Need help on diet

I need help on this diet thing. I’ve done a search and read many of your posts on diet to see what you people are eating.

For me I’ve tried cutting out glutten, milk, nuts, refined carbohydrates, and can’t say that I became clear but I think it helped, esp the nuts. The problem is I am not able to meet my caloric needs after cutting out so much so have added back skim milk and whole wheat pita bread both near nil in fat. But that means there is carbohydrates. My skin hasn’t really changed much but there is still much room for improvement. I’ve been eating a lot of apples but I can only handle so much. Bananas didn’t work for me. And nuts were the worse for me.

I can not understand how you people can meet all your caloric needs from just veggies and fruits and no carbs. You would have to be eating all day. But don’t fruits break fairly rapidly to sugars as well? Generally I find that all foods will contain one of 3 basic energy sources – protein, fat, and carbohydrates. I try to cut down on fat so that just leaves protein and carbs. And eating a whole plate of vegetables and 4 apples afterwards still leaves me hungry shortly afterwards.

Is there something I’m missing in my diet?

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  1. I think you may be mixing a couple of diets up here….
    A low carb diet would generally mean low fruit, because as you say, they are sugars and in fact most fruits are very high in carbohydrates, particulary apples and oranges.
    Or is a gluten/wheat free diet you’re trying to go for? Therefore no bread, rice and pasta, except the G/W free brands?

    Most acne sufferers find a low carb diet helps them because it prevents insulin spikes throughout the day.

    There are lots of people here that are very knowlegeable on diet….I generally try to ensure that only one of my meals each day contains complex carbs. If you must eat some carbs in your diet then just ensure you’re missing out those nasty refined carbs – white bread, white sugar etc.

    Your questions are going to take quite a reply and I’m not sure I’m the person to do it I’m afraid!!

  2. Thanx for trying Emma.

    I wonder how people who avoid carbs and glutten free diet compensate for their caloric intake. If they cut out pasta, rice, potatoes, wheat products, what does that leave them? It must they are eating lots of fatty proteins from meats and lots of complext carb veggies.

  3. People get really messed up on carbohydrates. They are okay for you as long as they are COMPLEX carbohydrates. So what are these?? Generally speaking, they are vegetables, whole grains and legumes (peas, beans, lentils). Try eating more leafy greens, starchy veggies like broccoli, potatos and cauliflower, beans (black, red, pinto, baked–vegetarian is best) and eating protein rich veggies like mushroom, onion and spinach.

    If you are trying to avoid gluten you must not eat any wheat/barley/rye products. But this means you can still eat rice, oats, corn and potato products, all of which have high amounts of carbohydrates. Be warned though that some of these, because they contain starch, may also contribute to acne. Just watch out for that.

    Fruits are generally okay and quite often are included in diets that are designed to “cleanse the system.” But many fruits are acidic and have both beneficial and contributory factors in the cause of acne. You will have to watch closely which fruits give you trouble. It is odd you say banana’s dont help becasue many acne diets include a healthy amount of bananas. 🙂

    Stay away from hydrogenated oils, which are found in most processed foods…candy bars, pastries, crackers, chips, granola bars, etc. Sometimes they are even in drinks (Gatorade!!) so be on the watch for these…read the ingredient labels!!

    Meats are high in fat so make sure you get lean cuts or just reduce your intake. Try to eat lean meats like turkey, chicken, salmon and tuna. Eat lots of veggies. I am surprised you have problems w/nuts. They are high in EFA’s and have lots of protein (and fat in form of EFA). Hmmm…oh well maybe you just cant handle those (??). And if you eat dairy products you will get protein but also fat, so perhaps that will be okay so you can maintain weight. I mean, if that is what you desire… 🙂

    Ok, Im done…hope some1 else answers too.

  4. RK hit it pretty much head on.

    Complex carbs are the way to go. RK listed them.

    Couple things that have made the most difference to me are:

    Cutting out ALL hydrogenated oils. Basically that means nothing fried, no chips, candy, granola bars in packages, anything with this stuff. After being off these oils for a while now if I eat one even in tiny amounts my stomach just feels horrible.

    Stay away from dairy. You don’t need any kind of milk to live. If you are low on calories add other things, especially veggies. Dairy isn’t worth it IMO.

    Also, sugar can be a problem due to insulin spikes. Stay away from heavily sugared things especially when you are eating them alone. If you eat a bunch of fruit, try to eat a salad with olive oil after that, it balances out the spike.

  5. We’re all so different…you’re going to have to do the trial and error approach.
    What may be apparently good for your skin, may not agree with you. Bananas for example are something I have to avoid although they’re recommended in many diets – they give me excruciating stomach cramps, as do apples, (must be the high fibre content).
    Another thing that didn’t agree me was potatoes, (white ones that is), but sweet potatoes I’m fine with.

    yada, yada, yada…..

  6. RK thanx for your insightful reply.

    Actually I started getting acne in my adult years at 23 now 10 years later and still dealing with it. What a pain.

    The funny thing is I rarely eat gluten foods and mostly rice and ocassionally potatoes. I tried cutting out carbs such as rice and potatoes but needed to compensate with some other caloric form. I could eat light salads but they don’t provide enough calories so I supplemented with bananas. I was surprised to find one day when I had 4 large bananas in a day and started developing lesions a day afterwards so cut them out. (At that time I was having like almost 2 or 3 bananas a day. But bananas are fat rich and carb rich and rather sweet as well so figure it must convert to glucose rapidly.) So I replaced them with nuts. I had to replace with some other calorie rich food cause I was losing weight fast and so replaced with raw almonds and pistachios.

    I could never get totally clear and couldn’t understand why since I was taking no milk, no glutten, practically no carbs and only lightly stir fried veggies with no oil and lean fish and chicken (not fried), and lots of nuts. Well one day about a month ago we had a huge power outtage and not having power I just ate apples and nuts, lots of pistachios. The next day I was lesioning. Never did it occur to that nuts was breaking me out so no one was more surprised than I. So I cut the nuts particularly pistachios which are highly allergenic for many people. Nuts are supposed to be good for skin so never occurred that I could be reacting to it. So I cut it out. Pistachios were particularly bad, cashews similarly, raw almonds somewhat but a lessor degree. It has helped clear me 70% since. To replace the lost calories since I stopped nuts I had to add back something. Carrots and brocolli and apples weren’t enough and so I added whole wheat pita bread. It’s very low in fat, has plant proteins, and fibre to help regulate carb release and so far don’t seem to be reacting adversely to it.

    But RK you are absolutely right about hydrogenated oils. These trans fats are the worse. In fact I believe that my allergies to the nuts may be b/c of the roasting process to open the pistachios and the oxidation of the oils in the nuts which are very rich in oils result in transfats. Almonds with a similary protein / fat profile from pistachios b/c they are raw and when left in the open its’ oxidative effect to air is much slower hence I don’t seem to react too badly to it if I eat it in moderation. These trans fats are everywhere. And they are worse than carbs.

    That being said, I agree with you that too much carbs esp refined variety impairs the body’s hormonal regulation and causes a lot of problems. Thanx for your tip on beans and lentils. I’ll try adding that in. They are good protein sources as well. And they are calorie dense.

    Also I had cut milk completely and any milk related products but it didn’t seem to help so I just recently added skim milk and still doesn’t seem to affect me. They are good protein sources, no fat, and lots of carbs. I know Atkins poohs poohs skim milk since it has so much carbs and is deprived of fat soluble vitamins but it is also eliminates many other cow hormonal compounds as well. I was thinking of soya but have read many controversial reports including at Mercola which seems to make sense. Although its still somewhat controversial so have avoided it.

    Has anyone had good results using soya?

  7. Guy

    Thanx for your tip about hydrogenated oils. They are indeed everywhere. I’ve read that canola and soya oil b/c of its processing to produce the cooking oil has transfats in them. And canola and soya seems to be used in preparation of alot of foods. And thanx for pointing out granola bars. I don’t eat the bars but enjoy a parfait yogurt which Mcdonald’s advertises only 2.5g of fat. But I think granola nuts they sprinkle on top, although not a lot, has transfats and could be what’s causing me to still get minor breakouts. I’m going to cut that out of my diet.

    As for milk, I’ve read a lot of negative reports and positive reports so it’s still controversial. I’m still toying with this.

  8. Emma

    Thank you again for your further input.
    Yes each one of us does react differently. I’m surprised that apples are not agreeable with you. You commented on the high fibre content. I thought high fibrous food would be good for everyone. I actually did look up the fibre content of various foods but some of the values don’t make sense. In one food index book they listed a medium apple as having 4g of fibre and a medium size banana similarly 4g. Common sense to me at least would suggest that apples would have more fibre than bananas.

    And yes potatoes can be bad. Be sure to eat the skin since that’s practically where all the fibre is which helps to slow the glucose uptake and I believe a lot of nutrients are.

  9. Has anyone tried the paleolithic / high protein diet?

    Would most of the members on this forum who’ve had success be considered on a paleolithic / high protein diet?

    Dr. Cordain in PaleoDiet and Protein Power Plan suggest that veggies and lean protein is the way to go. I know that Sally Fallon pooh poohs his idea with her satirical Peter Paleolith review of his book, but his lean protein diet thus far seems to be agreeable to my digestion. I don’t seem to digest fatty meats well and creates some gastro intestinal discomfort. Truth is I can’t even swallow fatty meats without throwing up. I don’t know however if fatty meats have any link to acne. Though I find it very hard to believe that Atkins diet of eating fatty fried bacon and sausages and eggs can be good for your skin.

    I would appreciate anyone’s further thoughts on their diet approach.

    Also I am thinking of taking up soya. Can people please share their experience with soya products and how it affects acne.

    Thanx people for your generous contribution.

  10. Hi Christian,
    I love potatoes and particularly love the skin, but if I eat it, I really suffer.
    I don’t think my body can handle very high fibre foods. After eating potato skin, like with apples, I’ll be doubled over for hours with terrible stomach cramps. Very strange…..and I’ve been like it since I was a child.
    Also, bananas I can only eat when they’re not ripe, ie still green. If they are yellow or starting to get brown spots, I’ll get cramps again.
    Also, you know when you’re told you eat bran if you’re….eerrrm…..having trouble going to the loo? :oops Well, bran has the opposite effect on me, it stops me going for days!! :oops

    I very occassionally suffer the pain for a jacket potato though…love them filled with Tuna and Sweetcorn and mayonnaise!!


  11. Hi Christian

    I think the paleo diet is a good one for acne. It cuts out all the crap that gives the majority of acne sufferers problems, but leaves you with a good base.

    The paleo diet is very close to what I have been following for a month and I’ve cleared up 85%. After a couple weeks on it I added in whole grain bread, which doesn’t cause me acne and I get lots of good carbs, fiber, and vitamins from it.

    Just remember that there is more to the paleo diet than just meat if you are going to do it. You have to do all of it, meats + lots of veggies + some fruits + nuts.

    I too cannot eat apples, like Emma. My lips get swollen and hurt for about 6 hours. The key is eliminating things that are bad for YOU of course. I can eat whole grain wheat, some people are terribly allergic to it.

    The paleo diet is great as an elimination diet when you can’t afford to eat nothing (like me) You can slowly add in foods. I was able to see how bad hydrogenated oils were on me, and the nasty white bread and companions as well.

    I’m still testing sugar to see its effects, so far in testing no breakouts from just sugar. (YAY)

    In fact, I think the main reason for “junk food causes acne” is the oils in them and the sugar not as much.

  12. Indeed it does seem odd that you react in such a way towards high fibre food. This is another case yet again that each one of us is so unique and have different intolerances.

  13. Yes, I’ve also found a modified paleo diet to be agreeable as well. I also have just recently added back whole wheat breads and found that I don’t suffer from any adverse reactions to it. And it’s funny you should mention that the oil in junk food causes acne more so than the sugar because I had also similarly arrived at this conclusion as well. That being said I don’t sugar is good for you as well since it has been implicated in hormonal disruptions and many other illnesses and may even be the trigger for other people.

    It’s interesting you should mention that because I wondered if it was similarly the oils in breads that may be causing the problems for some people intolerant to glutten foods. I was just looking at the ingredients for Dempster’s whole wheat bread and to my surprise found that vegetable oils, soya and canola, was listed near the top of the list of ingredients and according to the label there is 2g of fat per 2 slices of which is comprised of 0.9g poly, 0.5 mono, 0.3 saturated which leaves me to wonder what the remaining 0.3g is? Trans? I have added whole wheat pita which does not contain any oils and only 0.1g of poly fats.

    These oils are hidden everywhere is so many foods.

  14. Yes, the sugar in junk foods definitely isn’t good for you, but its quite possible it won’t cause acne if it isn’t eaten that often. However the oil might cause a breakout from eating even a little bit of it.

    The whole wheat bread I have also lists things like canola and sunflower oils as ingredients. The key here is that they are not hydrogenated/trans fats. The oils themselves aren’t the problem, its the heating effect that changes their nature which is problematic.

    Check all over the bag and see if it says trans fat free somewhere. If a company makes something without trans fats, they definitely want to put that on the bag as there is no benefit to them to make it without the heated oils, its more expensive, so they have to get buyers due to health reasons.

    >These oils are hidden everywhere is so many foods.

    Yes they really are. Everyone needs to watch out for any packaged food, and all major brand names.

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