Digestive enzymes and acne?

There has been some writing about this on this page but I cannot not find anyone saying that it has help with acne. It’s just words “it’s should be good”.

Has anyone done a real try to see any difference when taking digestive enzymes ?


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3 thoughts on “Digestive enzymes and acne?

  1. i use to take acidophilus 1 pill a day

    tho i was smoking, drinking coffee and not drinking much water at the time … so i dont think i was putting forth all the effort that was needed

    but im sure it cant be a bad thing …. 😛 it does get rid of unwanted bacteria… :wink

  2. I take them everyday. They help, but with my experience, they wont single handedly clear you up. They also come in handy when you eat bad, they will help digest the bad food :roll.

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