wat to do?

now that im practically off a-tane, what am i to do about zits that come around again. i use to drench them in bp and pop them till i feel i killed them into the afterlife, but now i want to start new since my skin has been pretty nice lately. using cetaphil face wash so their is no acne fighting ingredients there, so wat to do? wat to do?

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4 thoughts on “wat to do?

  1. I’m a great believer in the saying “you are what you eat” and I know that if you eat good, you’ll look good. I’m living proof (shame I don’t have the means to show it).

    What’s your daily diet like?

  2. hmm. i eat alot of chinese food, stray away from spicy food, but like to eat moderately lite spicy sometimes. alot of meat(porkchops, steaks, chicken) and i drink water. i stay away from sodas, candies, and pizza and junk. wat else, no ice cream. thats bout it and i try to eat enough green stuff and sometimes bananas

  3. Lots of chinese food? hmmm… the stuff that lurks in them could affect you. All the oils, MSG, salt…

    Great to hear you stay away from sweet and savoury junk. You could benefit from a range of fruit and veg. I’m not a meat-eater but I know that flesh foods are great for skin. The downside is when meat is poorly digested and builds up mucoid plaque amongst other things.
    So I suggest, you make 2 separate days in a week, an only-fruit or fruit&veg fast. You will be effectively sloughing away the sludge in your system very gently. When you’re comfortable with that, try a liquid fast – a day drinking only a gallon of lemon water (one lemon to a gallon) throughout the day. But remember, whichever fast you choose, just 1-2 days a week for a month and eat healthily on regular eating days.


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