Wheat Bread Substitution

Hey guyz,
I REALLY miss bread 🙁 I found these bread at my local Asian store and had some questions. They were all wheat-free, organic bread…but the first thing the ingredient lists: whole kernel rye…is that ok to eat?? I was told by Jim (author of acne-free.com) that eating whole grains are ok??….also, what is SPELT?? this bread also had no wheat, organic…but said Spelt. Please gimme some thoughts here! thnx, by the way…these bread are almost blackish in color :crazyeyes, I thought that was kinda funky! lol!

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9 thoughts on “Wheat Bread Substitution

  1. Spelt bread is excellent – I bake it myself :mrgreen .. it’s nuttier than wheat, more protein and fibre than wheat and very digestable… but if your are on a gluten free diet/low carb diet, you can’t have spelt, otherwise, it’s great!

  2. well I believe oats have a little gluten in it (right?) and I have oats quite a lot…maybe not everyday but every other day or so…I dunno if that contributes to my little bumps..still experimenting….but I think I wanna try this spelt bread then 🙂

  3. Here in the states I can buy Rice Bread. It is kinda spendy but a good alternative to wheat bread. You gotta get used to the taste, though. But I like it.

    Sometimes I will buy some whole grain wheat bread, about once every couple months, when I get the urge. It’s the kind that is made with very few ingredients and has no hydrogenated oils. Look for that if you want to buy good wheat-based bread.

    Hi Maya 🙂 I cant ever find any spelt bread. There are so few natural health stores around my parts. You got a recipe??? Then I could buy the ingredients online and make some myself.

    Russell :mrgreen

  4. Mickey;do oats have gluten in???!!!??? I thought they were o.k and i have them for breakfast everyday!!! :crazyeyes

  5. Kelly!!
    I know exactly how u feel, as I love oats too and I used to have them ALMOST everyday :puppydogeyes But I’m still trying to find out ‘coz I bought a huge bulk of oatmeal box last week (from wholesale) and now I’m wondering if I should return them or not….actually, I’m gonna try them in a day or two, and then see if I break out (it takes me a few days after consuming the food to see if it has any bad effect on me)…so I’ll let u know….I dunno, I heard some people can take it, but others said the opposite …keep our fingers crossed! lol

  6. Kelly,
    forgot to ask u this, u said u’r eating oatmeal everyday….so, do you get breakouts?? or are u clear? maybe ur system can take the oatmeal (I was told it has a small amount of gluten compared to other grains, like wheat)….

  7. I’m not clear,Mickey;unfortunetely :roll I’m on the accutane though so that the treatment i doing for my skin,although i do try to stick to a dairy,wheat and sugar-free diet just in case.I just hope oats aren’t bad because i don’t know what i’d have for breakfast otherwise.How did you find out oats had gluten in?It’s just i thought most people on here thought they were fine for us 😕

  8. Ok…..so spelt is fine…what about Whole Kernel Rye?? is that stuff ok?? its organic and wheat-free.

    Hey Kelly,
    i just heard a few people mention it, that oats indeed has gluten in it, but its not much compared to wheat so many ppl can get away with it…Maybe its not a big deal……

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