For PurePersian and others who have been on antibiotics

Hey everyone. I am currently doing a detox and have discovered a new supplement that I’ve heard about in day’s past but have added into my regime, and in very heavy doses during my detox.

I am providing a link that shows the book cover of a book I got a week ago. Jason weighed 104 pounds in the before picture and was literally wasting and away and dying of Crohn’s disease. He spent over $150,000 on alternative therapies and took as many as 15 different acidolpholus supplements to try to repair what intravaneous antibiotics and steroids had done to him, to no avail.

This link provides the story of how he became healthy. Now one thing to stress here is that the skin is a reflection of what is going on in the intestinal tract….I have known that for years and have always been on acidolphilus for many, many years.

However, I still break out. Not severely, (mostly minor) but I’m 39 and no longer want to break out!!!! Period, end of story!

In any event, for those of you who have been on antibiotics, and have tried various natural methods for keeping your acne under control, then you may have major problems in your gut, and need help eliminating all the bad flora that has been caused by taking antibiotics.

This page I’m linking is part of an advertisement for the Primal Defense so it is a bit of an advertisement, but don’t be put off by that. Just read it and keep an open mind.

I’ve come to believe that part of the reason people who take Accutane and keep getting acne is because they aren’t curing the root cause of their acne, which is a clean, strong, intestinal tract.

We may have to watch what we eat within reason, but I think that this supplement may help all of us. I’ve only been taking it a week, so the jury is still out, plus I’m detoxing anyway, which makes your skin clear.

I am hopeful, though, that once I’m done detoxing and begin to resume eating a healthy diet, my acne will be a thing of the past.

Hope this helps some of you:

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9 thoughts on “For PurePersian and others who have been on antibiotics

  1. This product (Primal Defense) has really cleared me up. I have been taking aloe vera with juice and adding l-glutamine to repair my intestinal tract.

    Skin is pretty much totally cleared up. Not only have I had clear skin, but my chemical sensitivities have disappeared 😀 , and my sebacious hyperplasia lesions are disappearing, too.

    Some of you younger people may not understand what antibiotic abuse does to your intestinal tracts, but it’s vital to understand it in order to clear your acne without resorting to Accutane.

    ALL skin problems start in the intestinal tract. That’s why you have to empower yourself with knowledge and NOT depend on dermatologists and NOT take antibiotics. Taking antibiotics to clear acne is pretty much a guarantee that you will have worse breakouts at some point.

    Do some word searches on leaky gut syndrome and find out if you have symptoms. Primal Defense has been a real miracle for me. Who knew I would get over chemical sensitivities as well as clear my acne….. :angel

  2. Hi Denise…maybe you can help me. 🙂

    It has been 13 months since I quite taking minocycline. I then started on B5 at 10 grams per day and I still continue that in maintenance dose, about 3-5 grams per day. During this same time frame, even a few months beforehand, I had changed my diet to reduce gluten, hydrogenated oils, prepared, fast food and dairy. The past six months I have even been more diligent in my diet, eating a lot more raw fruits and veggies and not eating much red meat. For protein I eat chicken, fish and nuts/seeds…once in awhile I still eat some beef or pork…not much. And I still eat dairy in form of cheese or sour cream, even have some ice cream 🙂 but not really very much dairy. I dont drink milk at all, I drink soya or rice milk.

    I have also been taking vitamins for the past year or so. I have a multi, Vit C, B-Complex, Fish Oil (EFA), MSM and even have added in some Vit E, Milk Thistle and Probiotics now and then. I try to get them in me every day…but sometimes I miss a day.

    I won’t get all into the topicals stuff I use but I’ll just say that most everything I use does very little to help my skin. About the best thing I have used is the Manuka oil and honey gel that you told me about! I gave up on Carley’s after a whole year of using it. I wash only twice a day (at most) and just rinse with cool water when my skin feels oily. (It still gets oily).

    My skin had gotten better but I hit the proverbial brick wall. I cant seem to get better than 50% improvement. Then a week or so ago I was eating like green salad every day and really watching what I eat. I even had quit smoking (2 months now cold-turky) and I also quit drinking coffee, maybe 2 or 3 a week. But last Friday out of nowhere my face goes ballistic. I mean I got like 10 pimples in 3 days. What the heck??!! How can this happen?? And it still is all messed up. God have mercy on me but what in the heck is wrong?? I don’t know if it was the Zinc Picolinate that I just staretd or perhaps I ate too much bacon recently cuz I had a couple bacon/lettuce/tomate salads (they were really good).

    So, if what you say is true about my GI tract, it must still be really messed up cuz I just can’t for the life of me figure out why all these changes I do and all my efforts don’t help.

    Man, somedays I just want to find a hole to crawl into and die. 🙁

  3. Denise,
    you’re gonna have to get ready for some major questions from people…’coz this stuff is quite interesting and makes sense (to me)….. the reason being, I have been on antibiotics on and off (total of 3 different times) and then I was on accutane…..(no wonder my skin is still not 100% clear even with this diet, go figure)….so I’m gonna read this stuff up more, I read a bit now….but can you tell us about this Primal Defense, as in the ingredients…. I didn’t see it on the website, or maybe I missed it?? so it makes your GI tract stronger?? have you been on antibiotics b4? and how fast is it helping you?? I dont wanna ask too many questions b4 I finish reading this site….Thanks!!

  4. Russell: I *UNDERSTAND*, my dear brothah comrade in the acne battle!!! :mrgreen

    Russell, I will tell you the truth, I did a lot of research on leaky gut syndrome and all of the sites I looked at said the only way to heal your intestinal tract was to drink aloe vera and take l-glutamine. I did that cleanse and drank 6-8 ounces per day of aloe vera and took three times the recommended dosage of l-glutamine. I am off the cleanse, but am continuing to take the l-glutamine and drink the aloe vera. These are the things that will literally repair your intestinal tract.

    Believe me, Russell, I was so sick and tired. B5 in high doses just made me tired. I struggled at times with fatigue anyway due to food allergies, so I was just tired of feeling like I was in a fog all the time. If you have been on antibiotics a lot in your life, you most definately need to repair your intestinal tract. This isn’t to say that you need to not watch your diet…I still do! But the thing is, I seemed to break out no matter what I did. Keep in mind that it wasn’t severe or bad, but when you are in your thirties, and have been breaking out since you were 11, it just gets old! So you might want to try aloe vera and l-glutamine. You might want to try the Primal Defense and remember to take it in very high doses. You might detoxify with taking it, which is a good thing.

    Also, you might have to give up coffee TOTALLY. I found out for me, that I cannot drink it at all. Coffee is EXTREMELY hard on the liver, which ofcourse contributes to breakouts. Find a tea you like that doesn’t break you out. I love my morning tea; and I love Oolong and Earl Grey with a touch of lemon. It doesn’t seem to break me out. I don’t use sugar or honey to sweeten it. I use agave nectar, which comes from the cactus plant and has very little glycemic index rating. It doesn’t cause a spike in the blood sugar, so I don’t feel like crappity crud after using it in my tea. Not that it’s not a sugar, it just doesn’t release so quickly into the bloodstream. It is very sweet and tastes a bit like honey. Or, if you don’t like your tea sweet, I guess that’s cool, too. That’s about all I know to tell you.

    Mickey: Wow….you are very blessed! I was on antibiotics for years! What about in childhood? Were you on them then? See, for me, my situation was very extreme because I was on them a lot in childhood for swimmer’s ear and other ear infections. So my whole life, it seems that I was on them.

    If you read the link, the Primal Defense is basically MICROORGANISMS that are found in the soil. They used to be in the food supply but have been depleted. They are important because they do so many things; they literally “gobble up” bad bacteria, candida, yeast. They take up residence on your intestinal wall and stay there and literally make your immune system function better. There are statistics that show “before” and “after” bloodwork. You’ll notice that many things are measured carefully, including the digestive enzyme levels, blood protein levels, mineral levels, and immune system markers like lymphocyte levels. After this supplement, all these “markers” are greatly and dramatically improved after consuming Primal Defense. See, I figured out that the increased immune function is why my chemical sensitivities so greatly improved. People who have developed food allergies or sensitivies would benefit greatly by taking Primal Defense. When I finished my cleanse, I found that I could have some sugar or other things I normally wouldn’t consume, and I didn’t have the breakouts I normally did. Don’t ask me why doctors aren’t trained in this stuff, Mickey, I don’t know. Jason said that he contacted SO MANY doctors that had treated him for his Crohns (and other) diseases and none of them but 2 were interested in his cure. :puppydogeyes :shock :eek 😮 He just KNEW for sure that everyone would want to help their patients with Crohns disease!! *NOT*!

    Anyway, these are microorganisms that used to be in abundance. They keep our intestinal tract very healthy and are gathered in pristine, untouched soils from all over the world.

    He has a whole line of products, some of which I have tried. All seem to be very good, but the Primal Defense is something I have come to greatly endorse and believe in. We have two new upscale malls that opened in my hometown. I went to the first one the first week of September. Practically the whole time, my eyes were burning so bad I couldn’t stand it. My eyes were as red as beets, were tearing up, and they were burning like you wouldn’t believe. This was NOT fun. I have the same reaction to cigarette smoke. So I go to the OTHER new mall that just opened, and I want to get a job at Saks Fifth Avenue. I was happily surprised that I walked around with no problem whatsoever. The formeldahyde in the carpeting, the chemicals in the paint and whatnot didn’t bother me at all, with the exception of about 10 seconds. This was a far cry from what I had just experienced. I used to get very bothered by craft stores and the detergent/cleaning solution isle in the grocery store.

    So I am very happy. There is no logical solution except for Primal Defense. I have Jason’s book and it goes into great depth about all of his products. Fortunately, many have been tested in clinical studies, and the results are right there for everyone to read.

  5. denise im assuming you had a candida infection at one time which caused your food and chemical sensitivities/leaky gut syndrome etc.

    so my question is did you do this intestinal tract cleanse after you had killed off your infection?

    or are you doing this in am attempt to actually kill off the candida in your system?

  6. tdc: knowing about candida and doing cleanses isn’t new to me. I’ve been doing yeast and colon cleanses literally for 12 years!!!!! So I’ve had knowledge about candida, food allergies, liver toxicity, etc….for a very long time. No matter what I did, nothing I did seem to be a permanent solution. 😡

    I do detoxes and cleanses once a year, usually in September anyway, so this is just part of my lifestyle now. I think it’s very important to cleanse the colon and liver doing juicing and whatnot.

    I hope everyone understands that this is way beyond probiotics/acidolpholus. I have taken probiotics and efa’s for 12 years on a regular basis. So none of this stuff is new to me, but I felt for certain with all I do, with all the supplements I take, that something for sure was missing…..

  7. yeah, i see what you are saying. i think im going to try out the products you listed and see if it works. i was on anti-biotics for almost three years, and i know a lot about what you’ve gone through. i get the exact same burning eyes chemical sensitivity thing as you. thats the first time ive heard someone else talk about that. i just wasnt sure if this drinking aloe and taking l-glutamine thing was supposed to be taken internally after the majority of candida has been killed in your system in order to repair the intestinal tract, or if these products are actually used to kill the candida.

    but my questions are, how much aloe vera and l-glutamine do you take daily? and what exactly is l-glutamine?

  8. tcd: L-glutamine is an amino acid. I take three times the recommended dosage amount. My bottle, which I got from a health food store, says to take 1 pill a day, I take 3. I got a one gallon jug of aloe vera, and mix an ounce or 2, 3 times a day, and take one l-glutamine tablet with the aloe/juice mixture. These are not yeast killers, they just help repair the intestinal wall.

    With the Primal Defense, I took handfuls of these pills, so I could get a faster effect. The bottle said that for people with severe conditions, take 6-12 a day; I took double that. That’s why my mall trips were only 3 weeks apart, but the way my body responded, it could have been 3 years apart, my body responded so differently. I almost DREADED going to the new mall. Plus, what made it so bad was that I wanted to get a part-time job at Saks Fifth Avenue and didn’t think I could hack it. Now, I’m going to apply next week. :mrgreen

    You know, if you were on antibiotics for 3 years (I was literally on for 11, and had awful liver toxicity at one point but didn’t know that’s what it was), then this might help you tremendously. If you can, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, that will help the supplements focus on renewing your colon, instead of focusing on digestion.

    The supplements are pricy but I’m beginning to think ole’ Jordan is a miracle worker. His other supplements are awesome too. I took his Zero Gravity and coconut oil and lost 3 pounds this week with no exercise! Ofcouse I watch what I eat anyway, but this is great news.

    The thing that I truly respect about him is that his supplements are all literally clinically tested, and results are put up for everyone to see. It’s refeshing. I think the guy is really onto something. Something else I’m thinking about trying by him is his RM-10 and the FYI. These look fantastic. The RM-10 has had LOTS of testing done on it and it looks like a great product.

    Anyway, hope that helps. 😀

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