Acceptable alcohol

hey , im off to uni soon, so i was just wondering if there is any alcoholic drinks which can affect your skin. Ive heard that all alcohol can be bad for the skin. And being at uni i dont think its possible to take a non drinking policy all of the time. So whats best to drink?

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One thought on “Acceptable alcohol

  1. Hey jblg18 – i have EXACTLY the same problem and i know that as far as im concerned there isnt really an answer! Your right that its totally unrealistic to not drink, or even to cut back but unfortunately im severely affected by every single alcoholic drink going!! 😡
    Some people find that certain drinks don’t break them out but i’ve yet to find one such drink for me!

    Recently though I was reading one of Solomio’s posts about the importance of the liver and decided to start taking Milk Thistle capsules as part of my vitamin regime. The next time i went on a drinking binge I didnt break out nearly as much as i normally would the following morning. Obviously i still got a bit of worsening but my point is it helped a lot! I intend to continue taking this supplement throughout the next three years of uni and im just hoping it will continue to help counteract the alcohol intake! :roll

    You might want to consider taking a similar supplement if you aren’t already 🙂

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