Diet: ask your ancestors

This is interesting- about paleo-type diets (that, notably, are low in carbs). see also

as I am studying anthropology, I am interested in how dietary changes affect people’s health, particularly the vast differences between how we eat now, and the diet we ‘evolved’ to eat. I know we are not all the same though (hold all the ‘Diet doesnt affect me posts’!)

It is interesting, as pointed out on the first link above, that the fruits we now eat are bred to be high glycemic/high sugar whereas the fruit our ancestors would have eaten would have been much lower in these sugars. For info on disadvantages of carbs for acne, see Sweet Jade’s fantastic Diet and Accutane sticky post.

Also, for anyone of Northern European descent, it is worth considering that the only ‘fruits’ that are generally native to such regions are (low sugar) berries- even apples (from the Mediterranean) for example, did not arrive to such areas until after the paleolithic period so your genetic information, at least, may well still be geared to this type of diet, even if your tastebuds aren’t.

And while the ancient people of the Middle East began to eat grains very early on (and their descendents are more much more adapted to this type of diet) many other populations did not until much later. So any of us here of Middle Eastern descent may be ok with grains. Likewise, the Inuit have been found to thrive on lots of meat and animal fat, and suffered -among other ailments- ACNE, when they adopted the contemporary high carb diet.

I personally have found that Zinc supplements (75mg) together with B6 and eating much more healthy (more salads etc, little/no sugar, little dairy, no caffeine, junk/processed food) has cleared me. (Sometimes I eat fish, but little meat as I was brought up as a vegetarian and am concerned about how animals are farmed from both ethics and health points of view) I am not really strict though. I still like to go out for pizza n stuff! 😛

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  1. YES. I have also been very interested in them. I think you go to absolute don’t you? Did you ever read Eff’s posts? He followed this kind of diet and said he cleared up in two weeks, though I can’t remember his severity. Have you read anything by Weston Price? The diet is interesting and one of the reasons I have never followed it completely is that I think it would be very hard to follow strictly; involving major lifestyle changes. The diet Eff followed was high in fat and stuff, contrasting sharply to what modern “nutritionists” say is healthy, that is what I found interesting. I have been trying to eat more fat-maybe Atkins really was on to something???

    I just thought I would add that I think Zinc, aside from Vitamin A, is the most important mineral for people with acne. Zinc does just about everything. 😀

  2. is zinc good to take with vit. B6? (any connection b/w those two?) and wuts b6 good for? thnx! 😛

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