Hello guys and dolls,

Fall is upon us and so is crazy skin. I love this season but every year its the same thing! Round this time, i start noticing the changes! Oily skin but with dry sometimes peelin surface. I believe the clinical term is combination skin. I hate this!!!!!! My cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin are already oily enought to deal with. Now besides the oil i have to figure out a way to deal with the dry parched surface of my cheeks, lips, nose, forehead, and hairline area. Every year and it never fails!!!! I use the Queen Helens eye mask-love it but i dont like to use it everyday. It gets rid of my dead skin in the areas i mentioned but i would have to wear it at least half day or for a long time. Then it starts to flake and get on everything i touch. Dont like that.

Also, i know around this time of year i have to change something in my daily regimen, right? Help!!!!!!

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  1. I’m thinking a change in your daily diet regimen might perhaps be something else you need to think about…. what is your food diet like?

  2. Hello,

    Diet, did you say diet? That is a four letter word to me!!!!!!!! Hahaha But seriously, no im not on any diet plan right now. Diets have never worked for me. i tried several times with diets but i still would have skin issues……:o(

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