is a link to the company that manufactures Nystatin. I know that a prescription for Nystatin costs around a $100 for a small bottle if you have to pay for it yourself at a drugstore. I do not know what this company charges for it if you order it over the web.

    I think you might be able to get the book from Amazon. It is possible that it is not in print right now but sometimes they can obtain books like this one.

    Good Luck!

    PS It took a lot of me emotionally to write this post. At the time I had the severe Intestinal Candida I thought I was dying because I felt so terrible all the time! I had forgotten about that time until I saw Frank’s post ,and then I remembered, and felt that I needed to try to help by telling my story. Maybe I should change my signature verse at the end of my post to read, There’s Always A Tomorrow!, because I really believe that no matter how horrible life can be there is always hope as long as we are still alive and kicking!

  3. Solomio….you misunderstood me. Franky’s original post stated that he didn’t think that he was seeing any improvement in his complexion by eliminating certain foods after 3 days! I was only responding to that and that alone.

    But let me add that at least you doctor knew what the heck he was doing! Most doctors don’t even acknowledge candida can overgrow and cause health problems! And these derms that keep people on them indefinately oughta have some hefty lawsuits filed against them! 😡 They are killing people.

  4. Hi Denise1
    I understood that Frank thinks he might have Intestinal Candida.
    I was responding to that idea from him not your post.

    I had a really bad experience with Candida, and know that it is not what a lot of people think it is. If you mention Candida to most doctors they only think about female vaginal Candida, or Thrush that attacks babies or some other minor problem. They do not have any idea that Candida can cause so much trouble for adults both male and female. They do not have a clue that Candida can and does grow in the intestines at a terrible rate when people are stressed or exposed to chemicals, and from this position in the body it can play a big part in the cause of acne as well as a lot of other diseases.

    If you can get a copy of the book I mentioned you will know why I responded.

  5. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on candidia lately and I’m also wondering if I have it, too. A lot of the symptoms match mine and I’ve recently been on huge megadoses of antibiotics for a severe oral infection. I was even getting IV antibiotics during the early stages of my treatment! While the oral infection is gone, I did notice that since then I’ve had more yeast infections (female) and am a lot more tired. Acne has stayed about the same though. How can I tell if I have candidia overgrowth and how can I fight this without an rx? I have no insurance…

    Thank you for any help!

  6. Denise1,
    You’re right about not many doctors knowing about Intestinal Candida. If I had not gone to that particular doctor I doubt I would have ever been diagnosed correctly!

    The Dermatologist I was seeing for my skin problem just did not accept that Candida had played a part in my skin problem. You are right about the toxins too…Candida does its damage by releasing the toxins. I guess you could think of the toxins as Candida poop. I know that sounds gross but it is the most descriptive way I can think of describing what Candida does in the body. Candida eats our food and then it poops its waste products into our bodies! When I went through the die off period the Candida got very angry and my skin got worse and my Asthma got worse too. The die off lasted a couple of weeks. I have had Candida try to start up again but now that I am aware of what it is, and its symptoms I start with the Pau d Arco and the Caprylic Acid right away. I overdose a bit because I am so afraid of that problem grabbing me again!

  7. 😀 Hi Pamamaco,
    Try to get the book The Yeast Syndrome. This book has a section in it that goes into how to recognize you have Candida overgrowth. There are also yeast control recipes.
    If you should ever want to go to a doctor you should call first and find out if they recognize this syndrome. Many doctors do not.
    The doctor who treated me is an Allergist and a Nose and Throat Surgeon. He is bi-cultural, and practices in the United States, and also teaches and practices in Mexico. He is not an Internist or GP or Dermatologist. I think I was just plain lucky that I went to this person!

    Another route you could take is to treat it yourself. You could buy Caprylic Acid and Pau d’Arco, and include them in your diet. The book I mentioned has a diet in it that is helpful to get rid of the Candida overgrowth. It also lists foods and their allergy potential. You might want to do detox to clean out your system. There are a lot of experts in that area on this board who would help you. If you want to try Nystatin it is available on the website that I posted earlier today. I don’t think that detox alone will kill the Candida overgrowth.
    Good Luck!

  8. Thanks a lot for the info on Candidia- I’m going to look for the book on amazon and ebay.

    I found a web site about Candidia that mentioned the Caprylic acid and pao’d arco (sp?). They also mentioned olive oil as a good addition to a yeast fighting diet.

    Solomio, how did your skin improve after the die off phase? Was there a noticable difference in your acne?


  9. Hi Clair and guest,
    My breakouts were nasty when the Candida overgrowth was the at its peak. After I got it under control my Asthma disappeared for a long time, and my skin cleared up but I still had some non-inflamed bumps on the outer cheek area. I still had slight inflamation on my nose. I guess you could say that I improved a whole lot.

    The Asthma hits me when I get a bad cold now.

    The Candida has tried to come back on me, and I fight it off every time. When it tries to get going again I get short of breath and feel bloated. My face breaks out with inflamed pimples in a couple of places but they do not last very long.

    I take a lot of supplements every day, and I watch my diet. I have recentily had a problem with wheat, which my digestive enzymes did not help me with, and today after thinking about my past problems with Candida I am wondering if the Candida might be trying to get going again. I also have an inflamed pimple on my right temple.

    I think it is time to start taking Caprylic Acid and Pau d’ Arco again!

    I read your reply Clair, before I posted this reply. Yes, Olive Oil is the best oil to use in salads and in cooking. It is expensive to fry with but I do fry chicken in it because it is the best tasting chicken in the world fried that way. I remove the chicken skin and when I am not having a problem with wheat I use a little flour to coat the chicken, and then I fry it with just enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan. I use olive oil just about every day. It is supposed to be good for the heart too!

  10. Solomio….I knew about candida overgrowth about 12 years ago. I have that book and three others.

    I mentioned in another thread here that I had arthritis so bad at age 25 in my right hand I couldnt’ open a door. It’s totally normal now.

    I was making reference to the fact that you said that after two weeks you can’t kill all the candida. I understand everything you wrote as I did my first “kill the beast within” 12 years ago. I was just answering his assertion that after 3 days of eliminating certain foods, that you get some kind of miracle in your skin.

    That’s totally unreasonable and highly unlikely, with anyone.

    In any event, it’s good to know our bodies. I found out about candida when a friend of mine was doing a candida die out cleanse and told me about it. So I got that book and “The Yeast Connection”, also. Then I got some no-yeast cookbooks as well.

    Anyway, I’m glad that you had a doctor that believed you. These derms really should be held accountable for putting people on antibiotics indefinately.

    I was on them for 11 years straight!!!! 😮 :eek :shock :crazyeyes :crazyeyes :puppydogeyes

    No wonder I had so many toxins in my body and such bad arthritis….SHEESH.

  11. .
    Thank you for bumping up this thread, I am sure that Ivanca will find the information to be helpful to overcoming Candida overgrowth.

    It’s hard to believe that it is over a year since this particular thread was created!

    Frank Y, if you are out there in the great cyber mist, thank you for your contributions to this board, and if you see fit it would be nice to read you back in action. It would be nice to know what is happening in your life these days.

    Frank, it was your posts about using lemon juice on your face, the type of lemon juice that is preserved with sulfur, that got me to thinking about how Sulfur has microbial action killing off bacteria both on the surface of the skin, inside the body, and might also be capable of killing off viral infection inside the body. Also, Candida overgrowth could be ‘cut back’ by ingesting supplements and veggies that contain organic Sulfur.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid and MSM are Sulfurs.
    Sulforaphane, that is present in certain vegetables, is also organic, natural sulfur. I recommend that anyone who has a Candida infection add all three of these sulfurs to his or her diet to help eliminate Candida overgrowth. I still also recommend that Caprylic acid and Pau d ‘Arco be taken to keep Candida overgrowth down to a more normal level.

    ***(I no longer take Caprylic acid and I no longer take Pau d’Arco now because I do NOT have a Candida overgrowth anymore. But I did take both of these things for a very long time while I had the terrible Candida overgrowth. Both of these supplements really helped to keep the Candida down to a more manageable level. The addition of the Sulfurs seems to have finished killing off the Candida overgrowth that I used to suffer from!)***

    If you don’t already know about Sulforaphane then do a search on Sulforaphane on this board. The search feature is located above this post, on the left side of the page. Plug my name into the slot where it is indicated to put in a name.

    I am very healthy these days. No Candida any more! I get very few pimples now. I was not sick last winter and this winter I have not been sick! I believe that the addition of the 3 sulfurs, 2 from supplement and 1 from eating more of a certain vegetable family has really helped make my life much better. Also, I have not had an Asthma attack for a very long time…close to 2 years now since the last bad attack. There are other factors involved too that contributed to getting rid of the Asthma problem, such as adding a very small additional magnesium supplement.

    Well, Frank, thank you for putting me onto the idea that Sulfurs kill off microbes. I believe that I was already taking ALA and MSM when I read your post that told how the Sulfur preserved lemon juice you were using was killing off acne bacteria. I had originally learned about ALA from Maya, about 2 years ago, and then it was Dr. Perricone’s lectures on PBS that put me onto the benefits of supplementing with MSM. It was later on that I read about Sulforaphane also being Sulfur, and that Sulforaphane has been proved to kill of h. Pylori, the bacteria that have been proved to cause stomach cancer. Any organic Sulfur that will kill h. Pylori, will keep Candida at a safer level in the system.

    Can you imagine that, an easily available family of vegetables, that are available in many supermarkets around the world, contains a powerful anti-microbial organic chemical…Sulfur.

    Eating veggies that contain Sulforaphane, taking a small supplement of ALA and another of MSM appears to be a very safe way to maintain good health, which includes clearer skin.

    Solomio – moderator

    P.S. Please do not be afraid of eating veggies that contain Sulforaphane and destroy h. Pylori.

    Helicobacter Pylori is an invading microbe.
    Your body knows the difference between invading microbes, and the ‘natural, good friendly’ bacteria that are supposed to live in your digestive tract. They are NOT the same.

    Sulforaphane will NOT harm the ‘good friendly’ bacteria that live in your digestive tract.

    The only thing that destroys the ‘good’ bacteria in your system is the overuse of antibiotics.

    That is WHY overuse of antibiotics causes Candida bacteria to ‘get out of control’ in the digestive tract.

    Just read what Candida overgrowth did to Denise…if she had not figured out what was wrong with herself, she could have ended up with the arthritis getting much worse instead of getting better.


  12. I think I might have this as well… I have been doing a lot of research about it and after breaking out extremely badly for the past 2 months as well as having numerous yeast infections I’m determined to find the answer to what is causing it. I took antibiotics for acne for four years straight and many sites say that this can cause candida overgrowth. In all of the sites I have been to they say that starting birth control can flare candida and I started taking birth control 2 months ago. My acne has been out of control ever since. I have also been very lax about my diet for the past couple of months as well, eating lots of sugar and tons and tons of fruit which I find out now can flare candida. I took an at home test and it came up positive, not sure if it is reliable but the questionaire I took also said I had candida. Tomorrow I am going to change my diet and start looking into the supplements you were talking about Solomio. I hope that this will help me not only with my acne and yeast infections but also with all of the neurological side effects I think this is causing- depression, anxiety, lack of concentration… should I go to a doctor about this or just stick to the diet and supplements- would it be best to seek professional advice before deciding that this is what I have? From the symptoms I have described does it sound like I might have this? I desperate not only to end my acne but also the mental fog I’ve been in for the past couple of years!

  13. i was 4 months on erythromycin and 9 months later was on 6 months of minocycline. I do see dry patches on my thighs….how do i eliminate them? i mean do i have to go to the other extreme to control this i-think-it’s-yeast problem?

    I am taknig 4gm vit c, 45g elemental zinc, 200mg B complex. is that enuff? Would spirulina help?
    Dutch Cooking

  14. I would try taking some of the sulfur-stuff Solomio has mentioned. MSM, ALA and broccoli…

    DD 8)

  15. Here is something I posted on an earlier thread.

    “I would say one of the most important things to cut out regardless is SUGAR- it is a silent killer and studies have shown that people with acne are not able to break down glucose as well as others. Try taking supplements- chromium, selenium, zinc, MSM, ALA, vitamin A, E, and a multi. Those are just some of the supplements you can take, I would also suggest that you take Milk Thistle because it helps to protect the liver and taking a bunch of supplements has the potential to harm the liver, especially if it is already unhealthy.

    You should also eat a lot of fiber, studies have shown that people with acne improved quite dramatically when more fiber was introduced in their diet. You don’t have to get fiber from wheat if you are allergic to it, you can also get it from veggies, fruits, other grains, legumes, and if you still have trouble getting enough fiber try taking guar gum, pectin, or psyillium husk capsules.

    Aside from food allergies you might also have an overgrowth of candida, which is common in people who have taken antibiotics for extended periods of time. DO NOT TAKE ANTI’S if you can help it because I took them for three years and they made me get an overgrowth of candida albicans, a natural yeast that lives in our intestinal flora. I would put candida in the search engine and it will pull up a lot of information. These are some of symptoms of Candida-

    1. Intolerance of perfumes, odors, fumes, fabric shop odors and tobacco smoke.
    2. Complaints that worsen in damp, muggy or moldy places.
    3. Athletes’ foot, jock itch, fungal infections on the skin or nails.
    4. Craving for sugar, bread or alcohol.
    5. Prostitis or vaginitis.
    6. Diarrhea.
    7. Constipation.
    8. Abdominal distention, bloating or pain.
    9. Gas or flatulence.
    10. Rectal itching or rash.
    11. Colic.
    12. Diaper rash.
    13. Vaginal itch, burning or persistent infections.
    14. Kidney, bladder infections.
    15. Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder with possible infection).
    16. Sinus infections.
    17. Joint pain or swelling.
    18. Acne.
    19. Hives.
    20. Rashes.
    21. Itching skin.
    22. Eczema.
    23. Psoriasis.
    24. Loss of sex drive.
    25. Impotence.
    26. Fatigue.
    27. Feeling drained.
    28. Memory loss.
    29. Feeling spaced out.
    30. Numbness, burning or tingling.
    31. Muscle aches.
    32. Muscle pains.
    33. Flu-like symptoms.
    34. Endometriosis (irregular or painful menstruation).
    35. Cramps or menstrual irregularities.
    36. P.M.S.
    37. Spots in front of eyes.
    38. Erratic vision.
    39. Drowsiness.
    40. Irritability or jitteriness.
    41. Mood swings.
    42. Depression.
    43. Suicidal feelings.
    44. Headaches.
    45. Hypoglycemia.
    46. Feeling of swelling and tingling in the head.
    47. Heartburn.
    48. Indigestion.
    49. Belching.
    50. Intestinal gas.
    51. Mucus in the stools.
    52. Hemorrhoids.
    53. Dry mouth.
    54. Sores or blisters in the mouth.
    55. Bad breath.
    56. Nasal congestion.
    57. Nasal discharge.
    58. Nasal itching.
    59. Post nasal drip.
    60. Sore or dry mouth.
    61. Sore or dry throat.
    62. Cough.
    63. Pain or tightness in the chest.
    64. Wheezing or shortness of breath.
    65. Asthmatic symptoms.
    66. Burning or itching eyes.
    67. Burning on urination.
    68. Ear pain.
    69. Ear aches.
    70. Ear discharges.
    71. Painful intercourse.
    72. Food allergies or food reactions.
    73. Hayfever.
    74. General allergies.
    75. Thrush.
    76. Hair loss.

    Here is a self-test you can take to see if your symptoms are yeast-related

    There are a variety of different symptoms as you can see (this is because the candida has spread allover the body and is affecting multiple organ systems), and people don’t share the same ones, candida overgrowth will produce different symptoms in different people, particularly where your body is already weak. (in our case, definitely our skin is suffering)

    If you feel like you might have this you need to make specific dietary changes and perhaps seek medical advice. I scored a 261 on the self-test and apparently if you score over an 80 your symptoms are most-likely yeast related.

    Solomio and Denise are good people to contact if you think that you might have this, both of them had this and have helped themselves considerably with diet changes and certain supplements. It is definitely something to look into. I am starting my new diet changes this week and I will keep you informed of what happens.

    If you don’t think that you have Candida you are probably suffering from toxins in your body and you need to do a liver cleanse and you need to make modifications in your diet.

    Good luck and keep us updated on your progress- I’ll try to let you guys know how I’m doing with my liver cleanse and new diet program.”

    “Kelly I would definitely look into it. You have mentioned on here before that you feel depressed and that is one of the main symptoms of Candida overgrowth. If you scored that high you probably need to modify your diet. If the diet doesn’t help I would see a homeopathic doctor. (Most “regular” doctors don’t know a lot about it, probably because they prescribe all of the antibiotics that cause this!)) The books I have been reading say that salad dressings, even vinegrettes (sp?) have yeast and should be avoided. ( try garlic and olive oil instead) This is the diet I have been following, and I haven’t noticed improvement yet but it has only been 3 days. Apparently you need to change your diet until your symptoms are gone, which can be anywhere from 3 months to a year. And that is only if you follow a strict diet and keep up with taking your supplements. If I were you I would either buy or get this book from your library. It’s the one that most people suggest. It’s called “The Yeast Connection” by William G. Crook.
    One thing interesting I’ve learned from research is that people with Candidas crave sugar and carbohydrates. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t go through the day without sugar even when I really really want to stop. Chromium supplements can help stop the sugar cravings.

    Here is the diet I’m on:
    1. Avoiding refined sugar, including sucrose and fructose. – Sugars weaken the immune system. And Candida loves sugar! If you want to get well, you can’t feed these little yeasties. That means no sweets and a limitation of all carbohydrates. Also be aware of desserts that say sugar-free. They often contain fructose. If you take a little bit of extra chromium your sugar cravings should decrease somewhat.

    2. Limiting my intake of fresh fruit to one serving per day of only the following fruits- apples, blueberries, and other berries, cherries, and pears.

    3. Avoiding all canned and frozen juices.

    4. Avoiding milk and all of its products, except for butter. Milk sugars, like other sugars, promote yeast growth.

    5. Limiting my servings of wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn, rice, potatoes, and millet to about one-half to one cup per meal. Only eating whole grains, refined grains have more sugar. I’m also trying to stay away from wheat… just to see if I might be allergic to it.

    6. Limiting intake of yeast and molds, which are found in commercial breads, rolls, and most crackers. yeast-free breads can be purchased at many health food stores.

    7. Avoiding beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.

    8. Avoiding salad dressings, vinegars, pickles, sauerkraut, relishes, green olives, commercial soups, potato chips, and dry-roasted nuts (you can eat nuts still in their shell, nuts outside their shell typically have mold growing on them).

    9. Making sure that vitamin supplements do not contain yeast

    10. Avoid peanuts and peanut butter because of their high content of aflatoxins, a carcinogenic mold.

    11. Include generous amounts of garlic in your diet as it has anti-fungal properties. I buy odorless garlic capsules from the health food store.

    12. Use the spices ginger and cinnamon and the herbs thyme and rosemary in your foods as they contain very powerful anti-candida agents.

    13. Avoid herbal teas because of molds.

    14. I would also suggest doing a 3 day liver cleanse. I went on a juice fast and although weak during it, after the three days were over and I went back to eating regular food my skin looked better and I felt more energetic than before the juice fast .

    Foods that can be eaten generously include all vegetables (except for those specified) legumes, fish, poultry, lean meat, seeds, and nuts.

    I don’t eat meat so that limits my options but I was a vegan already so avoiding dairy and meat is something I’m already good at. It doesn’t sound like you can eat a lot on this diet but if you like veggies you’re okay. I eat a lot of steamed vegetables and then I have my serving of whole grains with each meal. I like to eat nuts for snacks. I don’t know if you are willing to go to these extremes to improve the overgrowth but if you suspect that you only have a mild case I’m sure if you at least stay away from sugar, dairy, and commercial yeasts you will be fine as long as you take the supplements.

    Here are the recommended supplements I take-

    Vitamin B6
    fiber supplements (guar gum, pectin, or psyllium seeds)
    milk thistle- to help the liver and prevent toxicity from all of these supplements, it is a really good thing to take besides)
    cyprilic acid- this is the major candida fighter
    pau d’arco- this is also the major candida fighter
    odorless garlic capsules
    spirullina (I think that’s how it is spelled, but it’s wheat grass, oddly enough, people with wheat sensitivities can eat this)

    I think that Solomio said she was using Nystatin to help her but I think you have to get it with prescription. Since I think I must have a mild case of this I’m not going to see a doctor unless i feel that I’m not improving on my diet after a few months. I think that you can also get Nystatin on the internet but it’s expensive $52.00. I’ve already spent so much money on supplements that I’ll have to try that if I my diet doesn’t seem to be helping.

    I hope all of this helped a little bit. I don’t remember the sites I went to to look up candida but the Yeast Connection book is helpful.”

  16. Danish dude is right- Solomio said that taking sulfur supplements was what truly helped her to fight off candida overgrowth for good.

  17. I was just on ZiTHROMATH to help a sinus infection..
    reminded me that my skin ALWAYS got WORSE after antibiotic regimes.

    so, now my skin is bad again – even w. my “usual” B5 dosage –
    I’m going to try the MSM..
    Knowing that is (MSM) is a “sulpher” also reminds me of how an antibiotic “Sulfamethoxyzole’ REALLY cleared my skin – But – it gave me a rash…
    so, they said I must be allergic to that.

    I’m trying 1,500 mg MSM per day to start.

    thanks to all for the info!

  18. I have been readin about candida….and I think i have it too…since my acne seems to flare up after i eat a lot of carbohydrates which candida eats….on…I saw a thich white film in my toungue this morning after eating a lot of junk food yesturday. my questions are the following..:

    I have been reading about how candida feasts on sugar. Candida lives in the intestines right. It feeds on sugar, right. We are suppose to take their food away to kill it, right? But what I was thinking, would all sugars feed the candida in the intestines? Lest take for example a fruit juice, would that feed candida? I know its sugar, but it doesn’t stay in the instestines so why would it feed candida? fruit juices go straight to the blood since they are digested very quickly. Isn’t the undigested particles that candida lives on? If the undigested particles is what candida lives on, then wouldn’t it make sense to eat fruit instead of brown rice? Fruit has enzymes and will there fore have a faster digestion rate then grains correct, since grains have lost all their enzymes since you have cooked them. I’m confused about what foods to eat since I dont know how exactly candida eats and survies. Does candida also feast on undigested protein or fat?

  19. FYI –
    If Nystatin is expensive & you need a prescription…
    Try GARLIC – on-line recently I saw someone say to take -600-900mg of GARLIC 3x/day to get rid of candida.

    I recently tried the garlic & I am definitely experienceing the “die-off” got very achey…but my sinus/head cold is going away….
    (recenlty the Mayo Clinic did a study which states that most sinus infections are caused by “fungus” – like candida).

    Has anyone used a product “ThreeLac” ?
    I Googled “candida, sinus, infection” & got TONs of ads on this product ($65.oo/2mo supply)…


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