Cream of Tartar and a glass of water

I myself am not on a diet but i excercize regular and I am just a regular guy. Although outta the 20 some ppl in my class im like the only1 with acne……. recently i heard and family members read that if u take 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar and a glass of water and drink it that in 2 weeks u should receive full results and should clear u up. I took it on 9-6-03 and its helped some but im still being made fun of….. does this solution really work…..or what else might help me….. i also use Benzoyl Peroxide in 2.5% but sometimes i mix it with 10% i need some help,info,or some feedback… can any1 HELP ME!!!!????? :crazyeyes

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34 thoughts on “Cream of Tartar and a glass of water

  1. lakers, Wuz up!
    It was nice talkin to u the other night on the AIM. How u been? I’m glad you talked to some1 about that issue. Well, I was wondering where u can buy this cream of tartar when u mentioned it to me that night. regular grocery I assume? I just never really heard of it….interesting! so hows school? anyways, drop a line or two whenever u feel like it…. u take care! aight, peace!

  2. Hey Lakers, ive never heard anything about that before so im kinda intrigued!
    Do you know anything about exactly how and why it is supposed to help? :scratch

  3. yeah bout da cream of tartar stuff u can buy it at the store and would be like where salts and other stuff and idk why it how it works it was in an article of a paper or magazine here in my town and i tried it on the 6th and it HAS worked a lil and u should see the full results within 2 weeks so mix 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar and a glass of water round 8 oz. and mix it up and im gunna tell u it is nasty and i almost threw up 5 times….but it does work and it will help some……not really anything like the lemon juice diet thingy…. u ONLY take the mixture ONCE a month thats what it said…. idk what would happen if u drank more so i aint gunna try it but if u decide to then ok your choice….thanx mickey ur cool and u smart!!! fun talkin to ya…keep it real and thanx for all yall thoughts n stuff and keep em comin if u know anything on this tartar stuff or to help me…… im out !!!!!!

  4. This may sound dumb but is cream of tartar the same as the tartar sauce that you put on fish?
    Oh god i really hope its something VERY different, even the thought of drinking tartar sauce is making my stomach churn! 😕

  5. cream of tartar is not tartar “sauce” its not exactly a spice but is liike baking soda it is nast when u mix the 1 tsp. of “Cream of Tartar” and the glass of cold water recommend for better tasting….. then remember what day u took it on and u SHOULD see full results of the stuff in TWO WEEKS but ONLY take it once a month unless u wanna be a risk taker… not me its nasty but it TRULY DOES WORK!!!!!! its prolly betta den the lemon juice but i havent tried that so i wont lie or speak of that….

  6. Ladies,
    I use Cream of Tartar to stabilize whipped egg whites when I am making meringue for lemon meringue pie.

    If you combine Cream of Tartar with Baking Soda it will make a product called Baking Powder that is used in making cakes and cookies to help make them rise during cooking in the oven.

    Cream of Tartar is Tartaric Acid, which is Potassium Bitartrate, and is a by-product of wine making. Tartaric Acid is scraped off the sides of wine barrels, and then refined into the white acid powder that we call Cream of Tartar that is used in recipes for cookies and cakes, mainly, and of course to firm up and stabilize egg whites for lemon meringue pie.

    Ladies, is Laker :lol ‘pulling your leg’ :lol on this one? Or is Laker’s relative ‘pulling his leg’? Or is there something to using the scrapings out of a wine barrell that could get rid of acne???

    Personally, I would rather eat lemon meringue pie to get my cream of tartar :mrgreen


  7. Lakers8676,
    Did you really hear of this treatment from your relatives?

    I think someone read about a famous psychic named Edgar Cayce and got the idea to tell you that Cream of Tartar would get rid of acne from some of the information that is in some of Cayce’s formulas that he prescribed for his patients.

    Edgar Cayce was a psychic who lived many years ago, who used to go into trances where he would diagnose illness and give people long involved treatments that were supposed to get rid of their illnesses. I really cannot pass any judgement on what this man did because I do not know if he had any success with his treatments. What I do know is that people still have the same illnesses today that they had back when he was going into his trances so this makes me think that he did not cure anyone??? Maybe someone has more information on this man’s work.

    Here is a link to one of the many web sites on this very famous psychic, bear in mind that this is a web site maintained by a person, and not by a professional institution; what you will read is a ‘reading’ that took place way back in 1944:


  8. yo u dont know what u talking bout… and yeah i was told by 2 family members b/c they read it in a magazine and it has worked my face does look better and i have had ppl tell me that but u cant jus do that and u cant jus eat pie n think itll be all better u mix 1 tsp. of cream of tartar and a glass of recommended COLD water……and u drink it… jus cuz u eat it dont make it work….. and its worked for me wit me also using 2.5% BP so do what u wanna do but its most likely easier than the lemon juice diet crap….

  9. ok thats nice it sounds like bullshit to you but it has worked for me and has cleared me up tremendously and on the 20th it should be fully cleared or should have da full results and i tried it on the 6th and yeah it tastes like crap but its medicine aint done yet but its helped me so if u wanna keep screwin around wit nething else thats jus pissin u off or not helping u go head but this shit really works

  10. im tryna force some1 to take dis????… first off u dont know what da hell u talkin bout…. i aint ova thurr shovin it down throats or threatening ppl so dont assume something that isnt halfway or totally correct if ppl wanna take it they will if they wanna try it they will if they dont they dont its their choice and your choice not mine i aint threatening some1 to take it or shoving it down their throats so stop assuming and be real

  11. It’s great that it’s working for you,Lakers.I’m sure we’re all pleased for you if that’s the case 🙂 It’s just that it sounds like an old wife’s tale if you know what i mean :wink

  12. stop assuming and be real

    if u wanna keep screwin around wit nething else thats jus pissin u off or not helping u go head but this shit really works

    I think you are the one who is assuming things. How do you know if I have clear skin or not? How do you know if what I am doing/using is working? The simple answer here is that you do not.

    Stop being so dramatic. You are using negative points and images to boost the credibility of your methods.

    Its great that this unorthodox and rather strange method is working for you. However, you must take other issues into account.. Have you changed anything else about you recently that could have had a possive impact on your skin? Have you changed your diet? Fabric softener? Face wash? Mosturiser? Vitamins? Other treatment you may have started/stopped?

    Im not hear to argue, its not my style. You could try to relax a little. A little stress relief will do wonders for your skin. lol

    As for me not knowing what Im talking about, how could you make such a statement? You dont know me and you have no right to pass such judgement.

    It appears that you are the one who does not know what they’re talking about because you said teh same thing to Solomio, who is the most intelegent and interlectual person, with regards to skin, I have ever come across. I think a lot of others here will agree with that statement.

    I think you should open your mind up a little.

    Do you have any medical evidence or proof that this method works? Im finding it hard to understand why it would have such an effect. What properties does it contain that forces the skin to clear? Is it hormone related? A liver flush?

    At the end of the day, if this is working for you then I am glad. Its always good to hear of people obtaining possitive results, especially from non-taditional medication. Its a kick in the teeth to the so called “advanced” wester medical society.

  13. Lakers you have to expect people to be a bit sceptical on this one coz it just seems a bit far fetched! 😕

    But hey we’re not the ones who have tried it so fair play to you if its doing you some good, i hope it continues to do so! 🙂

  14. look my face was on a scale of a 1-10 was a 7 and of course 10 is bad so if it has worked for me it can work for u and again this is a reccomendation not a forcing some1 to do it and it might sound bad or false but if it was published in a magazine and i tried it u know it has to be somewhat accurate so if u cant find nething right or nething to work for u and ur on 1 last hope try this and it WILL work for u but it is nasty sorta but its only a once a month deal so its not dat bad and starting the day after it starts to clear up besides if u get the regular whiteheads which eventually slow down and prolly stop….your choice not mine im jus tryna help since yall have helped me some.. 🙂

  15. Well, its just cream of tartar. At work I use it to stabilize my eggwhites as well when making chocolate mousse.

    a teaspoon is like NOTHING…instead of trying to determine that it’s false…why don’t you just try it? It’s NOT going to hurt you, and when its diluted in 8oz. of water, it won’t taste that bad. (nothing is as bad as drinking straight flax oil 🙂

    Anyway, I will try it tonight…and if it doesn’t work…who cares, there goes 0.08 cents of Cream of Tartar.

    How about we thank our awful-typing friend?

  16. hehe Doyle, True dat!
    Hey Lakers sweety, I know u’r not forcing any1 to drink this…but how about this, you said you’ll find out on the 20th? well come back and tell us wut happens on or after that day….I wont lie, I’m a bit curious but I’m a lil’ skeptical too…I think I’m gonna try to find out some more info. on this to check it out…

    One question for Doyle and Solomio,
    what do you mean by “stabilizing eggwhite”?? and do you know what it actually does?? i see what it does for baking, but I mean internally what it does….Thanks!! 😀

  17. i aint assumin nuttin and how bout i do come back da 20th n stop sayin da stuff i type is fake and/or wont work if u wanna talk dat den try it first….and sayin its in cooking stuff well YEAH! DUH! but if u drink it somehow it works dont ask me how but it does and stop writing all dat crap wit big words dat dont mean nuttin to me i mean this is the English “email language” not a lesson on the dictionary n i aint forcin u to do nuttin but if u gon talk bad on it or call me a liar try it first and if its fake to u or dont work or w/e then u can call me a liar or fake or w/e so once again i dont assume nuttin and aint forcin one to take it but if u aint gon take it then dont talk negative crap to me n itll be equal

  18. Hi Lakers, I am stunned that everyone is arguing with you w/out doing a search. I did a search for Cream of Tarter and acne and came up with several sources. They are all in the “old wives” and “home remedies” sections, but often those old home remedies have more truth than we give them credit for. The recommendations I saw were confusing though. One almost made it sound like you are supposed to apply a past of Tarter to your face, while another one said to drink it several times a wk, not once a month. I didn’t look up “Medicinal Uses” of CofT, but that might offer more ideas on why it’s thought to work. It’s certainly worth a try, like everything else. Thanks for sharing this and let us know how it goes!

  19. I don’t know scientifically what Cream Of Tartar does, but I know its a binding agent. It remind me of corn starch…which I use to thicken certain sauces and couliees. When I beat egg whites, there is always a tendancy that it will fall flat and look like a mess (same kinda mess you get trying to whip warm whipped cream). CoT magically keeps the egg whites fluffy when they are whipped and I guess ‘binds’ all the egg white together and allows air to flow smoother through the egg whites.

  20. look each time i check back i either see a paragraph of some1 not knowin what they talkin bout or whinin…. if u gon keep talking or saying its for food then try it…YES it IS used in cooking but alot of other things r used for more than 1 thing… like baking soda it can be used for cooking or nasty like toothpaste or w/e so think of cream of tartar to be like BS that it can be used for more den 1 thing and either try it or forever hold your peace u wont know until u try it… 😐

  21. this guy types in the same style as that ‘yogurt boy’ kid that used to make all those annoying posts at the old board.

  22. solomio i read through some of that stuff by edgar cayce. although a lot of the diseases he was diagnosing are still out there today, the cures he listed were mostly naturopathic and the same kind of stuff many of us are doing nowadays to cure things like acne. ie-eliminating much fatty and sweet foods from the diet and eating great deals of fruits and vegetables etc.

    i posted a question for you and others about another topic in the off-topic section.

  23. look each time i check back i either see a paragraph of some1 not knowin what they talkin bout or whinin…. if u gon keep talking or saying its for food then try it

    Lakers if you look back at the two previous posts before yours i think you’ll realise no one is doing either of those things. In fact the first one was SUPPORTING your opinion and the second was simply stating the traditional uses of Cof T because someone had asked for an explanation!

    I think maybe you were a bit quick to defend your point because of previous posts but seriously people are just curious! Oh and NO im NOT whining!!

  24. no1 here knows me so either try it or shut up and dont use some gay stupid long ass dictionary words to try to prove me wrong cuz ill keep goin n goin so either try it or shut up forreal this gets old me havin to defend myself when some1 says gee does this really work? gee is he lying? or gee lets talk about his typing…. blah blah blah …do it or shut up…. unless u otherwise have something else to say that dont say anything about typing,anything with food and C of T,or my “assuming” anything when yet no1 here knows me…..damn!

  25. no1 here knows me so either try it or shut up and dont use some gay stupid long ass dictionary words to try to prove me wrong

    So is not trying it and still talking not an option? Who has used big words?

    this gets old me havin to defend myself when some1 says gee does this really work? gee is he lying? or gee lets talk about his typing…. blah blah blah …

    You don’t need to defend yourself – defend yourself from what exactly?? This is a forum where people discuss possible treatments so i dont think its out of the question for people to ask “does this really work?”

    (This is not a hostile post so i dont expect a hostile response)

  26. Hey Lakers,
    I asked to Doyle to explain to me what CofT is used for….thats why they were explaining it to me….I’m curious thats why, and it very natural for us to be curious as we have never heard of it and its new to us…

  27. Hey everybody. I was looking up this Cream of Tartar solution and found some other interesting things. I stumbled upon the web site of Mr. Edgar Cayce (mentioned on page 1 of this thread) and his Association of Research and Enlightment (A.R.E.). His insights and ideas are more spiritual and metaphysical than scientific…but certainly worth merit. Take a look.

    Anywho, he is one of the people who have suggested CofT as a solution to help acne-prone skin. He has a few ideas about acne control that are unusual (in approach, theory) … not bad, just different :wink

    Here is the link to the article I found …

    His solution of CofT is this

    -Sulphur, 1 tablespoon
    -Rochelle salts, 1 tablespoon
    -Cream of tartar, 1 tablespoon
    Mix these very thoroughly. Then take a level teaspoonful of this mixture each morning, either in water or dry, before any meal is taken.

    He also states this list of things to do in regards to Diet:

    1.) Take a yeast cake or a packet of dry yeast and blend into eight ounces of tomato or V-8 juice. (You may use other juices if you wish.) A dash of lime juice and Worcestershire sauce adds a little tang in the V-8 mix. Take once a day for 10 days. Then stop for a week and repeat.
    2.) Obtain some Coca-Cola syrup from a soda fountain. Take one teaspoonful in a glass of plain water once or twice a day.
    3.) No chocolate, sugars, ice cream, pastries, pie, or candy.
    4.) No carbonated drinks, including diet drinks. No beer or ale.
    5.) No pork or ham. Crisp bacon allowed, however.
    6.) Limit starches to one per meal: bread, rice, potato, spaghetti, corn, etc. No white bread should be eaten.
    7.) No fried foods. This includes Fritos and potato chips.
    8.) Vegetables are good for you. Have plenty of salads, vegetable soup, cooked vegetables. Salad dressing is all right.
    9.) Fruits are fine in season except raw apples, strawberries, and bananas.
    10.) Meats: Especially recommended are lamb, fish, fowl. Lean beef is all right.
    11.) Milk (skim), eggs, and cheese are allowed.

    Hmmm…that all sounds a lot like what we mostly have learned about diet!!!! Interesting fellow, this Mr. Cayce …. :mrgreen

  28. Interesting, though I don’t agree with all of them, especially this one

    2.) Obtain some Coca-Cola syrup from a soda fountain. Take one teaspoonful in a glass of plain water once or twice a day.

    I’m puzzled by it?

  29. ive read somewhere that because coca cola syrup is so acidic, small amounts of it can actually help break down toxins in your body. so thats probably be the reason.

    btw thanks for all the info on edgar cayce rk!

  30. yo thx for all da replys n stuff and uh its not exactly da 20th but my face has cleared up alot but mostly cleared my neck and back up and took da redness out of my cheeks and chin n etc…. but uh i decided that since it worked so good i wonder if it’d work better if i took another dose and i did this afternoon after school and its not all dat bad its kinda sour to tellu da truth but it worked for me so uh thx for everything and if u find out anything else plz tell me… but uh i never said i had sensitive skin but its pretty bad and i have tried dis dose twice now and i use 2.5% BP and nuttin else, no vitamins,watchin diet somewhat,and i stay away from mousturizers b/c they never work for me… i have really oily skin so if u know anything that might help plz tell me im in need!!!

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