You ever look in the mirror some days and think………….

Your skin isnt that bad? Maybe even start to believe its clearing up. Fool yourself into thinking your having a good skin day and maybe your regimen and all the crap your using just might be working…….Then someone says “Are you breaking out?” or makes a really ignorant comment. Not a real bad comment but you know the ones that can just irk the hell out of you and foul your confidence. Not that you had much confidence but enough to get you through those days they just kill it completely with a sentence or question……….. Just asking>>>>LOL

After my spell with Xian i believe i was healing nicely even beyond the dry skin from the weather changes but liveable. Acne scars and pores yes but nothing i couldnt cover with makeup. A friend of mine asked me what i was using? I was so proud because i thought it looked better then it did and that she was gettin ready to throw me a compliment. I told her what i was using and she said oh must have oil in it because your really shiny today and i can see your poc marks. I dont believe she meant any harm because she has skin issues herself but it just leveled the confidence i had for a brief moment. When it will return…..God only knows—–hahahahahahahahaha


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11 thoughts on “You ever look in the mirror some days and think………….

  1. I know exactly how that feels. Happened to me the other day with my roomate, kinda. Someone who is definitely well-meaning, but has never known the misery, paranoia, self-loathing and massive insecurity that comes with acne. I think that the worst part of acne might not be the spots so much as the anger and insecurity that are the results of it. And the jealously you feel every time someone with flawless skin walks by. I really detest feeling that way, and I try desperately to keep my vanity in check just so I don’t. For instance today, as an experiment, I went running at a local and very popular park in the middle of the afternoon with no makeup on. Since I developed our friend p.acnes in abundance, I hardly leave my room without a serious coat of paint on, much less go out in public. It didn’t kill me when I saw people I knew, and they didn’t seem too disgusted, so I guess I might be making too big a deal of the bad skin. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still extremely insecure and paranoid about my scars and zits, but maybe this way I won’t venture too far into the darkest aspects of the neuroses acne brings with it. Maybe.

    Upshot is that I ran a helluva lot faster with no makeup on than I did with it. If I keep this up I can probably make serious improvements to my 10K and hopefully marathon times. :pray

  2. yeah i go through those days all the time :eek

    you wake up with hope, but by the end of the day it is all gone again.

    keep fighting!! nothing lasts forever.

  3. Acne is like a rollercoaster for me. Some days its good, others horrible. My skin as of late hasn’t been too bad, but then again once I write this I will have clusters of spots. Sigh…..

  4. Yes ladies and gents it truly is a sad affair….It almost feels like i have been in this long drawn out, on and off relationship with acne. Its a type of relationship that you try very hard to rid yourself of but it just keeps coming back for more and sometimes you have no choice but to let it in!!!!!!!!!!! Dont they have an anonymous group for this?????!!!!!!!!

  5. No, because when I THINK I’m having a good day I actually am.


    I dont lie to myself. In fact, I’m probably more critical looking in the mirror than anyone else is when they look at me.

  6. hang in there folks !!

    i’ve gotten my fair share of insensitive remarks…some enough to make me lock myself in the room and cry but i always think hey, why should i let others dictate how i feel ?

    i’m healthy (nice tip there msjenna, will try it ;p), i have my limbs intact..i’ve got brains…a sense of humour…

    CHIN UP !!

  7. I never thought i would go a second without thinking about my skin til now!!!!! I have a cold and a sinus infection and my skin is the last thing on my mind right now!!!!!!! All i wish right now is to be able to breathe through my nose normally!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Echineacea (sp?) goldenseal are supposed to be good for upper respiratory infections. Staying way away from anything dairy will help too. Even before I went vegan, I would steer clear of dairy when I got a sinus infection, which was often because I smoked. Helps a lot.

    Rest up and get well soon. I’m sorry you’re sick.


  9. I had a cold last week.I think it’s the change in weather with the seasons changing.Hope you feel better soon,Popcorn 🙂

  10. Thanks everyone! Im still under the weather and the covers! hahaha Still waiting to be able to breathe through my nose, have heavy coughing, sore throat, and my ears are throbbing!!!!!! This is my fought because i know to take better care during this time of the year. October is tricking here im MI because it can be like 80 degrees one day and 40 the next so you have to dress to the weather…..Ill give it a few more days and prayfully ill be better…

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