To Solomio and Others on Liver Detox

I was reading some of the people’s past posts on Liver detox, and read that people like Solomio take Milk Thistle for liver aiding….I’m really considering this as I’ve been on antibiotics couple times before for acne, and was on accutane as well….and these obviously had a negative impact on my liver…milk thistle may also help me in getting it to 100% skin?? (maybe)

I have some following questions:
1) Is Milk Thistle considered 1 of the best liver tonics or smthing? which other ones have people tried that gives good results??

2) (Since I’m considering Milk Thistle, I’ll just speak of that) How long do we take it for? I mean, do you do liver detox for a certain period of time and stop? or do u just continue to take it forever? and do u just follow the recommended direction on the bottle?

3) Which Milk thistle is good? I’ve heard of the most common one – Silymarin. also heard of Phytosome – Siliphos. Those of u taking Milk thistle, which form do u use?

4) Is Milk thistle good, in a way, for those times when u didn’t have the best mea?…I mean, it helps the liver to balance and get rid of the toxins… so I would assume, those of us (for example) who cannot tolerate wheat can get some relief from taking Milk Thistle when having one occasionally?

5) Lastly, please give me ur overall thought of this. Do you think this should be added to our Supplement regimen (I’m speaking for those of us who went thru antibiotic phases and accutanes, thus, with weaker livers)??

Thanks a bunch in advance! any input would b greatly appreciated!

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