Has anyone started the lasercare iclear trial at 144 harley street?

I had my phone nicked so I haven’t been contacted if the trial has started…


has anyone done iclear? any good?

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9 thoughts on “iclear

  1. I had my first iclear treatment (of 8 over 4 weeks) on the trial at lasercare last Monday.

    Apparently it takes 6 treatments before you notice the difference.

    It’s just for acne not scars.

    Anyone else doing this trial (apparently there’s 10 people in total doing it)?

  2. ye i had mine on monday also
    having the next one on friday

    did u get that bottle of glycolic acid too? how sexy is that silver bottle. lol

    this iclear thing looks so promising

    i think iv almost completly outgrown my acne, but i still get like 1 pimple a day,
    im hoping this iclear thing will get rid of all the bacteria under my skin, so i can get on with getting rid of the red marks 😀

    good luck

  3. ye I’m in the same situation as you with my skin.

    Ye the 10% glycolic they give you, that’s gonna last forever cos I only use a tiny bit.

  4. did u read the sheet of paper they gave u?

    It sais to wash the face with a 2% Sylicilic acid face wash in the day and apply the glycolic acid at night
    it sounds like the acne cure, but instead of Bp they use the light!! lol

    but anyway, whenever i put glycolic acid on my face i break out 🙁
    i really dont wanna use it.. why do they want us to put the glycolic acid on our face? what purpose does it have alongside the light therapy?!?!?!
    i dont understand

  5. Ye I have broken out as a result of the glycolic. I guess it’s a free trial so you just gotta follow the rules and see what happens.

  6. im not gonna use the glycolic
    i been using it since monday, and yesterdayi broke out
    didnt use it last night and things are better now

    i went on the companys website (iclear) and read the trials the company did, and they stopped ALL acne medication 4 weeks b4 the iclear and didnt use anything while doing the trial
    so i dunno why this clinic wants us to use the glycolic
    im not gonna use it, and i dont tend to tell them that im not using it either

  7. Reza I expect the reason that on the trials curelight did they ensured patients hadn’t used any other acne treatments for 4 weeks prior to iclear was because they wanted to show it was their laser doing the good. These were for trials to be documented for press and sale of their laser and so they had to be carried out properly.

    Whereas this iclear trial is to see if it works for the clinic, and if they are going to give the glycolic to people to use with iclear if they buy the laser than it is fine to give it to us for the trial.

    I have broken out, but I think it’s the laser cos I have a big spot on my neck (where laser hit) but I didn’t use any glycolic there.

    But I was using glycolic before the trial (a few percent less than the iclear glycolic) so maybe my skin is used to it.

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