Anyone bought Perricone’s “Acne Prescription”????

I was flipping through a bookalog I have and came across Perricone’s latest book. So I hopped on over to Amazon and this is what I found out: Someone on Healthboards had posted this same thing and MAYBE had he mentioned that it was by Perricone, others would have taken the “advice” a bit more seriously:

“Next, Dr. Nicholas Perricone told us how certain foods can erase acne for good! Dr. Perricone has a three step approach to treating adult acne which includes diet, vitamins and topical solutions. Below you will find a guideline for treating your skin, from the inside out. For more information please visit or refer to Dr. Perricone’s book The Acne Prescription which is available in bookstores now.

STEP 1 — Acne Curing Foods

Fruits & Vegetables
Dark leafy lettuce

Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds

Regular yogurt

Acne Causing Fruits & Vegetables

Acne Causing Foods
Rice cakes

STEP 2 — Nutritional Supplements that Help Treat Acne

B Complex
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Fish oil
Perricone vitamins

STEP 3 — Topical Anti-inflammatories
Clean & Clear
Perricone products”

Now, if “bagels” and Pita are problematic wouldn’t you think that this would apply to all breads alike??? Obviously, that’s a generalized list of “inflammatory” foods (starchy ones), yet some of us have learned that there are many others that could be eliminated (could be why others don’t need any supplements and topicals). Anyway, some people criticized the diet since it’s just like his other books, well, I bet it is, but this one is for those of us that are more concerned with acne than wrinkles (for the time being). If you want it for less than $27.50 you can check out these sites: and perhaps you might be interested in another book known as “The Inflammation Cure” Then again, this is all what the Evil Lectin Diet and an Elimination diet will show you for free.

Of course, you can use his products to make it easier on yourself . Yet, all of his products and supplements are EXPENSIVE! We ourselves have bought better formulated products and more bioavailable supplements than what he offers and for LESS! Other than that, no complaints about this man. I really don’t care who decides to broadcast it to the world (he does so on several tv shows with amazing before & after patients), just as long as more people Wakeup and get clear, I’ll be happy =)

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11 thoughts on “Anyone bought Perricone’s “Acne Prescription”????

  1. I’m wondering something sweetjade,
    did he mention anything about hormonal acne, for the females?? I mean, doesn’t it work differently then the regular digestion-related acne??

  2. Nope, digestion related acne is what causes hormonal acne. If that makes any sense 😉

    As far as I know, there’s no difference. Acne is acne (I think) and its usually always involving some sort of hormone. Infact various skin problems are all due to some sort of hormonal imbalance or an allergic reaction (environmental cause). Some foods cause acne by spiking our androgen levels and others do so by causing inflammation (not sure what the route is here). I guess that’s why not everyone finds success on a Low Carb diet, but manages to eliminate one food item and they are all clear.

    You may want to check out these reviews on the Perricon Prescription. They speak of losing weight, disappering acne and acne scars, among healthy looking skin.

    Say, how are you doing now?

  3. wow! that was a fast response!! hehe, i guess we’re both surfing this site….

    well, thats wut I always thought that digestion-related acne is what causes hormonal imbalance….but what about those flare-ups during that time of the month?? or is it that we are more prone to flare-ups that time because our body goes thru a bit of a change (for a very short period), thus leading to some hormonal imbalance, so eating a bit off the track causes more problems?? i dunno….but i’m gonna look into this diet ‘coz i need some help

    thanks for asking :)…i’m not doing too good…ya diet helps but i’m not near 100%….no cysts or anything, but i’ve never had acne on my chin/jawline or forehead (now I do)…and my forehead was clear all this time, now it started to have some bumps in the last few days too (mayb some ice cream i had on saturday, or shrimp?…but they were very little). I also have these tendencies to get some on my cheeks (but doesn’t get full blown) I dont see what i’m doing wrong…i mean it could be number of things, and on the same note, it can’t be anything. and the funnier part is, one day my skin will look beautiful and the next day (literally) will look crappy, i’ve also noticed that it looks nicer at night because its all washed with emu oil on it and the cream…lol!! strange, eh?? I was veryyy depressed earlier today….this forum helped though (Russel, u definitely did!) sigh!!! so ya, there’s my news… I’m still trying though

  4. aww, I feel ya. It can be confusing when you are doing the right things and then your skin starts to behave differently than before. That’s what I and some other acne sufferers that changed diets noticed. Keep in mind that the ones that noticed this tended to be the ones taht didn’t eliminate ALL problematic foods but select one’s like Gluten. As such, we kept foods in our diet that were still causing us problems.

    Like I get cysts on the chin and I haven’t been able to pinpoint those Yet I know that Peanuts give me cysts on my forehead & eyebrows. GF Refined Cereal gives my acne/tiny cysts in & around my ear lobes. Cherries gives me cyts perhaps all over the face as does soda. Also what I’ve noticed is that these guys are STUBBORN so if you can pinpoint it and eliminate it, you’ll be much happier. Another note is that if you continue to “cheat” once these inflammatory zits are formed they will remain until the reaction period has passed. So the more you follow your diet, the sooner these will heal and go away.

    In the past I’ve broken out so much that I couldn’t keep track of when a monthly breakout would occur. However, I just started mine….so maybe that’s why I have a cyst (in remission) on my chin. I will say that the cysts on my chin arent stubborn, and tend to stay hidden under the skin and go away much faster. So they indeed my be involved with the normal rise and fall of our hormones during this period. After all, “normal” women can get these breakouts. Aren’t you glad you’re now “normal?” 😉

    take care

  5. I just received my copy of the Acne Prescription this morning, haven’t had a chance to compare it to the Perricone Prescription yet.. will have a read over the next few days and see if there’s anything I can add here.

  6. I thought that the book was very good. I plan on writing my own book because while most books out there that link diet and acne are good, they leave out so muc other pertinent stuff. Perricone’s book was very good, but definately not exhaustive by any means. I plan on putting the pertinent stuff in my book….. 😀

  7. I’m getting so confused 😕 Dr Perricone’s saying that carrots and peas are bad for acne prone skin 😕 I’m just wondering what to eat 😕 I have lots of carrots in my diet.

  8. Kelly, it’s an individual thing. He says they’re bad because they’re starchy and starch is mucus-forming, but they are low-starch nutritious veg which should pose no probs. I know they’ve never caused me probs.

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