Generic retin-a??

My derm wrote me a prescription for retin-a micro .1mg and I took it to Savon and they gave me just generic Tretinoin Gel .01%. Should I go back and ask for retin-a or is this gonna be fine? It should do the same thing right? I used the gel for the first time last nite…and it makes my skin nice and soft. I like it. Something’s wrong….lol

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One thought on “Generic retin-a??

  1. not really sure but u should defenitely find out. U said that the generic brand has a weaker concentration. That should mean that it wouldnt be as efffective. Retin a Micro allows users to use a higher concentration with less chance of peeling due to some thing that they put in it which allows the medicine to slowly work its way into the skin rather than it all being absorbed at once, which cuts back on irritation.

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