Bread and acne

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  1. Well if you eat my bread you won’t break out. It contains very little suger which by the way is in the form of honey. The bread you buy is so loaded down with junk I wouldn’t touch the stuff. Char*

  2. Charlotte Im glad the bread of your granny works for her but if you read the articles here you see white bread is not acne friendly.

  3. Grannys bread is whole grain wheat not white. I understand people may be sensitive to bread in general but this bread is really wonderful if you must eat bread. Char*

  4. All wheat sucks for acne. I eat wheat free/gluten free bread. Sure, it’s not the same but it’s good enough.

  5. I’ve known of the ane – wheat link for some time but just from personnal experience. I’m glad to see that there will now be some clinical trials to test the theory, lets hope the major drug companies don’t block the results or skew them in some way (I’m a bit of Conspiracy Theorist when it comes to dealing with big business).

    But the high glycemic, wheat, starchy thing makes a lot of sence and given that diabetes is prevelant in my family it stands to reason that I would be particularily sensitive to variations in my insulin levels.

    Good research Mari!!

  6. Well humans need bread, its kinda hard to just cut it out.
    If you gotta eat bread what kinds are better than others?
    Which kind would you eat over another? or does it matter?
    keeping acne in mind.
    Which breads are acne friendly?

  7. Well the one best is spealt (ezequiel) bread as is gluten free (can find it in healthstores) I do eat bread myself, integral or oat bread, they dont break me out 😀

  8. I’m not too sure that spelt bread is safe. Although I heard that ezekial bread and other forms of bread where, but only because they were the Sprouted (wheat) versions. Supposedly this degrades the Gluten & Lectin proteins and make it safe to eat…

    However, if you want a list of Gluten and Gluten Free Grains, here’s the list I follow:

    I AVOID the Following:
    Wheat (lots of different kinds…semolina, durum, wheat berries)
    [Sprouted Wheat, its deglutinized but can harbor bacteria]

    (there’s more usually found in healthfood stores)

    Any foods made from the above –
    Bread, Pizza, Pasta, Cereal, Cookies, Cake, Batter dipped foods, Pancakes, Egg Rolls, Flour Tortillas, Soy sauce, Certain Gravies/Sauces, etc


    I EAT the Following:
    Water (90% of the time)
    100% Fruit Juice
    Tea, rarely coffee (usually decaffinated)
    All Dairy (organic Milk and sometimes organic yogurt)
    Meats, Fish, Poultry
    Most Nuts, except peanuts and cashew (legumes)
    Most Vegetables (no raw tomatoes)
    Some beans (string beans, pork & beans, chili beans)
    Fruits (occasionally a banana)
    Dried Fruits (my candy substitute)

    GF GRAINS: Corn, White Rice, Brown Rice, Oats, Sesame, Potato, Arrowroot, Amaranth, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Montina, and there’s more (usually found in healthfood stores)

    From the grains that are Gluten Free, I can eat just about anything that’s normally made with Wheat, so I’m not depriving myself. Although, I’ve tried only 4 types of GF bread brands, and I don’t really like it. They do make great GF donuts and muffins though. I guess that’s why the ladies on the Delphi Celiac forum always discuss baking deserts. Anyway, here’s some links to help you out: (Gluten Free diet) (Wheat Free Diet)

    If that doesn’t help, don’t hesistate to ask us more questions 😉

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