Q’s on these traditional pickles and gen’l cottage cheese

I’m really curious about this….I’m from Bangladesh and we eat a lot of pickles back there (not your dill pickles sold here :mrgreen ). these are usually made of fruits, mostly mangos (they have olive, and uses other fruits as well)….

well, the traditional way to make these are usually by drying them under the raw sun with spice on them…(some people cook it ‘coz it takes less time)….but it still takes about 3-4 days (its like making a complicated dish from scratch)….they use mustard oil mostly (A LOT!, some of these pickles are VERY oily), and put all sorts of different spices on…and for days they’ll keep it under the sun as a way of “cooking” it up (so its done all naturally)….now, my question is, does this stuff sound bad to u guyz? also, there r some other pickles that has NO oil in it whatsoever, but are made only with vinegar and spice, like red chilli peppers and stuff. Does this sound better then those with mustard oil in it?….my cousin who just came here from bangladesh gave us some…and I’m eating a bit everyday (i can’t resist, they’re sooo damn good)…I try not to over eat on them

last question is, i’ve heard some people say they eat cottage cheese….is it really ok to eat?

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6 thoughts on “Q’s on these traditional pickles and gen’l cottage cheese

  1. Heck if they taste good eat them!! I dont think we really have to prive of stuff we really like unless we do have to strict diet for medical reasons. If you do once is while then it wont hurt neither.

    Cottage cheese has never caused me any breakouts. But my skin ws not sensitive to dairy except chocolate dont know why was that but milk never made things worse for me. If you want to know if dairy causes you breakouts you will have to exclude all dairy and see what happens, in that case then cottage cheese would not be allowed.

  2. Pickles?? I once had a girlfriend whose nickname was pickles. I know that dont have anything to do with your post…just thought I’d throw that out there. :mrgreen

    Cottage Cheese is good. Put a little fruit on it. Yum!

  3. I once had a girlfriend whose nickname was pickles

    I’d be lying if i said i wasnt curious Russell!? Pickles eh…do you wanna explain why? :lol

  4. Well that was a long time ago but I still remember her. She was cute and kinda thin and real bubbly, so the name “pickles” just fit nice.


  5. hehe! pickles it is….and MOD, I have NOOO problem eating them for you (‘coz i love ’em) thnx peeps!

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