No sugar, wheat, or dairy diet – what is there to eat?

I want to go on this diet just to see if food affects me or not, but I’m having some problems getting started. I looked through my fridge, and almost everything in there had either sugar, wheat, or dairy. I could go out a get new stuff, but I have no idea what I’d get or what I’d make if I did.

For anyone on a similar diet, what kinds of foods and meals do you eat? Anyone have any references that might point me in the right direction? Also, have corn and corn-based foods been known to be problematic to some acne sufferers? Thanks.

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7 thoughts on “No sugar, wheat, or dairy diet – what is there to eat?

  1. Well, I have been on the gluten-free diet as well as “B Blood Group” diet over the past few months. So let me provide you with a few things that I eat. Hope this helps!


    -Beans, like kidney, navy, refried and baked. Check the labels and try to find ingredients without any fillers. For instance, refried beans can have fillers and if you get baked beans, buy the vegetarian kind (without added pork).

    -Nuts, like almond, brazil, walnut, sunflower. Raw nuts are best. But I like roasted and that seems okay for me. Try to stay away from peanuts (and peanut butter), cashews and pecans.

    -Fish, like salmon, ocean perch, walleye, scallops, tuna, orange roughy, haddock and cod. Try to buy fresh but I eat frozen too. Grilled with a little seasoning and lemon juice…good! Dont go for shrimp, lobster or crab as much…they are very rich and not as good for you regarding acne control.


    -Rice, like rice cakes, rice bread, long grain wild rice or brown rice. Try to avoid the white rice (too starchy). For somethin sweet, I like the caramel coated rice cakes. Or I put cream cheese on rice cakes too.

    -Oats, like breakfast oatmeal or you can sometimes find oat bread.

    -Sweet potatoes and yams are good. Generally, the white, red or baking potatoes have a lot of starch (sugar) so you might try to avoid those.

    -Veggies, like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplant, celery, onion, peppers, zucchini, etc.

    -Fruits, all varieties are pretty good. Yes, they have sugar but it is the simple carbs you want in place of refined sugars that come in all the candies, cookies, pastries, etc.

    -Beans have a lot of carbs too along with the protein.


    -Olive oil is best. Get virgin olive oil. Use Butter in place of margarines.

    Overall, try to avoid fried foods and the fast-food places. Red meat can be okay too but get lean cuts and only eat couple times a week. Pork and chicken can cause problems with acne sufferers. If you eat chicken, dont eat the skin. And definitely dont eat that fried chicken! For dairy, try rice or almond milk in place of cows milk. And use leaner cheeses like feta or mozzerella. I think its okay to use some cream cheese or sour cream now and then. Cottage cheese and yogurt is good too. Just try to avoid the heavier cheeses like cheddar, colby, cojack and pepper cheese. And all those cheese sauces. And of course ice cream (but it is soooo good!). Try frozen yogurt or sherbert in place of those!

    If you follow a particular diet, there are replacement items and many good recipes for the wheat, dairy and sugars you want to avoid.

    Maya!! Can you post a link here about the blood group diets?

    I dont know about corn or corn-based products being good or bad. I only know that for “B” blood group that corn is on the avoid list. Shucks…cuz I really miss my corn chips and salsa!!

    Good luck!!


    PS…here is a link to some recipes that you can check out!

  2. Now this is something that I posted on healthboards, but I feel it will be helpful for you too. Whether you are avoiding Gluten, Wheat, Sugar or any other food, what these tips should be applied to whatever “diet” you choose. Remember ,this is what I do or have been able to eat with seemingly no problems. I’m only on a Gluten Free Diet with the avoidance of a few lectins (another story). I don’t stray away from salt or sugar, but do strive to eat sugar in it’s more natural forms. Hardly any candy, No soda, and rarely any artificial juice. Otherwise, as you will learn below, I’m still very much a “kid”.

    Out of curiosity, how old are you and how long have you had acne? Since this was posted on Healthboards, there’s more diet articles over there. Diet Alone was not the only answer for me, but it seems to have made the BIGGEST impact (95% clear). If you’re interested in what my total regimen is look under 20withAcne’s topic “Who has found a cure for thier acne?” and to find out more about WHY these diets work you can do your own research and also look under NJ GUY’s topic “how can it be food. young dont get it, older do??”

    First of all GF is short for Gluten-Free 😉 I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the specifics, but if you find that avoiding the MAIN ingredients works, than avoiding Gluten derivatives, should do even more for you. I do avoid quite a bit of food, but it’s not because it’s fried or Processed, or anything, it’s just because I know it has Gluten. Like I said on the other post, I try to avoid certain preservatives, and eat organic when posssible, but start at your own pace. That alone didn’t do it for me, but these could ALL Be VALID reasons.

    (Got a Printer?)

    I AVOID the Following:
    GLUTEN 😉
    Wheat (lots of different kinds…semolina, durum, wheat berries)
    [Sprouted Wheat, its deglutinized but can harbor bacteria]

    (there’s more usually found in healthfood stores)

    Any foods made from the above –
    Bread, Pizza, Pasta, Cereal, Cookies, Cake, Batter dipped foods, Pancakes, Egg Rolls, Flour Tortillas, Soy sauce, Certain Gravies/Sauces, etc

    (these below don’t have gluten, but are troublesome lectins)
    Raw Tomatos


    I EAT the Following:
    Water (90% of the time)
    100% Fruit Juice
    Tea, rarely coffee (usually decaffinated)
    All Dairy (organic Milk and sometimes organic yogurt)
    Meats, Fish, Poultry
    Most Nuts, except peanuts and cashew (legumes)
    Most Vegetables (no raw tomatoes)
    Some beans (string beans, pork & beans, chili beans)
    Fruits (occasionally a banana)
    Dried Fruits (my candy substitute)

    GF GRAINS: Corn, White Rice, Brown Rice, Oats, Sesame, Potato, Arrowroot, Amaranth, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Montina, and there’s more (usually found in healthfood stores)

    GF Cereals (regular grocery store brands have some)
    GF Soups (regular grocery store brands have some)
    GF TV Dinners (rare…usually the derivatives are the problem)
    GF Pastas (made from Corn, Rice, Qunia, Buckwheat, Soy, Potato, or etc…)
    GF Cookies
    GF Muffins
    GF Waffles
    GF Breads (still haven’t found my perfect bread yet..)
    GF Soy Sauce (it’s really good)
    Salsa, Spaghetti sauce
    Corn Tortillas,Tacos,taquitos,chips, tameles
    Fries, hasbrowns
    Fried Chicken (no batter)
    Rice Cakes
    GF Granola Bars
    Ice Cream
    BUTTERED Popcorn

    LOL, this list can go on. There’s a group of people known as Celiacs (the name of their disease) and they MUST follow this diet (some noticed their skin cleared too). As a result, over the years they have perfected recipes for OREO COOKIES, Stuffing, Pizza. practically anything, even Chicken Nuggets! They nor I, and others, are deprived. =)

    The only downside to this is that you would have to cook most of your food from scratch or from a GF Mix. It’s cheaper and it usually tastes better. However, if budget isn’t a problem, then you can buy some of the Ready Made Gluten Free or Wheat Free Meals, cereals, cookies, breads, etc. Some companies, make really great tasting products (some don’t).

    Of course, there are lists available that tell you what Ingredients are safe and which arent, along with what Food Brands at your Local Grocery store, carry GF Items so that you don’t have to read the ingredient labels. Campbells and Hormel make some of them. If in doubt, sometimes they list the allergen in Bold or there’s even a note at the bottom. Of course, you dont have to go this far (I do), unless it works for you. Then you’ll want to avoid as much gluten and it’s derivatives as possible. Hmm, you want to know what a Gluten derivative is, right?

    Gluten (corn gluten is safe)
    (there’s lots more- search for a list)

    These can be made from MOST grains, so which grain did the company use? Usually the company will specify the grain or give you more information so that you can make the right choice. Such as, Distilled Vinegar, Malt Vinegar, or Red Wine Vinegar. When in doubt, I avoid it, unless I really want it and there’s no other GF ingredients in the product. You can also weigh the “risk” based on how it’s used in the ingredients, is it in a sauce or just at the bottom of the ingredient list. My breakouts decreased further, the more I avoided the derivatives.

    Now that I’ve thoroughly overwhelmed you, remember go slow, you can just let this info sit in the back of your head. I did NOT jump into this, I thought about it for a month, planned what I was going to eat, and then slowly proceeded. Hey, I’m a college student so my meals aren’t balanced. I eat whats available in my house and is GF. I grab fast food (salad or tacos usually), grab fruit, nuts, etc. I buy canned food still and I also buy prepared & packaged GF foods from Sun Harvest (Whole foods, etc) or directly from the company, so I know which brands are worth it and arent. About half of them even offer Sampler Packs so that you can test out different GF foods, that’s how I did it. Some GF brands are just as affordable as the “normal” food and can even taste Better 😉

    Since this was orignally for healthboards, I didn’t post links, but here’s a few for ya 😉

    Fast Food or local grocery store brands

    Wish you the Best of Luck

  3. Great post SweetJade

    I’m also sticking to a strict no wheat diet but have been unable to find a suitable replacement to bread, pasta. I’ll use you list to check out some of the availability of foods here in Ireland.

  4. I buy wheat-free pasta and eat brown rice;no bread.I also buy soya yogurts and soya milk which are a dairy-free alternative.It is hard but i try my best.

  5. Hey thanks a lot both of you RK and SweetJade. I’m definitely not going to rush into anything, but now I feel like I have a pretty good idea of where I can start.

    To answer your question SweetJade, I’m 18 years old and have had acne since I was 13. My acne’s never been terribly severe, I guess. Mild to moderate mostly, but consistent nevertheless. I’ll look into that forum you suggested, thanks

  6. I know of food to avoid things with alot of iodide,
    for breakfast i have been eating shreeded wheat ceral, no added salt of sugar. is there a reson why wheat is bad since it is non-white, what is the best breakfast meal to eat htat is low-refined and low iodide? thanks

  7. There’s several possible reasons why wheat and other foods can cause us problems. However, if we are to only look at wheat/gluten & carbs these statments would apply:

    “Subjects fed a high-protein diet (44% protein, 35% carbohydrate, and 21% fat) show substantially less 5-alpha-reduction of testosterone and enhanced cytochrome p-450 hydroxylation of estradiol, both therapeutic goals. A high carbohydrate diet (10% protein, 70% carbohydrate, and 20% fat) had the opposite effect.”

    “Where diet is concerned in the treatment of acne, the safest thing is to avoid and eliminate all refined or concentrated carbohydrates and limit high-fat and high-carbohydrate foods. Focus on avoiding foods containing trans-fatty acids and iodine” (Acne protocol)

    As time goes by, it’s been proven that less carbs means less of an insulin spike, which means less DHT, which means LESS androgens, thus less acne (and body hair), weight gain, etc. It’s along the SAME principle and practice as Spironolactone, Flutamide, Diane35, Avandia, Metaformin, Insulin (works for some), Chromium (other vitamins), Saw Palmetto, Nettle, and hopefully Beta-Sitosterol (concentrated version).
    The problem is that there aren’t any studies to determine what they mean by “low carbing”. Everyone has their own opinion on what “healthy” carbs are but there have been numerous TV reports, medical articles, books and even doctors (like my endocrinologist) that are saying “Carbs aren’t that healthy after all.” Is it ALL carbs or just CERTAIN carbs??? That’s where a study should be done, has anyone found one (Mari you mentioned something about a study)?

    Hence, why when people go on low carb diets to loose weight they also notice a clearing of their acne or other health problems (like diabetes). Most people are on a 60% – 70% carb diet (did you know they want us to go up to the 70% average?), but we should be on a 30% carb diet to get the above postive effects. Infact depending on the source, the ratios vary a bit, but it should be something like:

    20% Fat (fish oils, olive oils, etc)
    30% – 35% Carbs
    45% – 50% Protein

    For me, and others, this is easily remedied by dropping Lectins, grains, sugars, or gluten. You don’t have to drop the fruits and vegetables because they provide neccessary fiber, which helps eliminate toxins in the body. I’m 95% clear now (skin gets improves everyday) and I’ve achieved BETTER results with Spiro (150mg) and a Gluten Free diet, than when I was on Spiro (150mg) and Avandia (2-4mg) OR on Spiro (200mg) and Birth Control!!! 😉 I’m not the only one, there are others out here on the various acne boards with similar plans, but the point is we did have to alter the type or quality of our carb intake.

    Therefore, based upon what I’ve read and heard about Carbs, Glutens, and Lectins, these are the possible reasons why this diet is helping me (and others):

    -I’ve lowered my sugar/carbs (I still have “fun” eating)

    -I’ve eliminated or lowered my Insulin-mimickers (Gluten and some Lectins)

    -I’ve drastically and dramatically lowered my inflammatory reactions (caused by Wheat, Gluten, Lectins, etc)

    -I’m not a Celiac, but since I did have a FEW Gluten/Gliaden antibodies (most Healthy people do), I must’ve eliminated their irritance in my system (maybe everything will eventually balance out)

    -I’m a Type O and since MOST people are a Type B or O, according to “Live Right 4 Your Type” (I don’t follow this diet), Wheat, Carbs, Gluten, and Lectins are troublesome for us (symptoms vary).

    Like I said above, symptoms vary. It’s your life and you should do as you please. Just know that not everyone get’s acne, some are overweight, some get IBS, diabetes, arthritis, or cancer. Symptoms manifest themselves at ANY time (for some puberty is great time to TRIGGER it) and in different ways for us all. That’s what makes it so hard to pinpoint, doctors and derms treat the symptom and NOT usually the problem (or the cause). Of course there’s other solutions out there, but if you KNOW your acne is caused by ANDROGENS or you get CYSTIC INFLAMMED Acne, then altering your carbs should help you out.

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