Diet: something that is rarely mentioned

I know there was a thread on this a while ago but I wanted to raise this again- RAW foods.
see see (talks about acne) or do a search on Google for raw foods etc

There seems to be endless discussions about the impact of many different types of food/substances in food yet it is rarely mentioned the state in which that food is eaten. I had great success a few months ago on a raw (and low mucus- see diet (even my oil went down) and I plan to resume this in a few days time! (have been staying with parents for a few months)

People tend to forget that when food is cooked it changes the chemical structure of it- particularly by denaturing proteins. In fact Leslie Kenton’s book Raw Energy highlights the fact that when we eat cooked food, our body reacts to it as if it was a foreign body i.e. something that shouldnt be there. This may be particularly important to people who feel they have elimination problems. I find not eating unwholesome foods has a great effect on my skin (but I accept it may not with everyone).

You can make delicious raw recipes- see and you don’t need to worry about getting cold as your body is so much healthier due to increased nutrients and you really do adapt to not want to eat cooked foods. I don’t know exactly why it worked for me (there are probably many reasons) but it did, although there weren’t overnight results. I noticed a different after about 3 days and carried on the diet for about 2 and a half months.

Again, these ideas may not be popular, but as always, we can’t always override nature. It would be nice if we could fly but we weren’t born with wings- similarly, it would be nice to ingest unnatural things and be healthy, but maybe we should accept that our bodies are not designed for that.

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5 thoughts on “Diet: something that is rarely mentioned

  1. I also need to add that IMHO, it’s not such a bad thing to take supplements- especially minerals, since nowadays thanks to farming methods, our soil is often depleted of these, and transport and storage methods only make this worse.

    Also, even if we ARE meant to eat meat (whether it is cooked or not), animals are often fed up on VERY different foods to the sort of things the animals that our ancestors hunted would have eaten. Through many years of breeding to get physiologies that yield high weights (regardless of the implications for food quality) as well as and farming methods (eg. hormones, antibiotics etc) meat these days is invariably unsuitable for optimum human health. In fact some is a downright health hazard.

  2. No doubt, RAW is best. It has all it’s enzymes intact and is better at cleansing the system. Boiling can destroy vitamins and nutrients in veg but some veg simply cannot be eaten raw, like they were meant to be heated. Instead of boiling, steam.

    I’m in full agreement about meats. I was brought up as a vegetarian so I’m thankful that I haven’t been fed on drugs, hormones and antibiotics that are fed to the animals. Read more about this at

    Is seafood a healthier option?

  3. Hi Camille, hey you seem pretty knowledgeable about this diet stuff, so let me ask you a question…you know which veggies are meant to be cooked beforehand?? I think Maya posted this awhile ago and it was like broccoli and some others, I cant remember them all. Mostly I eat raw too but I also like cooked (steamed) like broccoli and sometimes I make a stir fry veggie dish. Its good!

    Oh about the seafood I have read that people shouldnt eat any of the crustaceans like shrimp or crab or lobster cuz these critters eat stuff off the bottom of the sea, like they are garbage-eatin fish. Plus they have high amount of cholesterol. Cold water fish is best, like trout, cod, halibut, whitefish, salmon, albacore tuna, orange roughy (very good!) and others. Here in MN walleye is very popular to eat, cuz of the many lakes they live in. MN is land of 10,000 lakes! Oh, some people say to eat raw fish but some of that sounds yukky. Have you ever had sushi??? I tried it, its okay. Depends on how its made I guess. Geez in Japan they eat a lot of raw fish…anyone here from Japan?? :crazyeyes

    Anyways, I usually grill fish on my George Foreman grill, it cooks pretty fast and no oil needed. Its good!

    Russell :mrgreen

  4. I’ve been curious about raw foods for a while. I’m vegan and still eat cooked foods. I also drink a ton of soymilk and eat loads of tofu and tempeh. Do you have any suggestions for books I can look to for guidance? Preferably something practical, I have a low tolerance for swishy heal thy aura books. I’ve looked through some other websites on raw foods and The Raw Gourmet has come up several times as well as books by David Wolfe. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Hello :mrgreen everyone,

    Remember that anything that is canned has been cooked in order to make sure that it is bacteria free. Pineapple contains an excellent digestive enzyme called bromelin as long as the pineapple is raw. Canned pineapple does NOT contain any enzyme because cooking in the can has destroyed this enzyme.

    Broccoli contains sulforaphane which is a naturally occurring chemical that kills helicobacter pylori. Sometimes this bacteria is simply called out as h. pylori. This particular bacteria is what causes stomach ulcers and is also thought to be responsible for some stomach cancers. As far as I can tell you should steam broccoli mainly because of the heavy fiber content of this vegetable. Steaming makes the fiber more digestible and thus you are better able to get the sulforaphane into your bloodstream.

    Cabbage and brussel sprouts are in the same vegetable family as broccoli, and contain the same natural chemical, sulforaphane, that destroys h. pylori and also destroys some strains of intestinal/stomach Cancer.

    Bonne appetite,

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