Accutane and hair

Been on it or about 3 weeks now, drying up pretty good and got a bit of a sun burn outside yesterday which I hear is normal. Glad I’ll be done once summer (and the fly fishing season) gets into full swing.

One thing I like is I no longer HAVE TO wash my hair every day which was a pain sometimes. How nice to wake up in the morning and not have that mess on my head! 🙂

Not washing it every day is great, but I hear some lose hair while on Accutane. At what period of treatment will it start to happen if it does? If it hasn’t started yet am I in the clear?
Things get so dry it falls out or is there some other reason¿
Does it come back after treatment stops. Baldness might be too high a price for clear skin me thinks, especially with the size of this nogin! :oops

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One thought on “Accutane and hair

  1. Well will, Im about to finish accutane here and my hair hasnt fell off. It became brittle I have to say but no nada of falling. Some hair fall off for many users but its recovered back when treatments stops so dont worry much about it. 😀

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