Bentonite Clay (Internally)

I have been doing face masks of vinegar and benonite clay for some time, I think they work well for red marks and also dragging out impurities. If you do it a few days in a row you can also get a peel effect (depending on how sensitive your skin is etc.).

My latest wonder solution to acne and IBS (gas / bloatedness / pain) is taking benonite clay internally. I have been using it (internally) less than a week so I can’t comment on how well it works long term. I have tried many things for both acne and IBS (including the SCD diet, or a stricter form of it, in which I ONLY and I mean ONLY ate nuts – not peanuts – , eggs and vegetables – not potatoes – for 7 months). Here’s how to prepare bentonite clay (which is available online or most likely in health food shops for a few dollars or pounds and you only use a little at a time).

Mix 5 oz of water with one teaspoon of bentonite clay. Allow it to settle for a few hours or overnight (as you don’t want to be drinking the sediment). Don’t use metal containers or spoons, as it’s bad if metal comes into contact with the clay.

I just use a plastic mug and a plastic spoon, make the mixture, leave it to stand (covering it). I take an average sized gulp in the morning, middle of the day and the evening (I believe you can take it up to 5 times a day but it can have a laxative effect). You have to be careful as you raise the container to your mouth as the sediment on the bottom will quickly mix itself about. When you get too close to the sediment tip it out and make another batch.

Remember to drink on empty stomach and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on, I believe this is what is helping me but of course you can never be sure as there are always other factors etc.

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27 thoughts on “Bentonite Clay (Internally)

  1. keep us posted on this one. Im very interested about bentonite clay. I know it is indeed powerful. I did saw one web page one time of bentonite being use to remove skin cancers, the bad melanoma kind and I was impressed. I have been trying and trying to find that page again I havent found it still. bentonite pure is the best mask out there is, it removes impurities like a charm and my skin handle it very well which is much to say considering how sensitive my skin is.

  2. User,
    I Have heard of Bentonite clay being good for acne, but am curious about taking it internally. Please keep us posted about your progression. Let us know if it helps with your acne. I’ll buy it then or something. In the meantime I wanna search up more on it. Thanks!!

  3. I have been doing this (around 3-4 average gulps a day, at vaguely regular intervals) for a week now and I have had no acne at all. Normally I would have 1 or 2 big spots a week and a quite a few little ones.

    However, I am always wary of saying it is definately one thing that is helping. There are only two other factors which could come into play. Either it’s a good time of the month (although no spots in a whole week is still VERY rare, or even unheard of for me). Also I have had 6 IPL laser treatments recently, although these were actually making my skin worst so a sudden turn around due to this seems unlikely.

    I wasn’t too impressed with the idea of taking the clay internally, but it’s actually not that bad, as the sediment (clay) sinks, so the water your drinking is practically clear and doesn’t have much taste really either.

    You mix 1 teaspoon (dont use metal spoon) with about 5oz of water (this is what it said on the packet of clay I bought), tho its obviously not an exact science so measurements dont need to be at all accurate.

    Note I am also still doing two or three bentonite and vinegar face masks each week, as I have been doing for some months now.

  4. Hi user,
    Silly me. I should have said I wanted it for face mask purposes, not internally. Would it be the same measurements? How much vinegar do you use?

  5. for mask : Just use a teaspoon or two of the clay and add little bits of vingegar until its makes a nice consistency paste. Note : the clay make the vinegar penetrate a lot deeper so you may want to dilute the vinegar by adding some water if your skin is sensitive.

    I think these face masks have helped with red marks a little but they definately didnt do much for my acne, it is taking the clay internally which I believe is helping the acne.

  6. How’s the clay working for you, user? I bet it’s working great because I found some excellent info about it.

    Bentonite, which is made from volcanic ash. Bentonite is like a magnetic sponge that removes toxins from your entire digestive tract…… Bentonite, which is derived from volcanic ash, contains an ingredient called montmorillonite, a molecule of which is 1/500th the size of a water molecule and carries a negative charge that is 200 times greater than its positive charge. It’s minuscule size enables it to reach into nooks and crannies of your tissues that even water cannot penetrate, while its strong negative charge enables it to pick up 200 times its own weight in toxic positive ions. As we have seen, pollutants always take the form of big, bulky positive ions, and these are readily neutralized by active negative ions. Bentonite works in the bowels along with the Psyllium seed powder, but it also enters the bloodstream to neutralize and facilitate rapid elimination of the toxic wastes that enter the blood from the cells.

    I’m getting me some of that!!

  7. please inform us on where to get this betonite clay …

    is there any sideeffects to injesting it internally??

  8. Yes, the bentonite clay is good for internal clearing… BUT!!! Please understand that not only does remove toxins, it also removes good stuff too.. so if you’re going to do this, do it at least 1 hour before meals/taking supplements or 2 hours after eating/taking supplements.

    Ideal time would be first thing, b4 breakfast and then a couple of hours after your evening meal.

    And the mask – I mix it with neat apple cider vinegar, I suggest you do this at bedtime as it can leave your skin red for a few hours.

  9. hi camille im located in toronto, canada .. hopefully they will have that hear…

    and maya … it seems that you’ve tried almost everything, i see threads where uve posted atleast something in everything …

    what exactly is the regimen that you stick with

    and does the bentonite clay work really well??

  10. ev – my regime fluctuates depending on what is happening to my body/skin.

    Right now, I am 99% clear (for over 9 months now)

    A good multi
    2 grams Vit C
    Qo-q10, ALA, NAC
    Calcium + magnesium
    Digestive enzymes (only when I eat bad)
    Omega 3 fish oils
    25mg Zinc

    I stick within the O blood group diet: high protein, low carbs….and also having good results with the Dr Perricone diet (lots of salmon)

    I’m just working on my scars right now.

  11. ugh!!

    did u people just forget about this one??

    did it stop working???

    lol please lemme know if this is a good thing to try ….

  12. *hehe* I was seriously planning on buying it but I briefly forgot about it. Now that you’ve reminded me, I will order it.

  13. haha nice ..

    well im gonna do the same …

    i just dont know many places online in cananda that ship using COD

  14. hehe! I called some 10 different health stores around me today and found that one of them sell this stuff for low price 🙂 a 1 pound bag of bentonite clay costs only $7.95. I think Mari also told me that it’s really cheap, so I wanted to make sure. BUT!! check this out, they also have liquid bentonite clay which costs a little more and can be used interally (leaves you from the fuss of mixing the clay with water and blah blah).

    I was wondering something, I was checking out some websites to learn more about this clay and came across different types: Sodium/magnesiu/calcium bentonite clay ??? :eek how do we know which 1?? hehe!! maybe I’m getting too much into it. But this I know for sure, look for : Montmorillonite, as this is the main name for it (just to b sure). ok! WHere is this USER who first wrote about it??? I wanna know how this clay is working out for them 🙂 good luck guys!![/quote]

  15. Camille,
    how do you think we can incorporate this into our diet??? remember Maya said (and I’ve read in another website on bentonite) that it should be taken on empty stomach as it can remove good stuff from ur body as well as bad stuff….I guess in the morning and then eat after an hr or so…and then again at night before going to sleep…..but thats only two gulps a day?? lemme know if you buy it, I’m gonna buy mine sometime this week…lemme know how u take it. Thanks!

  16. Two days ago, I bought some! :muti
    Didn’t say anything because I haven’t taken it yet. I’m waiting for something.. not sure what :lol
    I’ll post when I’m ready.

  17. Who’s still doing this?

    I’m planning on doing a live flush soon so thought I’d do the bentonite for a week b4 that happens.

  18. Maya……the best thing to do is to take bentonite with psyllium to cleanse the colon before a flush. I’m taking liquid bentonite right now and mixing it with flax meal (I’m allergic to psyllium).

    That’s cool you’re doing a liver flush! 😀

    I’ve removed almost 600 liver/gallstones since October……parasites and their eggs. Remember to do a coffee enema the day after you flush or get a colonic or you might break out. You have to remove all that toxic liver debris from your lower colon or you will break out as all that stuff gets re-circulated back through your liver.

    I just did my 6th flush on Thursday and I feel so good now! 😀 I remember once when I did my 3rd flush, I felt like I was on cloud nine….I was singing and giddy almost and my girlfriend looked at me and goes: “Your eyes look so sparkly and your skin looks beautiful”. That was literally the first time anyone had ever said my skin looked “beautiful”.

    A book recommendation: The Amazing Liver Cleanse by Andreas Moritz. See if you can get it from Barnes & Noble online. screwed my order up royally so I went to B&N and just got my book a few days ago and read it in one day. Just found out that you can also order the book from:

    I hope and pray that all the people here start looking at acne as an internal disease and know that liver cleansing/colon cleansing is the one and only true answer to clearing their acne.

    Maya…..if you have any questions about flushing, be sure to post questions on the LiverFlush forum (live forum #25). I post as MidlothianGirl.

  19. Hi Denise,

    I had a colonoscopy done about a month ago and I had to drink this Citro-Mag stuff that put my bowels into spasm and pretty much let everything out, and nothing changed in my acne at all….

    should the liver be the next thing to try and flush?

  20. I doubt very seriously that that drink emptied everything out of your colon, especially your large colon. Having a colonoscopy doesn’t necessarily show the mucoid plaque clearly. In any event, you should definately look into flushing your liver.

    Acne is only an outward manifestation of something going on with the liver. I wish more people understood this…… :shock :crazyeyes :shock

    Just go and read and educate yourself about liverflushing at curezone. Read the archived threads and randomly click onto them. That’s very important.

    I would dare say that every person coming to this board who has chronic acne that is resistant to most treatments has tons of stones in their liver. Again….please read and educate yourself and don’t approach flushing half hazardly.

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