Please tell me Decaf coffee with a teeensie wee bit of cream is ok… please I cannot give this up :puppydogeyes

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37 thoughts on “Coffee??!!??!!….PLEASE

  1. Hrmm i dont see it as being a very bad thing… I think you should be fine… Cream is better than milk and its all on a how much you drink basis anyways.

  2. Thanks Nomad I usually Have 1-2 cups a day rarely to never any more than that. Basically 1 before work/school and 1 with one of my buddies or lady freidn for a late night Dunkin Donuts run haha…. bye the way.. those new Scones are innncreadible…. but of course I may not endulge anymore 😕

  3. I’m like you franky, cant give up my 2 or 3 coffees a day. I take my coffee with milk and sugar though.

    Nomad why is cream better than milk?

    Anyway, i dont know if the coffee is doing my skin harm, though i really dont think so, i cant live without it anyway! maybe i’ll substitute the sugar for honey. I use honey when im at home but cant do that when im drinking coffee at a cafe.

    I dont think you shuld give it up. We cant give up all the things we enjoy in life!

  4. Well I dont know much about this cream coffee thing but I remember Amelia sista who was telling about some cream for coffee that was breaking her out.

  5. What’s wrong with coffee?? Is it the creamer that no one likes? What up?? Granted I haven’t had coffee in a while, but I do enjoy a good cup. Do you all know something I don’t?

    Personally, I think you can drink moderate amounts of anything as long as you make water your #1 liquid (I try to drink 1.5 litres a day).

    Or am I sticking my nose into an on-going thing??


  6. I love coffee, but yeesh….it breaks me out horribly!!!! 😮 :crazyeyes :puppydogeyes :shock :eek

  7. poo say :

    café stimulate adrenal glands
    adrenal glands work more
    more DHT
    more sebum

    poo drink café anway :wink
    more sebum after café
    every time 😕
    poo love café

    you love poo ?

  8. Unfortunatly I think poo is right. Coffee stimulates the adrenal glands. Ive cut back but some mornings I cant live with out it. :crazyeyes

  9. I’m cracking up at that hampster of yorkies!!!!!!! oh man that is too much! I love it! My boys had hampsters as pets when they were young and they use to run like hell on the wheel! Your hampsters pretty slow yorkie! She must be preggers 😀 Well I personally can’t handle any creamers like the flavored ones I know they break me out. If I’m going to have coffee now it is strictly with just half & half and no sugar…its not as tasty as I remember it:) but I’m adjusting….I love hazlenut coffee mate creamer and was addicted BAD but now I don’t use it anymore…I will never give up a good cup of joe no matter what!

  10. Yeah, those critters do love their wheels. My theory is that they actually think they’re going somewhere…

    BTW, I have pet mice, not hamsters. Hamsters make me nervous, as do gerbils. Mice are pretty calm critters, provided you get the ones that have been bred by breeders, which I do. My two mice aren’t that bright but they’re very cute and fun to watch, esp when both of them try to fit into the loo roll at the same time and one winds up popping out the end and looking confused. Actually, they spend a lot of their time looking confused. As I said, they’re not that bright…

    Man, there is NOTHING like a good cup of coffee. If anyone has problems with drinking it (and it is a MAJOR stomach irritant and full of toxins, sorry to say), I would reserve it for special occasions. I got to be a serious coffee snob right after I graduated uni and worked in an art store that was right above a coffee store. I could taste a bean and tell you what it was. SNOB! :mrgreen

    Unluckily for me, my ultimate fave coffee is also the rarest, most expensive kind in the world…it’s called Jamaica Blue Mountain. Last time I checked it was $35.00 in the States. PPFT. Kona (from Hawaii) is very, very good as well, but it’s terribly strong and also expensive. I say, ifyou’re going to drink the stuff, don’t drink crap…drink the real thing and have it made EXACTLY the way you like it. And damn the acne. SOmethings are just not worth giving up!

    Yorkie 8)
    (two weeks and counting)

  11. Yorkie, have you tried Puerto Rico coffee?? PR coffee is very good really, the Pope in Vatican used to import it from here. Even the ones from vending machines are good 😀

  12. Ohh your gonna take a hard hit in the coffee department when you come to america.. all we have is icky starbucks… everyone thinks its so great so they have em every other block… but its really worth the money you pay at all. :eek

  13. Hmmm…Nomad, did you leave a word out…”it’s really *not* worth themoney you pay at all”? Is that what you meant? If so, preach on. Starbuck’s has terrible coffee. They overroast their beans. You can smell how burnt they are when you walk into the store! It is SUCH a crime. They just opened one here across from a similar place called Cafe Nero, and everyone loves their stuff. I have no idea why. :eek

    I think England should just stick to tea. Most of the coffee drunk here is instant (*GAG*). Never tried PR coffee…once Max is out, it’s back to the booze and caffeine (just kidding…I DO miss my Guiness, however…).

    The strongest stuff I ever had came from a mate of mine I met in uni–she gave me some coffee from Israel. I sh** you not–I didn’t sleep for three days. HOO HAH! 😮


  14. Frank,
    😀 It is possible that it is the way the coffee was grown that is causing your problem. To test this idea you could get yourself some whole coffee beans that were grown without pesticides and grind them fresh to brew one or two cups at a time. You can buy this product at various large health grocery stores like Whole Foods. Trader Joe’s carries this product and they have it in decaf too! I think it is a good possability that it is the pesticides in the coffee that is causing the breakouts.

    The reason I say grind your own beans is because sometimes beans are ground and left open to the air for a period of time and stuff that is in the air lands on the ground coffee. I know this sounds weird but when I went through the Candida thing the doctor told me to only use fresh ground coffee when I was feeling better, and could have a little coffee again. I went out and bought myself a small coffee grinder. Fresh ground tastes better too!

    As for the dry creamers that Amelia had a problem with if anyone has this problem look at the label, and look for cotton or cottonseed oil, and you will have your answer as to why that creamer breaks you out. They do the same thing to me, and I read the label and saw cottonseed oil there. I already knew that cotton oil broke me out every time I consumed it. It’s nasty stuff!

    Frank, you are better off to stick with using fresh cream in your coffee like you are doing now.

    Someone asked why cream and not milk? Milk has the Lactose and the cream does not have the Lactose. Then there is Lactose free milk now for people who want to use milk instead of cream.

    My money is on the pesticide angle. I have read that most coffee is grown in countries where pesticide use is not very well regulated and pesticides cause a lot of health problems for a lot of people. As for cotton oil the problem with it is the amount of pesticides that are used on the cotton crop. It gets into the oil of the plant and cannot be removed, and then the oil is used to make bread, coffee creamer, ding dongs, twinkies, goes into french fry cookers in places like MacDonald’s etc… We eat this stuff and wonder why we break out afterwards!

    Poo was right too about the Adrenal Gland angle. If you try decaf coffee that was grown without pesticides and still break out then it is the Cortisol that your Adrenal Gland is putting out that is causing your breakout.

    I read an article last night that some doctor wrote that Candida is caused by the release of excessive Cortisol when we are over stressed. The excessive stress can be from work, health problems, etc… We all need some stress in our lives so we will get things done. It is the excessive and inappropriate stress that causes the real problems. So too much Cortisol causes the oil glands to overproduce oil, causes Candida in the gut, and a whole lot of different diseases including Acne.

    It seems that all our health problems are inter-related in one way or another.

    Good Luck!

  15. Great post, Solomio.

    Another thing to remember about coffee is that it RADICALLY altars the ph balance in your body. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and listening to people who talk about an acid ph balance contributing a lot to acne. That is why a good diet is so vitally important to controlling your acne. That’s why a lot of fresh fruits, salads, juicing, etc….helps control acne, because you ph balance is kept alkaline with those food groups.

    I think that’s why coffee breaks me out so bad. :roll

    It really messes the ph balance of my body up…BIGTIME. Though when I do drink it (only about once or twice a month….this includes decaf), I take msm and pycnogenol FIRST, on an empty stomach, to counteract the acidity and allergic reaction I have to it. I’m quite allergic to it, I’m sure. :puppydogeyes

    But if you do buy coffee, get the dacaf kind that has been decaffinated using the swiss water method, not the regular kind in regular grocery stores. The beans have been soaked in chemicals to decaffinate them. 😮 :shock :eek :puppydogeyes

  16. coffee that is…..for all you gutter minds-lol

    Cant go one day without some form of caffeine. Sad but true. If i do i get the most horrible headaches that will last til i finally drink a cup. At least one cup a day even though i prefer Cappachino (sp) just love french vanilla at about 6:30 in the am.


  17. Denise1,
    Thank you, I missed the PH angle.

    Good Lord, there are so many things to remember in regards to coffee! I guess that is a part of why I rarely drink it now.

    I used to carry a thermos to work with me every day back when I had the bad Candida. First I drank a couple of cups before leaving for work to try to wake up! My favorite coffee back at this time was the Hawaiian Kona that came directly from the island. I ordered my beans from the company, that’s how nuts I was about this coffee!

    I wish I had known back then what I know now.

    After having said all of that, my favorite shop to stand in front of and breath deeply of the wounderful aromas that emit from it is: Gloria Jeans Coffee Bean Shop or a Starbucks. My next favorite place to smell is any shop that sells chocolate but with the chocolate I always buy some. 😀

  18. I have read where Coffee, or as far as that is concerned, any Caffeine is bad for the skin in general. Not just for acne, but for keeping healthy looking skin. I do like it though…..VERY much!! :lol


  19. LOL! 😀

    It’s part of my own emoticon program. :wink

    He jams….doesn’t he!! LOL!!



  20. Okay, coming from a coffee fanatic “I LOVE IT”!!!!! Will not ever give it up! NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER, did i say NEVER?!?! I drink a cap every morning and have a large cup when i get home and if i dont have at least one cup i get this massive headache that will last until i have a cup of Joe!

  21. Hey Tom,

    Until i saw your last post i thought this was a new thread!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Just goes to show ya no topic is out of date, hahahahaha……Great topics never run out of style!

  22. How’s everyone doing this evening?

    O.K. Tom, how will you have your java tonight?

    Decaf or full robust bean, Kona or French Roast, with or without pesticide, cream, bottled creamer or milk, sugar or sweet & low?

    Did you say sugar, Tom? How would you like that sugar, Tom, straight from a packet or in cubes suitable to feed your horse if you don’t finish them yourself, plain white sugar or the new ‘natural’ light brown sugar that has become so popular in coffeehouses in the states?

    Would you like a piece of peach pie or a hunk of cherry cobbler with that order, Tom?

    O.K. let me check this order, Tom. You will have natural light brown sugar in a cup of full bodied French Roast, not too hot cause you are driving home, milk with a lump of heavy clotted cream and a side of peach not cherry cobbler topped with light cream.

    Have a nice evening, Tom. :mrgreen

  23. :popcorn you’ll have the same but without the cobbler?

    O.K. just give me a momento to get from England over to Michigan with your order.

    See ya in about a week or so, popcorn. Hope ya aren’t in a hurry for that cup of coffee.
    Solomio :mrgreen

  24. Actually Solo hun,

    Waiting a week i would be in bed with a hot rag on my head from the hellish migraine from not having my daily dose of caffeine. So ill have to order same day delivery and im thinking that will be about 30 bucks extra but its worth it. Heres my order:

    Morning about 6:30 in the am Eastern time
    Fresh cap straight off the machine all forthy and steamy to peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerfection. Large 16 to 20 oz mug and this is the only way to go for me no plastic cups! Straw with the loop de loop and a nice helping of whip cream on top………..oh and the coffee enhancement must be from the islands, cuba, or Paris..maybe Italian if its not too acidic! And no cobbler love give me a big crispy with powdered sugar or a drum stick covered with hardened glaze (these are doughnuts), this makes me all warm and tingly hahahahahahaha!

    I sould expect this first thing in the morning love……….and oh yout tip is included!


  25. I love my coffee – I always drink one to two cups a day with cream or full fat milk (don’t you just hate skimmed milk???!!!) and with a heaped teaspoon of honey. I’m so into the flavoured coffees available from Whittakers – the one I am most into at the moment is Almond Amaretto – wow!!! I also like the toffee and vanilla coffees.

    I agree, coffee may not be good for acne in general, but 2 cups is hardly going to send your skin into overdrive – stressing about the 2 cups you drink will break you out, but 2 cups won’t harm you if you balance your diet out. Since coffee can dehydrate you, it is a good idea to drink 2 glasses of water b4 a cup of coffee. As to balnacing PH levels, I belive coffee is acidic – so if you eat plenty of veg and fruits, that should even things out. If your body is too acidic, a good way to blanace it is to drink a glass of hot water with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey. Really helps to make you more alkaline.

    BTW, coffee is actually recommended for people who are A blood groop.

  26. Maya,
    I miss my coffee. :roll I was so stressed out I had to give it up. Still miss the taste of a kona with real cream and one of those puff pasteries with the rasberries and whipped cream inside. Cream cheese danish goes real well toooooo. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Solo mio

  27. I love my coffee – I always drink one to two cups a day with cream or full fat milk (don’t you just hate skimmed milk???!!!) and with a heaped teaspoon of honey. I’m so into the flavoured coffees available from Whittakers – the one I am most into at the moment is Almond Amaretto – wow!!! I also like the toffee and vanilla coffees.

    I love coffee too and had been drinking like 2-3 cups a day. I would even have one late at night. But thats all past tense cuz Ive given it up (save for an occasional cup) over the past 3-4 weeks. Another experiment. We’ll see if it really helps. Im just tryin whatever I can to get my skin into good shape. So far things are good. Im real happy with how things have progressed. I hope it continues… 🙂

    I agree, coffee may not be good for acne in general, but 2 cups is hardly going to send your skin into overdrive – stressing about the 2 cups you drink will break you out, but 2 cups won’t harm you if you balance your diet out.

    Yup, gotta agree with ya. Im hopin’ that once I get real clear and my skin is healing good, Im gonna go have me a vanilla latte, maybe even one of those cold ones on ice…those are soooo good. And maybe I have a pastry too, something warm and full of some nice fruit. I am thinking of one of those raspberry scones, they are nice!! Ooops, forgot my trian of thought, which was I think the stress has so much to do with acne getting worse!


  28. :popcorn ,
    Yes, I cut down on coffee because I was ‘running’ on ‘high’ all of the time. Back when I originally cut back on my coffee intake I had not read all the ‘stuff’ about excess Cortisol being related to caffeine. I knew very little about Cortisol back then and I certainly did not know that Cortisol was related to the heavy oil on my skin and the breakouts I was experiencing. Actually all I knew then was that excess Cortisol was probably going to give me a heart attack one day because too much of it in the system is related to this sort of problem. I was so addicted to coffee that I used to drink it all through the day. I would even drink that ‘yuk’ stuff in a coffee machine if I could not get the ‘good stuff.’ I was a coffee addict plus I loved to have a smoke with that cup of coffee. Bad combination!

    After I cut back on coffee my skin did improve. The main thing I can say for sure is that facial oil eased up on me. For several years I continued drinking just a couple of cups a day and this amount seemed to be ok. Then I gave both coffee and cigarettes up, cold turkey.

    Now I drink a cup once in a while like when I need to stay awake.

    Caffeine really affects me now that I don’t get much of it in my diet. Even the caffeine in diet coke can be enough to make me feel ‘nervous’ if I drink more than 2 cans in a day.

  29. I’ve started drinking coffee to add to the things to TRY to make my skin worse for the derm appointment and i hate it!It tastes like fag ash too me! :lol

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