Sugar, wheat and dairy free foods

Im trying to cut down on those food groups but im having great trouble because i can hardly find anything.. the only things are organic cornflakes, ricecakes, porridge with rice milk and fruits! — BORING! lol
So can anyone recommend any foods that are sugar, wheat and dairy free in the UK?
Thanks :wink

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  1. This may be useful. It may not be, too.

    Originally sent to Emma via PM

    Hey Em,

    Ended up being semi-brief, I’ll add more to it when I think of what to add, and let you know if I feel you need to. 🙂

    I think I accidentally sent an earlier version, I hit ‘submit’ instead of ‘preview’, delete that one. :lol

    Here goes …

    The most staple food of your diet. Except it contains wheat, uh oh. I have spent a lot of money trying to find a decent replacement for bread which contains wheat. 99% of them are useless. The best I have found is this one, in the following three photos below:

    You can get this from Sainsburys for sure, and probably other supermarkets and shops, too (check the links I have listed at the bottom of this PM). Straight from the packet, it tastes stale but if you put a slice – or several (the slices are small) – into the microwave and zap it on full power for say, 30-45 seconds, it’s nice and fresh. Unfortunately, it won’t stay fresh throughout the day. So if you’re going to make sandwiches for later with it, the best fillings would be moist, for instance I have tuna mayonnaise a lot. The mayo’ keeps the bread fresh. If you say had a corned beef sandwich, it’d be like eating cardboard come lunch time. :crazyeyes

    The bread is good for eggy bread (mmm!), and when straight out of the microwave it is warm and can pass as toast once it has honey or jam on it. In fact, I know what I’m having for a snack once I’ve finished this!

    You see the ‘Dietary Specials’ logo on the bread packet? This logo is on a lot of foods, if you see the logo, it’s wheat/gluten/whatnot free. Again, the website listed below will show you some of the products you can get.

    Sainsbury’s also do their own brand, called “freefrom…” which is endorsed by Allergy UK, so it’s pretty acceptable. They do a bunch of products, including crisps, cereal bars, etc.

    Cereal bars look like this:

    (and they’re quite nice)

    For breakfast cereal, kelloggs cornflakes are fine, as is muesli, and other oat based cereals. Regarding milk, these soya milks taste exactly like ‘real’ milk, if not tastier. It looks like this:

    In fact … I’m pretty sure I saw Katie Hill (old Blue Peter presenter) advertising the Alpro brand on TV recently, it’s the “in thing” along with detox and yoga during these past few recent years. :lol

    The soya milk contains 20% more calcium than milk does too, which is good.

    Pasta is a bit of a bitch. The best replacement I have found is ‘rice pasta’ – exactly what it says on the tin – pasta made from rice. There are loads of these types around, your best bet is to try a health store, or an independent grocery store. I’ll ask Mum where she finds them when I next see her.
    An example of mine:

    Helpful links: – this link basically tells you where to find the ‘Dietary Special’ products in the supermarket of your choice. There are so many choices nowadays, it’s easy to find a replacement for pretty much everything and anything (which is good! :mrgreen)

    The only problem with this diet is it’s expensive. I’m lucky in the fact that my parents can afford to substitute these foods into my diet. Hopefully you’ll be able to afford them too, it’s worth it.

    Obvious other pros include pleanty of fruit, vegetables, multi vitamins, etc etc – you know the drill!

    Remember also that it takes time to work. The hard part is getting control of your skin. Once it’s under control it will clear up in no time. Imagine it as a warfield, the acne at the moment totally outnumbers the ‘good guys’, but by doing this diet we are refuelling and resupplying the good guys so that they can kick the <censored> out of the acne. It takes time, but it does happen!

    If you have any questions, lemme know, I’m sure I will have forgotten something.

    [/END PASTE]

  2. Thanks Tom
    How much is that bread do u know? is it something like £4?
    Anyway ill have a look

  3. Tescos do a range of rice bread that i now swear by. Its called ENER-G. About £3.20 per loaf. Expensive but worth it.

  4. I get alot of the stuff that Tom gets.I can get that wheat-free pasta from Morrison’s where we shop and i think it’s about £1.30 or something but i only need every couple of weeks.Other than that you can eat potatoes and rice.I find i don’t need bread as i have oats for breakfast and at lunch i’ll have a salad or soup and i put the wheat-free pasta in the soups or have rice cakes with my salads.
    You can also have noodles made from rice(not the egg ones as they are made from wheat flour),and you could make a stir-fry with that.
    I also vegetarian so sometimes it can be difficult for me as you can imagine but i use quorn products and i eat some fish,like tuna and salmon.Salmon can be abit of a buggar for me though as i’m not overly keen on fish at all but i eat it because it’s good for me :mrgreen
    You can also eat eggs;and the soya milk doesn’t really taste bad.You can buy the one that Tom shows.I get mine from the Co-op.
    It’s not too hard really.Sometimes i worry about what i’m eating though because i’m not sure myself if it can cause acne but i generally try to stick to dairy,wheat and sugar free as you said.I’ve been writing some of the recipes i use in the Food Glorious Food thread and i can write some here if you want some ideas 🙂
    Also,i have one day a week where i eat what the heck i like otherwise i wouldn’t be able to stick to this.I need abit of chocolate and ice-cream and things :mrgreen I hope this doesn’t effect my skin much.
    Hope i’ve helped 🙂

  5. Yep, you have helped.. thanks
    Ill look in the food glorious food thread. Yes sometimes i just treat myself to a couple of pieces of chocolate but when i eat it im thinking oh no im going to some more spots arghh!

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