tazorac vs retin a micro

I have been using Retin-A Micro .04. I don’t have acne but my skin gets very oily. Should I bump up to Retin-Micro .1 or should I get my dermatologist to give me a prescription for Tazorac?

Also, I don’t use sunscreen. Would using a sunscreen give me better results? I’ve read on this forum that using Retin A Micro without sunscreen can lead to burning but I have an olive complexion and rarely burn.

Should I apply Retin A Micro at night and suncsreen in the morning or can I apply sunscreen over an application of Retin A Micro in the morning? What are some good sunscreens for the face?

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3 thoughts on “tazorac vs retin a micro

  1. Since your skin is oily, do you have a lot of blackheads or blocked pores? Tazorac, while harsher, is generally assumed to be better for blackheads.

  2. It is up to you. From reading what others have said, I think that Tazorac does a better job at controlling oil, but it is harsher than Retin A Micro too.

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