Attention all; Proposition for the best acne gel out there

Okay guys I want to experiment doing a skin gel out of the ingredients I have found I have no reaction ( if it doesnt cause me a reaction it wont to anyone else because I have super sensitive skin).

I know for certain two ingredients that truly make a difference in skin: MSM and Collagen. Now the problem is we dont find this two ingredients in a gel form that is completetly manufactured without bad ingredients therefore making it impossible to fully work.

This is the ingredients I propose for the gel base :scratch :

SD Alcohol 40
Polysorbate 20

Note here that this gel wouldnt contain any plant derivates like aloe vera and such because Im one who is allergic to all plant extracts. This ingredients were in a gel I used one time that has been the only one in my entire 30 years that has not caused me any skin reactions and the ingredients are in the zerozits lists to be with a low degree of comedogenocity and irritancy.

Now the ingredients I want to experiment with :eek :

hydrolized collagen

Since there is lot of science behind this in order to do this gel I will need to figure out the proportions of each ingredient to make it happen. I have a doctor in chemistry friend of mine who told me she would help me figure this out.

I want to point out that I think a good gel for acne should be made on terms of thinking of acne as skin lesion. Benzoyl perozide might work on more preventive aspect treating pores, but addressing a faster healing of the lession I believe is what needs to be addressed most. I came with this conclusion after seeing how dramatically the collagen was speeding the healing of acne lessions leaving me to a clearer complexion everyday.

Okay thats it. Now I need your opinions with respect to this little experiment. I want many opinions. You can suggest new ingredients if you would like or say me to take out or give me opinions regarding my theory. Im only human and I dont know it all so I wanna hear what you have to say.

Mari 😀

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17 thoughts on “Attention all; Proposition for the best acne gel out there

  1. Great proposition MARI!

    You’re ingredients are those that are used in regular formulas as well as many popular “natural” solutions. However, Triethanolamine supposedly causes hyperpigmention. I notice that when I use products that contain this (which is why I don’t) my acne has a greater chance of leaving a mark behind. Therefore, I would use this on something that would rinse away or as a mask, but not as something on a daily basis.

    TEA is an emusifyer and is actually listed as one of the most irritating (perhaps why the hyperpigmentation). My cosmetic dictionary says it shouldn’t be used in amounts greater than 5% and should be in a “Rinse off” only formula. So, what else could you use? There are tons of emulsfiers/detergeants/surfactants out there…. You’ve already got Polysorbate 20, and Carbomer so why not add in Hydroxyethylcellulose (can you tolerate this?), Lecithin, Beeswax, or Polysorbate 80 instead of TEA? Or do you need that many emulsifiers?

    Also I just looked up safe emulsifiers and these are the sites that I found. One is an organic site, but it gives you a listing of them and what else you could use. Since you are senstive to plants you can just research more on the synthetics. (this list is better) (gives combining tips) down each Arbonne product and tells what ingredient is and purpose)

    Now as for the rest, I really don’t understand why no one is jumping up and down about Ance Miracles’ Acnicure Gel. Is it the price? $16.77 for less than 1.5 oz. Hmm…it has a pretty nice sum of the popular acne fighters:
    KEY INGREDIENTS: Emu Oil, Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, MSM, Niacinamide, Organic Jojoba Oil, Ester-C, Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, B5, Tea Tree Oil, Manuka Oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Olive Leaf Extract, Natural Vitamin E

    Have fun and best of luck!

  2. Oh great sweetjade your opinion was the first one i was looking for :mrgreen

    Yeah I think it is good idea of substituing the emulsifier TEA for a safer emulsifier, so im writing down this one and will check this pages.

    Regarding the Acne miracle acnicure well first if you guys plan to get it do it from this site in the shopping section there is the link to Acne Miracle line, its the only acne line I could dare to promo on this site hehe
    I cannt jump on the acnicure gel because as you see it has a lot of herbs and im sensitive to them. The other I dont like much is niacinamide now let me tell you i think this is good for acne but see one time I took up a pill of niacinamide and mix it with water and made a spray of it and I used for two days skin dried out and kinda like it accentuated expression lines and i truly freaked out. (maybe this was because i have took it in pill form and perhaps the other fillers but im kinda suspicious of the niacinamide and premature wrinkling. This is just a hypothis of mine therefore I actually have never mentioned it before. Maybe its only an effect in my skin in particular and not on everyone else. The other thing that kinda concerns me is the Vitamin E, I have read its has a degree of comedogenicity topically (and I have mentioned this to the CEO of Acne Miracle in an email) And lastly while I think it has great oils like jojoba, emu and manuka but I would use only one oil and in a very low amount if any, I dont think oil is good idea for overnight treatment at all no matter how good it is if you already have oily skin but this is my personal opinion.

    lets hear more! Also if someone have the acnicure gel please post the rest of the ingredients that are not mentioned in the site it has.

    Mari 😀

  3. Mari,
    I added some more links above for you to look at. I definately agree that it’s a “busy” product. Yet, it’s a good place to start to get ideas of the types of “treatment” or healing ingredients someone might want to add. Although…Manuka, Tea tree, Green tea….dang girl I guess you can just have the EMU oil 😉

    Vitamin C is also good, lot of controversy on the best and safe form though. That’s a good way to naturally build up your collegen since topical collegen doesn’t have any effect (???). I like Niacin, but there’s definately an over stimulating or irritantcy factor with this one. I use it around my eyes (regenerist) and the first day I broke out in the tiny bumps, but it hasn’t happened since. However I’ve tried using the Naturally Clear spray several times and it always gives me those bumps. =(

    Oh I forgot to mention Gelatin as another thickener. Also here’s some more links for ya: (shows formulas and percents..could help) (more formulas) (references, books)

  4. Yeah Emu has a lot of my attention because that one is actually not a plant derivate one, I tried it once in my hand one time and it felt really good but i have to experiment with it in my face to truly see the effect. I do have tried like hyalorunic acid and glicerin on more concentrated amounts in creams/liquid gels and just would not work in a few days of use. You really dont want a oily feeling when it comes to acne, i mean isnt that what we want to get rid of? Now i know there is differences in the fats and such but still, it doesnt strike to me as a healer. We do want to something to balance skin texture but not oily. And yes sweetjade just try collagen and you will see how it will heal your wounds. Thats why collagen its used for skin wounds ointments as well. I can guarantee you its not placebo effect. 🙂

  5. Update:

    I have been determined to do my own skin gel and so far now Im getting the materials for it. I have figured out i can get a jewerly scale and hot plate/stirrer for cheap through the web. I guess the most difficult thing is to get the chemicals…not for the gel base but Im having a hard time trying to find the collagen and the msm in pure forms…

    inputs always appreciated!

    Mari 😀

  6. All I can say, Mari, is GOOD LUCK!
    I am not very good at that sort of thing so I can’t help unfortunately, but it sounds like a great idea and hope it goes well.

  7. Mari….maybe you can do a plant-free one for yourself, and another one for others…… 😀

  8. 😀 Mari,
    Collagen from which mammal?

    Pharmaceutical quality collagen or ordinary gelatin?

    The most common pharmaceutical quality collagens used (quality for injection as well as expensive cosmetics) are human collagen from human cadavers, which costs a small fortune because it has to be treated to prevent cross-species contamination of disease (not all disease is killed by the way); then there is cow collagen, which has been used by derms for around 20 years, and is much less expensive. I guess you have to determine which type you want to use and then I would think that many drug manufacturers would be first contact to get this product. Other idea is to contact a derm and find out which lab he gets his collagen from. Derms are using both the cadaver collagen and the cow collagen today.

  9. well solomio definetly I dont think I would go with the human cadaver one….any cheap one will do fine considering this is just a home experiment. there is plenty of collagen capsules out there so im looking to see one that has no fillers.

    Im very interested to do this experiment because seriously I mean the skin industry is not going to do a skin gel for me so I need to do something! 😀

  10. The most common pharmaceutical quality collagens used (quality for injection as well as expensive cosmetics) are human collagen from human cadavers


  11. Definately make the book and I’l buy it too!

    Here’s some links for you to check out:

    Otherwise, I really don’t. You will probably have to just purchase MSM powder and liquid collagen. I could’nt really find much either.

    Best of luck

  12. Hey guys!

    An update. I have found almost all the ingredients I need and just waiting to get the stuff. Im going to make the gel with carbomer and will use suttocide A as preservative as this one also will neutralize the stuff. Im gonna put msm and collagen as the main active ingredients. Wish me luck!

    Mari 😀

  13. I got the carbomer which is the main ingredient i will use to form the gel. I have been surprised with the information I found in the internet on how to make the gel with this ingredient. Its really good and very interesting. 😀

  14. This deserves a bump. The information you guys pioneer here is so much better and more balanced than anything the pharmaceutical industry is ever going to give us. I would be VERY interested in concocting something along these lines, if Mari can find the proper ratio of ingredients. I must admit, the cadaver bit gives me the willies though.

    First everyone’s drinking pee, now we’re rubbing dead bodies on our faces. This forum is like a witches’ coven. :eek

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