my analysis — please comment :S

Ok heres something i came up with.. do u guys think u can read it and comment and also answer a couple of questions if u can?

Ok, in his book (Acne Cure), Dr Terry J Dubrow sais that the redness u get with acne, is due to the fact that when u get a spot, the body rushes blood to the face and around the spot to help heal it quicker. Thats why u get the redness around the spot.
Now, he suggests befire applying the BP, you run an ice cube on the face and put the BP on and then cover the face with an ice pack
this stops any blood from rushing in.

When i put the ice pack on my face, and take it off all the redness on my cheeks is gone, the only redness i can see is old marks from previous spots
this tells me that theres constantly a flow of blood coming to the cheeks to help heal all those spots that have come out, and all those spots under the skin which havent yet come out

so basically, by getting rid of the acne you can get rid of this redness that surrounds it
How can i stop the blood from coming to the face.. i dont wanna walk around all day with an ice pack lol
but can u zap those veins with a laser to stop blood ever comin there?!?!
i know it sounds stupid but since i cant get rid of the acne (yet) it might b worth gettin rid of those redness lol

hehe thats just my theory
it might not even b right but let me know wot u think 🙂

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4 thoughts on “my analysis — please comment :S

  1. That was a good of trying to understand how the redness forms. Redness will always be present as you say as the blood will reach where you got a spot as part of it healing process. What we want to do is heal faster/prevent to not have to deal with the redness to begin with.

    I have always read about this bp with the ice packs. If any others have tried this please comment on this one. Why is this suppose to work? Im still not clear on it… :eek

  2. well this is what the doc sais:

    when u run the ice cube over the face u stop all the blood from rushing to the skin and open the pores at the same time
    you put the bp on
    and then the ice pack on top.. this is supposed to stop the blood flow while the BP is abbsorbed into the pores

    so maybe by keeping the blood out of the way the bp can penetrate deeper

    im glad i found out about this as i always wondered why im constantly red.

    my face looks SO good at night after the ice pack.. all the redness is gone and the only rednessis the spots i see.. i really wanna get the acne under control.. atleast i know its not rosacea now 🙂
    thank god 4 that

    Mari.. what shall i do? im sooooo confused and TIRED of this n that, i just dont know anymore!

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