How to have perfect lips while on Accutane

The first MUST HAVE is Acne Cure’s 15% MSM Gel. I put this on at least twice a day over clean lips. This litteraly takes all the damage right out of the lips, using emu oil, jojoba oil, and of course 15% msm (amoung some other fantastic stuff). This takes mins. to dry then my lips are like I was never on tane’ at all. There is nothing I’ve seen or heard of that can do anything near what this can for the lips. Funny thing is it’s not even for lips, and I’ve never seen anyone else us it for this purpose. Don’t worry though, there are very few ingrediants, and they are all more safe than your common lip balm. 8)

Next step, which is a MUST DO right after your MSM/Emu dries, depends on if its night or day for me. During the day I prefer using Burt’s beeswax lip balm (note: I have tried at least 15 different products to bring you this as a firm best) Note that as with all lipblams/chapsticks, you have to re-apply after you eat somthing or drink too much, as it will wash off.

If it is night time, I put on Aquaphor. Aquaphor does not really heal the lips (but thats ok cus the MSM/Emu oil does that so well. However, Aquaphor does a super job of keeping the moisture sealed in so the lips dont dry out any further while you sleep. During the day its not so great, it is shiny, washes off easy, and does not really heal to take care of day-time chapness.

If you are diligent, you can have perfect, pain free lips, even when on Accutane!

***Many tubes of product have been harmed in the making of this review. :roll Inc. but not limited to… Chapstick (medicated, reg) and Blistex (Complete Moisture *Feels good but is the worst stuff I’ve ever used*)

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2 thoughts on “How to have perfect lips while on Accutane

  1. hi, nomad, this sounds great.
    But, I am sligthly confused. Are you saying you’re using the 15% MSM along with emu oil and jojoba oil at the same time, or just one of the three? I don’t have any of that stuff (except the aquaphor) but it sounds like something i’d like to try (at next paycheck anyway ^^;;)

  2. Just wanted to put in my $.02 for Aquaphor. I have used it throughout my entire course, and it is the only thing to keep my lips from drying out. I haven’t had a problem w/dry lips AT ALL! I do find it to be healing, actually. If they are really dry and starting to shrivel, I slap on some Aquaphor and in minutes they are moist again – it doesn’t just form a barrier to keep moisture in, it actually seems to add it. The only thing I can equate it to is when you’re really thirsty and you finally get a drink of water. Being a chick, I dig the glossiness – I’ve even gotten compliments on it and gotten my best friend hooked on using it. I’m sure I’ll still use after my course is over (one week from now!). 😀

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