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Okay I know drinking lots of water is good for acne. But how much is it to be effective? I know there is a limit with drinking water too much water.

Pamamaco do you know? Any?

Mari :flirt

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12 thoughts on “Question about water

  1. Hi sista! :angel 8 tall glasses a day should be good! I try to sip it all day but it is hard to do.

  2. Hrmm cant go wrong with 1/2 your body wieght in pounds in ounces… Try to stop drinking ALL stuff 1/2 hour before meals and dont drink anything for an hour at least after…. this can mess upyour digestion pretty badly…

  3. I know that bodybuilders take their weight(in pounds) and multiply it by .8 and thats how many ounces they try to take in.
    Mari- your gonna have fun learning our stupid method of measurement here in the states.

  4. LOL leper!!

    I think I over drinked yesterday I dunno, but I drank a lot and my stomach felt nauseous….. Yeah I did close to dinner time.. 🙁

  5. I guess that a lot depeneds on what climate you live in and how much physical activity you do per day. You live in the Carribean I saw, so that’s a fairly warm climate and if you work out or engage in activities that cause you to sweat, then you’re losing even more water. A rough guide for a typical person of moderate activity is one pint per hour in a hot climate and half of that in a cold climate. Drink more if you are working out or working out of doors in the sun.

    It takes time to get your body adjusted to drinking more water, so only add a glass or two to your intake per day until you reach the right level. And if you’re really serious about hydration, try to cut out all diuretics (caffiene, alcohol) for a week or two and see how much better you feel.

    Now that it’s winter here, I know I’m guilty of not drinking enough water, but my New Year’s resolution is to start drinking more!

    A bonus to drinking more water is that it fills you up and you won’t have as much of an appetite for sodas and sugary/fatty foods. Water, clears your skin and helps your waistline- best of all, it’s FREE.

    If you don’t like the taste of water, try putting a slice of lemon in it or try diluting concentrated juices with half water and half juice. Nomad had a good point on the other board, too- fresh fruits and veggies, especially those with a high wate content, should be good for skin, too. At the time in my life when I was the clearest, I was drinking 10+ glasses of water a day, eating loads of apples, and working out 5 times a week, although my diet was horrible- I ate grilled cheese and fries every day for 3 months! The water must have been good for something because I swear that after a few weeks, I had no zits for months! Then, I got home and started guzzling diet coke and coffee instead of water…what’d ya know? One week later, my back broke out in about twelve huge nasty cysts- no tank tops for months 🙁 .

    Now, whenever I want ot look good for a special event, I start ten days before and I drink only water, no drinking, and no cigarettes- this usually clears up 80-90% of my acne.

    Mari, I think that you just need to increase water intake slowly and your body should respond favorably.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Water cant really hurt you, so drink as much as you can, I always say. Aside from when I go out drinking once or twice a week and the milk that I put on my cereal, water is all that I drink (about 5 bottles a day). I dont know if it helps my skin, but at least it doesnt hurt it the way that pop does.

  7. I started switching to water just last week, because I never drank enough. When they say avg. 8 glasses a day, is that 6oz, 8oz or 12oz glasses?

    I can barely drink more than 3-4 12oz glasses. I guess I’m not used to drinking so much… not to mention the fact that the people in my house were wondering why I was using the bathroom every 30 minutes. :mrgreen


  8. Looks like it’s time for me to start drinking some water… I never drink straight water, the last time I had a glass or cup of water was probably several months ago… Gotta start cutting down on soda, no root beer for me :puppydogeyes

    Ryan :muti

  9. I find that since I started drinking more water, I really notice when I don’t drink it. I feel all dehydrated and yucky. I wish I were more consistent, however. I have no good news as to water clearing up my skin. I know it is really good for my kidneys and liver, but I don’t see any change in my skin. I remember I used to feel really sluggish and tired when I didn’t drink water. Now, I understand why. I was probably dehydrated.

  10. I hear ya palomitica. I usually never was a big drinker of water myself but its something I had learned and now I feel like I need to hidrate more.

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